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  1. So I really haven't had much variety in the veggie department. I am kind of nervous to try something new - what if I put effort or money into making something and it turns out horrible! I've noticed these are the veggies I like and have been eating regularly : broccoli, carrots, green beans, potatoes I also like these raw: carrots, celery, chopped greens (a cabbage, kale, lettuce mix) Green peppers are ok, but only if I don't really notice them or in very small amounts. Some veggies I have tried to like but just can't: sweet potatoes (don't like the flavor), zucchini and squash (the texture and taste bug me) I bought a spaghetti squash last month but never got around to cooking it D: That is something I would really like to try and not be afraid of ruining it I feel like I might be missing out on some nutrients or other healthy benefits... any one have a suggestion to force myself out of my veggie comfort zone?
  2. For me, it was making a proper breakfast before work rather than stopping someplace for a donut and coffee/energy drink. Also, having protein with every meal. What have you noticed that Whole30 has helped you start doing/stop doing?
  3. samalope

    Favorite crunchy foods

    I just successfully made mayo the other day.. and that was mostly so I could have coleslaw! I don't know what is so good about coleslaw, the cold crisp crunch? (This is the recipe I used if you're interested) Anyway, I was thinking about how a lot of the food I eat doesn't have a lot of crunch. Maybe I'm not making it right. Do you all have some favorite crunchy Whole30 foods?
  4. I bought some compliant chicken sausage links and need some ideas for cooking them. I have tried making them just in a pan with some coconut oil and salt and pepper, and they didn't turn out very good. They were so bland, but I guess I can't blame them because I didn't really try to season them. I need some flavor! Anyone have good recipe to go with this? Thank ya!
  5. samalope

    Hot flashes decrease/increase on Whole30...

    I have night sweats because of medication I am taking, and they basically stopped within the first week of Whole30.
  6. samalope

    Intimidated by veggies... some help finding variety

    I MADE SPAGHETTI SQUASH AND MEAT SAUCE! And it was delicious NSV !!!!
  7. I love this rule for sugar! Most of my binges on sweets come when I am alone. And my husband doesn't like sweets much so there is no excuse with getting him to join me! lol