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    samalope got a reaction from TEwhole30 in Intimidated by veggies... some help finding variety   
    I MADE SPAGHETTI SQUASH AND MEAT SAUCE! And it was delicious NSV !!!!
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    samalope reacted to kirbz in Day 14 and ready to be done   
    I can also relate to what you are feeling and I'm sorry for where you are. It's a tough place to be. 
    To be completely honest, I started a Whole30 a couple of years ago and chose to stop on Day 9 or 10 because it was more stressful than beneficial for me. My life started to revolve around food and I started to feel very anxious about what I was and was not eating. So I chose to stop and it was the right choice for me at that time. 
    I came back to it later, with a new approach, and successfully did 43 days of Whole30. The biggest thing I changed was the meal planning. I started winging my meals instead of planning them out. Most people don't take this approach and it certainly wouldn't work for everyone, but it did for me. Because I really, really resented giving up one of my precious days off to plan meals, grocery shop, and meal prep. My days off are for being outside and spending time with family. Not for planning food. And so I stocked up on a variety of sauces, dressings, and condiments and made sure I had plenty of meat in the freezer. And then my meal planning ended up looking like this:
    On my way home from work, I'd stop at the store and buy veggies for dinner that evening, and breakfast the next morning (lunch would always be leftovers from dinner) Once I got home, I prepared dinner with enough leftovers for lunch Early in the morning, I prepared breakfast and ate it before work  Repeat (except, every now and again I'd assemble a meal based solely on what was going to spoil if I didn't eat it soon)  This method meant preparing relatively simple meals and it meant stopping at the grocery store almost every single day. But it worked for me and felt far "easier" than giving up a Sunday to batch cook. 
    I guess I would just say, think about why this might be so hard and if there's something you could do different to make it less hard. It's never easy, but it can certainly be less hard! 
    I would also consider whether it's worth it to have your boyfriend do it with you. My boyfriend helps by cooking me Whole30 meals when I have a long day at work and he eats Whole30 meals with me on the weekend. But he may also add to it because he's not actually doing the program. He may add a bun and french fries to the burger I cook. And he eats what he wants at other times. That works for us. I feel supported but I'm not carrying him along on something he does not believe in. 
    Anyway, I hope this helps and I truly wish you the best! 
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    samalope got a reaction from LindsayO in Dark Chocolate Cravings   
    I love sugar so when I would start fantasizing about it, I would try to distract myself and find another way to self-sooth rather than focus on the craving.
    When do you want chocolate the most? Is it after a stressful day at work? Lonely? (That is my case) Look at those situations and be prepared for when they happen.
    IF I am feeling stressed and want something to comfort me... THEN I will take a hot relaxing bath (maybe with a fancy bath bomb)
    ...THEN I will take a walk to the park
    ...THEN I will paint my nails my favorite color
    ....THEN I will soak my feet and watch an episode of my favorite guilty pleasure
    The key I have learned is to NOT eat something in place of it. That is just reinforcing that same bad habit of going to food for comfort.
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    samalope reacted to GoJo09 in Tired of saying "moderation won't work for me"   
    This is 100% a real thing. The distance from a food item also gives you an opportunity to reevaluate how much you actually like it - I decided not to eat ice cream for a year in 2016 (it had gotten to the point where I was eating very expensive gelato 4-5 times a week...). After a few months, I actually forgot all about it, and the year ended up stretching in to 18 months. At which point I had some ice cream, and my friends were all "isn't it the best thing ever?!", and I actually was very meh on it (previously I would wax lyrical about ice cream and it's greatness!). Since then, I've had it every couple of months or so, I know I can have it, I just don't particularly want it.
    This year I have given up chocolate, which people find even weirder than ice cream! But again, it's just so much easier for me to say none, rather than "OK, just a quick peek down the chocolate aisle...whoops, was that a family block I just ate?". I'll still happily eat some chocolate fudge or a brownie at my local cafe (non-Whole 30, of course!), and people get confused and point out I'm eating chocolate. My life, my rules, people, mind your business!
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    samalope reacted to ShannonM816 in Has anyone decided NOT to weigh themselves after the Whole 30?   
    I think not weighing yourself is a great choice. I get weighed at the doctor's office and they tell me what I weigh, but my personal scale has been up on a shelf in my closet for a couple of years now gathering dust. I have weight to lose, and I know that, but I don't really need to know the exact number of pounds I weigh, or how many I still need to lose, to know if I'm on the right track or not.
    I know when I'm feeling good, physically -- not bloated, gassy, or with aches and pains. I know when I'm feeling good emotionally -- steady moods, motivation to clean the house or work on projects, desire to hang out with friends. I know when I'm feeling in control of food, versus when I feel like it's controlling me. I know whether my clothes are fitting tight or loose, whether my feet are swollen at the end of a work day or not, if my skin is clear or breaking out. All of these things are much more concrete for me than a number on a scale, and I'm much more likely to be motivated to make changes when I don't feel good, or my clothes are all too tight, or if I've suddenly got as many zits as I had back in high school, as opposed to some number that doesn't really mean anything to me other than maybe if I hit it my doctor will quit lecturing me about my weight every time I see her. 
    As for worrying that you'll screw up on day 31 -- first, make a plan, so you don't. Here are some tips for what to do on day 31: Second, know that at some point in your life, you will almost certainly find yourself falling back into bad habits (I hope you don't, but you'd be the exception, most people do) -- maybe something stressful happens, and you go back to emotional eating, or maybe a weekly glass of wine that seems not to bother you, over time morphs into a daily glass, or two, or more. These things happen, and it's not a sign of failure. It's a sign that you're human. It's an opportunity for you to look at what's going on in your life, and evaluate how you got to where you are, and what you need to do to get back to where you want to be. If you read through all the Dear Melissa blog posts, you'll find that she mentions that it took her multiple Whole30s to get to where she is now -- she didn't do one and then bam, she suddenly had her life figured out and never made any bad food choices ever again. Food Freedom is something you'll figure out over time. Some days you'll feel like you've got it all under control, and then other days, you'll wonder why you're sitting on the couch with an empty potato chip bag and don't remember eating any of them. It's okay, just keep doing the best you can.
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    samalope got a reaction from LindsayO in Dark Chocolate Cravings   
    I love sugar so when I would start fantasizing about it, I would try to distract myself and find another way to self-sooth rather than focus on the craving.
    When do you want chocolate the most? Is it after a stressful day at work? Lonely? (That is my case) Look at those situations and be prepared for when they happen.
    IF I am feeling stressed and want something to comfort me... THEN I will take a hot relaxing bath (maybe with a fancy bath bomb)
    ...THEN I will take a walk to the park
    ...THEN I will paint my nails my favorite color
    ....THEN I will soak my feet and watch an episode of my favorite guilty pleasure
    The key I have learned is to NOT eat something in place of it. That is just reinforcing that same bad habit of going to food for comfort.
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    samalope reacted to maddiedanielle in Loss, but not in inches :( How to cope?   
    So this morning if found out that best furry friend passed in her sleep. She lived a beautiful 22 years and has been my companion since grade school. 
    I’m battling sugar/food addiction, depression, and type II diabetes. I’m on day 8 of my Whole30 and have been doing really well! My glucose levels have been amazing before and after meals. Even in moments of weakness I turn to a clementine instead of a cosmic brownie. 
    But this just seems unfair. Food has been a comfort and companion for me as well. I don’t think there has been a rough patch in my life that hasn’t included lots of chocolate. 
    How do I keep from going off the rails? I’ve done okay since this morning but I’m worried the cravings will come.
    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    samalope reacted to Yukon Cheryl in Diabetes Reversed in 90 Days!   
    I have never written a testimonial. I am so happy to be writing one now! 
    I started Whole30 on January 2, 2018. I had been taken off diabetes medication because I could not manage the medication. My A1C reading was 7.7 and I was on a wait list to see a specialist in internal medicine to see what medication I could take to manage the diabetes. My liver enzymes were in the high 90's.
    I was entirely Whole30 compliant for 30 days. I had my A1C test at about day 21 and it was 7.1. After years of seeing movement upward only I was ecstatic. The diabetes educator was skeptical and said well of course your  blood sugar is good because you have cut all carbs. I showed her my food diary. Oh you are eating carbs ( I need potatoes almost daily)...oh this is a plan you could stay on for life...I had lost 12 pounds too! That was Day 21!
    I asked my Dr. to not move forward with any medication until after my next A1C test and after seeing the specialist. I  still stuck to the Whole30 plan but was not so diligent about food labels. I did not do any reintroduction but did have a couple of items that contained dairy and sugar a couple of times. 
    On April 13th I had the A1C test and got results today. I am at 6.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't really say Day 102 Whole30, but after 102 days on the plan, I have reversed diabetes, the internal medicine doc says no need for ANY medication whatsoever! My liver enzymes are normal! And I have lost 30 pounds!
    While I am still considered pre-diabetic that will change too!
    Thank you Whole30!!!
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    samalope reacted to SugarcubeOD in Accidentally ate some buttered vegetables   
    When you lie and say that something is a serious allergy, the kitchen will have to put their allergy procedure into place which often means scrubbing down the entire prep/cook area and stopping operations in the kitchen in order to accommodate your 'allergy'.  There is nothing wrong with preferences and from most of the experiences of people here when this conversation comes up, the restaurant/servers appreciate you being honest about your situation.  Questioning before you order and confirming when the food arrives is sufficient in most cases to ensure that your preferences are taken into account.  Lying about allergies creates a lot more work for the restaurant than is required.  Also, if you do lie about the allergy during a Whole30 and then show up at the same restaurant in your food freedom and order the chocolate cake at the end of your meal, that's pretty disingenuous... 
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    samalope reacted to ShannonM816 in Feeling Discouraged   
    If this is a big change from how you were preparing food before, it can take some time to get used to, but the meal planning will get easier.
    What you might try is keeping some frozen stuff on hand -- frozen vegetables, burger patties, chicken -- so that as you get later in the week you can just fix those, rather than going back to the store. By a couple of weeks in you should have a better feel for how much you're eating too -- it can seem like a lot of food, especially a lot of vegetables, but you will actually eat all of it. 
    There are lots of "how to stock your pantry" type of blog posts out there, look for paleo or Whole30 specific ones, but don't just rush out and blindly buy everything they say. Consider what they recommend and how you could use those items, and then get the things that will let you have non-perishable food on hand for times when something goes wrong and due to lack of planning or a random bad cooking day you find yourself searching for something quick and easy. Tuna, salmon, olives, some canned veggies, pickles, olive oil, a couple of kinds of vinegar for dressings, and a few favorite spices or spice blends will go a long way toward putting a meal together in a hurry, or allowing you to change up a recipe when you realize you forgot an ingredient or something went bad faster than expected.
    There are a couple of helpful posts linked on this page:  -- look for Great Ingredients: No Recipe Required for some ideas for easy to put together meals, Stocking Up for a little more about guesstimating how much food you might need for a week, and The Method Behind My Madness for a helpful way to plan and cook for a week at a time.
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    samalope reacted to kirkor in Help! Akward topic...diarrhea   
    This seems implausible.
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    samalope got a reaction from sweetcee in Round 3? - Let's try this again - Starting March 18   
    Today is Day 30! Tomorrow I am starting reintroductions.
    I haven't kept up with my log the past few days but I will be keeping track of my reintros.
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    samalope reacted to Raven in Possible Extinction Burst During Whole90   
    Update update:  I made it through to Day 91 and even got some reintroductions done!  I def have issues with dairy, gluten, and sugarrrr.  I'm happy I chose to do 90 days as it showed me that I can make this way of eating into a lifestyle and I also discovered how much stress (from whatever source) is really my biggest issue.
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    samalope reacted to Christine H in Reintroduction - do I keep everything else template compliant?   
    Hi everyone,
    I couldn't find this in the book or in other posts.
    I know that I'm supposed to only add one food group per day and to not eat legumes again when I test grains, for instance. But should I keep my meals template compliant on the reintroduction days? For instance, I'm thinking of using chana masala (this recipe, one of my favourite dishes) for dinner on my legumes reintroduction day, though without rice, obviously. I'm not sure how much protein the chickpeas contain, but it is undoubtably less than a palm sized piece of meat. So should I eat more protein on the side? (Usually I wouldn't do so when eating this dish.) And should I still pay attention that my meals contain enough fat as well?
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    samalope reacted to ladyshanny in Ideal meal template post Whole30   
    There isn't really any guidance on that. It's going to be a personal experiment for you.
    As my own example though, if we make a recipe that has rice as a base, I'll have a small portion and then make up the difference with the entree and veggies, just because I feel better if I have a small amount of rice....I really like rice and small amounts don't bother me but for my own context, I don't need a large serving of it. I don't personally add other things like rolls or toast with meals because I feel better without it..........but my husband and I ate an entire loaf of sourdough for lunch during a recent weekend road trip and it was both worth every bite and completely destroyed my appetite for the rest of the day. The next day we had a proper Whole30 breakfast and will remember the baguette fondly. 
    Does that help at all? It's so personal. I would say overall I think most people who live a "whole30-ish lifestyle" tend to use Whole30 meal template as the foundation of most of their meals. 
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    samalope reacted to sweetcee in SweetCee March Whole30   
    Re-intro Day 11! Gluten free grains.
    I tried to do this yesterday, but the sushi place recommended to me didn’t have sushi on Monday. Rude! So I did corn tortilla with dinner last night and quinoa with breakfast and lunch today.
    so far neither seems to be causing digestive issues but both have me feeling “meh” on veg. I haven’t had a template sized portion with any of the meals that had grains and I didn’t want it. Also of note - the corn tortilla was REALLY satisfying. As if I had been missing it. It didn’t make me crave other non w30 foods, but as I said, it did turn me off veg. 
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    samalope reacted to SunnyinSanDiego in Whitney's Whole 30- San Diego Spring!   
    My Whole30 board!

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    samalope reacted to SunnyinSanDiego in Whitney's Whole 30- San Diego Spring!   
    My first Whole30! Over the last few months I have been feeling clogged, that totally overwhelmed but unmotivated feeling. My partner Adam has been experiencing some health issues and so it has been up to me to pick up extra work at home while taking on a second job at work (that's right two jobs), and trying to keep myself healthy, happy and nourished. I love yoga and believe a healthy lifestyle is how we can feel our best so we can be our most loving, compassionate selves. However I also love burritos and wine... Insert the Whole 30!
    Pre-Day: I made a poster for my fridge that shows the calendar, a simple yes or no list of approved and not approved foods, a prep list (clean out kitchen, if this than that plan, emergency meals) and some little pictograms and things to do on the weekend that do not involve Craft Beer (a normal hobby here in San Diego.) I cleaned out the fridge and the pantry. Did a great run to Costco (the deals on oils!), Target and Sprouts. I am already a meal planner so that part came easy. I spent 2.5 hours meal prepping for this week, and I am hoping that is sustainable in the coming weeks. But now we are ready for Day 1!
    Day 1:
    Breakfast: Spinach and tomato frittata with black coffee. Easy peasy. 
    Lunch: Thai noodle salad (zoodles and cucumber and carrot) with grilled chicken.
    This was great, but I need more protein! About 3 p.m. I started to drag, and get hungry. I normally like to hit the gym after work, so I did eat an apple with some herbal tea at 4:00 p.m. Then it was time for a workout and a steam. I am super fortunate to have a badass gym near my work, with cool classes, a pool, sauna and a steam room. Going to keep my gym routine going during this whole 30 journey.
    Dinner: Adam and I were a little on edge when I got home. Why do guys stand in the middle of the kitchen when you're trying to cook dinner! Help or move! Stuffed bell peppers and kale with almonds was super satisfying.
    I ended up being a busybody after dinner, doing dishes watering plants etc. I am feeling this need to have it all together, a clean house, clean laundry, healthy food, gym, work, saving money. But damn is it hard.
    Didn't sleep too well, but I think that was the fluctuation in temperature and the cat... Day 2 off to a headachey start but I am hopeful.
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    samalope reacted to JodiLou in Not a failure -Not emotionally in a good place- Whole 30 is a big deal   
    I do not want to say that I am a failure. I am not a failure. But I would like to say that of all the prep work I did over a month and a half before starting Whole30 I really had no concept of the emotional impact Whole30 would have on me. Of course reading the timeline and the day-by-day in the journal after I started I understood that it was normal. But I really think that if I had known that it was going to be that emotionally challenging on me I would have picked the time to start it when I was not in such a difficult emotional place in my life. I am not trying to make excuses. But currently my husband has been unemployed for almost 4 months, which has caused a financial strain on my family and a personal strain on my marriage as we work through this. There are currently questions in my career as we are now under new leadership and there is talk of attrition and layoffs. In addition to this I have my oldest graduating from college this spring along with my youngest graduating from high school. Both are very emotional for me.
    As I stated I actually did a lot of prep work before choosing a date for my Whole30. Incidentally the first week of my Whole30 actually fell on my birthday. But that was fine because I was committed. We had no travel plans in next 30 days and it was before both graduations and after my children's birthdays and a long weekend trip out of town. So I really thought that I had picked a good time to start. On day 6 is when I really realized that committing to Whole30 at the present time was probably not the best idea for me. I definitely read about the KATT days earlier in the week. And thought that I would be able to push through. The night of day 4 was my first real trial. It was my last day of work for the week. And of course just like most people at the end of their work week ; one wants to come home and enjoy a couple glasses of wine and probably eat some food that is not good for them. That was very difficult but I pushed through it and ate a good Whole30 approved meal that night. But several things came up in the home that night financially and I ended up picking a fight with my husband and going to bed crying. Over everything. Of course we all have really bad days and I just attributed it to being tired and having a bad day in addition to where I was in The Whole30. The following morning day 5 was my birthday. I woke up and looked outside to find 6 inches of fresh snow. It has been a very long winter here in Montana and I immediately started to cry like a baby all over again. And that is how my morning went. The day got better my husband and I visited a nearby local town that day and had an enjoyable day and I was extremely proud of myself. That night we went out with some friends to a bar with a band and danced and had a great time for hours and I drank ice water with lemon all night without a single wish for an adult like beverage. Saturday came along and I did my shopping and planning for the week. I came home from shopping and my husband and I once again got into it over the financial situation of our family and the commitments that we had made financially prior to him being unemployed. I ended up of course crying for another couple of hours. It was at this point that I decided that committing to the Whole 30 at this difficult time in my life was probably not the best idea. Of course we all say can't do it at this time blah blah blah can't do it at that time blah blah blah and I understand that and I understand that there will always be some kind of an excuse. I really thought that I had done good planning as far as when to do it. But what I didn't realize was how emotionally challenging Whole30 would be for me. Not just the giving up of the foods and drinks that I love but how getting rid of those Foods really takes an emotional toll on your physical body as it adjusts to the changes. I am not in a good place right now in my personal life. And we all go through difficult times in our life and I understand that but I need to be able to get through the day by day without the added difficulties of the changes that Whole30 was giving me. I have always been a highly emotional person but crying a couple hours a day is not an appropriate way to behave. 
    I am no longer doing the full Whole30. The night of day 6 I had a non-compliant meal and a glass of wine. During that 2-hour bout of crying before I went back and forth and finally made a decision. And despite the fact that my husband told me I would feel awful after I did it and wake up feeling worse the next day, he was wrong and I have not looked back. Because right now I have to do what's best for me and not disrupt my family anymore than it is currently disrupted. I told my husband I am  "mostly" Whole 30. I would continue the plan as much as I could because I believe in it. And I have. All meals since have been Whole 30 compliant with only a little bit of A-1 on my roast last night. I'm continuing to eat breakfast despite the fact that I hate it and am forcing it down because I DO feel better when I do. I had a couple glasses of beer at the senior party planning meeting yesterday with friends. But I am drinking water and herbal tea in the evening rather than a glass or two of wine because I have definitely noticed that I sleep better. I am continuing to drink my coffee black or with a little bit of coconut milk in it. Essentially I am doing Whole30 but if I want something or have something going on I'm going to do it and feel no guilt about it. And continue eating primarily Whole30 as much as possible. If you knew how badly I ate before you would understand that this is actually still a ginormous achievement for me. And I will commit to the Whole 30 for a full 30 days when I am in a better emotional place in my personal life. I'm hoping that by doing 90% Whole30 right now that will really help me when I'm in a better place to make the commitment for the Whole 30 for 30 days.
    The Whole30 is no joke. And while I thought not being able to eat was going to be the most difficult part. Turns out I was entirely wrong. I ate plenty and have actually enjoyed the food. It was the emotional changes that put me over the edge. 
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    You make it.  All it is is coconut cream + 1.5 T of lemon juice, .5 T of apple cider vinegar and some salt (technically 1/8 t but I didn't measure).  Let it sit for a little while for the flavors to do their thing and you are good to go.  And it is pristine white - very pretty :).
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    samalope reacted to sweetcee in Round 3? - Let's try this again - Starting March 18   
    Congrats on house buying though! Huge accomplishment! 
    As far as sleeping, can you go to bed any earlier? W30 has knocked me OUT. Days 20-30 I was nearly comatose by 9pm! I know I have sleep debt thanks to stress and being a bad sleeper. I think w30 helps your body reset. If you *can* rest more I say do it.
    yasss on not eating your feelings! It is so empowering to recognize your feeling and also recognize you don’t have to eat to deal with it.
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    samalope got a reaction from sweetcee in Round 3? - Let's try this again - Starting March 18   
    Hey I will never discourage peanut butter egg talk in my log! Haha
    Monday - Day 16 (already day 16??)
    Breakfast - none. coffee
    Lunch - big salad with dressing, 1.5 fist sized portion of leftover rotisserie chicken
    Dinner - 3 eggs, sauteed broccoli and carrots, mayo on the side 
    I have been sleeping in too much before work - I seriously get up 10 minutes before I have to leave. I sleep 8 hours but wake up tired, it is definitely because of stress/anxiety over house buying. I feel bad posting my log because I know I should be eating breakfast but it has been just so hard to get started in the morning.
    Yesterday I got wonderful news, our offer was accepted for a house we wanted! However, that good feeling quickly turned into frustration because of issues with our pre-approval letter not having the information the seller needs.   So we could be out of our earnest money depending on house things go today.
    After dinner I had really bad abdominal pain and cramps, I suspect it was too much broccoli which I tend to overdo. I ended up laying in the shower to try to feel better. Also because just being in the shower is relaxing after a long day like yesterday.
    Again, I am so glad I am on Whole30 during this house buying process. I would be so eating my feelings right now without all this structure and rules in this plan.
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    samalope reacted to Roonster in Round 3? - Let's try this again - Starting March 18   
    I had the exact same thought today as I was walking out of my office (late, as usual). Someone brought in chocolates for Easter, and they're still sitting on the counter, and I remember thinking "If it was an option, I'd eat a handful of those." And I'd never noticed or thought that it was and option to NOT eat before... Crazy!
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    samalope got a reaction from Roonster in Round 3? - Let's try this again - Starting March 18   
    I ended up making the spaghetti squash on Friday and it went great! So yummy. I made homemade pasta sauce, too.
    Easter went ok, I had pot roast, green beans, and fresh fruit and veggies. And deviled eggs that were made with my homemade mayo! It was actually harder than Thanksgiving though in terms of saying "no thanks" to foods. It was because of the chocolate. I am such a chocolate fiend LOL. Thanksgiving is more for fruit pies which are easy to pass up. But dang... those peanut butter eggs are difficult to decline.
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    samalope reacted to EllieHH in EllieH W30 Log   
    And 30 days later...I amaze myself.  First, because I always had a wee bit of concern that I couldn't do this.  Ha!  Take that, old self.  I also was a wee bit afraid it "wouldn't work" for me - WRONG.  I am not weighing myself yet (because day 30 is not day 31! :))) but I'm definitely curious because I can tell a difference pretty much all over.  Think what is going to happen when I start exercising again - gracious, I might actually be making progress here.  It is so weird how I don't really even care about tomorrow.  I think I'm going to re-intro with milk first.  I have always loved it...will be interesting to see how I tolerate it.  I think I shall toast myself with some herbal tea, and then on with LIFE with all my newfound knowledge.  Yay me.