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    samalope reacted to Roonster in Sierra Eats to Live!   
    Day 14 / Day 0
    Why did my numbering scheme change? Because I ate non-compliant food today.
    Today is Easter, and I was invited by my friend who is from Nigeria to join his friend's congregation (he is a priest) for their celebration of Easter. I was raised in a big Irish-Catholic family, and Easter has always been a big holiday for us, so it is a little lonely being so far away from home. I decided that I would rather go to this Easter celebration than be home alone, even if that meant I'd end up eating non-compliant food.
    "How is that possible? No one is forcing you to eat anything!" You're right, but it would have been very rude to refuse some of the traditional foods used to welcome guests (such as Kola nut, which is served with peanut butter). And I found out after eating it, that the sauce that was served with the Kasava was made from lentils. I did enjoy the wine all on my own.
    I've decided to continue my whole30, but only as it pertains to my taking 30 days to fix my relationship with food. Because I know that I need at least a full 30 days of eliminating potential aggravating foods from my diet before I can reintroduce them and determine my reaction, I will extend the elimination portion of my whole30 out another two week. I'm doing a whole45.
    From now on, you'll see two days labelled at the top. The first is the day I'm on mentally / emotionally. The second is the day I'm on for my elimination. So Day 15, here I come!
    Buona Pasqua
    "Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song." -- St. John Paul II
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    samalope got a reaction from LizaQ in Intimidated by veggies... some help finding variety   
    I MADE SPAGHETTI SQUASH AND MEAT SAUCE! And it was delicious NSV !!!!
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    samalope got a reaction from LizaQ in Intimidated by veggies... some help finding variety   
    I MADE SPAGHETTI SQUASH AND MEAT SAUCE! And it was delicious NSV !!!!
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    samalope got a reaction from LizaQ in Intimidated by veggies... some help finding variety   
    I MADE SPAGHETTI SQUASH AND MEAT SAUCE! And it was delicious NSV !!!!
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    samalope got a reaction from LizaQ in I made it 10 days... and then everything fell apart.   
    I can relate to your post a lot! It is hard to get through the first part of Whole30 for sure.
    My recommendation is to use this forum's log, too:
    It is a great way to keep track of what you are eating AND feeling. Also, if you go a through 10 days and still feel terrible, you can go to the troubleshooting forum and ask for help, and link your food log. The mods are great about looking at your food log and saying "Oh, you should definitely be eating more fat!" etc etc
    You also said you started anxiety medication, when I started taking Lexapro for depression I really did feel ravenous! So I think it could actually effect your appetite. I seem to have gotten used to it over the year or so I've been taking it, so I think that part goes away when you get the full affect of it after a month or so (that is assuming you're on something like Lexapro that takes a month to kick in).
    Another note: this forum community is great! When you start on April 1, def start a log and meet some fellow Whole30ers who are starting with you I am sure there will be others beginning on that date. They can support you and give you advice, food ideas, inspiration, share their woes and listen to yours.
    As for the scale... is there a way you can take it to a friend or relatives house for the 30 days? It is so important to focus on how you feel rather than how much you weigh.
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    samalope reacted to ShannonM816 in I made it 10 days... and then everything fell apart.   
    You are not worthless. You are a beautiful person who is struggling with something many, many people struggle with relating to food. You had some rough times and turned to food for comfort, which is a really hard habit to break. Now you're ready to move on with the rest of your life. That's great. But you can't expect that everything will go perfectly from the get-go. That's not how life works. 
    So first let's start with -- why fast? You made bad choices, sure, but days of fasting sounds like you are punishing yourself for those choices, and that's really not something we want you to do. You don't deserve that kind of punishment. Would you treat someone else that way, forcing them to have water and maybe a few vegetables just because they made some bad choices? (Also, if you're always hungry anyway, starving yourself is really not going to help.) 
    Let's skip the weight stuff for a bit. For 30 days, whenever you decide to restart, eat until you're not hungry, even if it feels like more food than even a ravenous teenage boy would eat at an all you can eat buffet. Don't think about calories or fat grams, just decide that if your body is hungry, you are going to give it food until it isn't hungry anymore. (I'm assuming there were no underlying medical conditions causing you to feel hunger when you aren't really hungry.)  It's 30 days, just see what happens. If this means that you eat four eggs, two big handfuls of spinach, a sweet potato, some onions and bell pepper, and an entire avocado for breakfast, do that. That would actually be a meal that meets the meal template, more toward the larger end of it for a lot of people, but still within the template.
    After 30 days of not even thinking about weight, see how you feel and what's going on at that point.  If you have gained weight, or you're not feeling good, we can figure out where to go from there.
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    samalope reacted to SouthernGirl in Chick-fil-a   
    Hi SugarcubeOD!
    I currently work at a Chickfila and wanted to clarify something on this topic. We actually receive on a daily basis the fresh chicken filets. After thawing then out, normally a marinade is applied just before grilling them. It is possible to request a filet without marinade and you will receive a plain grilled filet and without the sauce applied. You can also request for an allergy label to be applied to the order and the workers will change their gloves to ensure that no marinade will contaminate your meal. 
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    samalope reacted to whydidIdothistomyself in Forgive Me Forum, For I Have Sinned.   
    Forgive me Forum, for I have sinned. In the name of the hard-boiled eggs, and of the broccoli, and of the seltzer. My last confession was . . . ok, this is my first confession.
    This is my first Whole30 and I am 6 days in. I don’t know how to bring this up tactfully, but I am fraught with sinful thoughts. There’s this – there’s this thing.
    I am weak. I am jealous. I am lustful.
    I knew a day, not so long ago, where I could turn to a special somebody in times of celebration, in times of sorrow, and in the minutia of everyday life, but I had to turn him away. Some relationships are too passionate to ever be tamed. Even though I don’t come home to him saying hi to me from our dining room table, I feel like I can still hear him calling my name.
    It’s not that I don’t love him anymore. Our lives, our love is inextricably bound.
    While I haven’t called him since starting Whole30, I think about him when I pull the covers up over my shoulders when I first wake up. I think about him when I’m furiously writing down last-minute notes before my Contracts class. I think about him when I’m pressing the lock button on my car keys when I can’t remember which floor of the parking garage I parked on.
    I made a resolute promise to myself and to my friends that I wouldn’t even look him in the eye during this whole process, much less touch him. With each passing minute, I can see the embers getting closer to catching the wind and starting a wildfire, a fire beyond anyone’s control. The closer the sun gets to the horizon, the closer I can feel myself lunging to him.
    How can I not think of him?
    He is smooth.
    He is robust.
    He is creamy.
    He is in the deli counter at Kroger.
    He’s goat cheese.
    I love you, goat cheese. I can’t be with you now, but in 24 days, we’ll be together again! I love our love, I don’t care what anyone says!
    These are my impure thoughts.
    I am sorry for these and all the sins of my past life
    We give thanks to the Forum for She is good. For Her mercy endures forever.
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    samalope got a reaction from EllieHH in Round 3? - Let's try this again - Starting March 18   
    I am on Day 10 today. I keep telling myself... 30 days to go.
    Last time I completed the Whole30 I did not do a proper reintroduction. I did a couple days but I didn't realize I still have to stick to Whole30 the 2 days after each reintroduction day. That threw me off for some reason and I wasn't prepared.
    I am going to get the most out of this Whole30 and really look at how food effects me.
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    samalope got a reaction from ladyshanny in Whole 30/Reintroduction Success but quick downfall!   
    I love this rule for sugar! Most of my binges on sweets come when I am alone. And my husband doesn't like sweets much so there is no excuse with getting him to join me! lol
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    samalope reacted to ladyshanny in Whole 30/Reintroduction Success but quick downfall!   
    Make your own rules? Instead of having done reintroductions and then just drifting, make rules for yourself that address some of your problem areas. For instance: I do not eat sugar/drink alcohol alone. I don't drink the night before if I have gym in the morning. If I feel like I've gone out of control, I sit myself down and assess what happened so I get a better understanding of what goes on with me. 
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    samalope reacted to Roonster in Sierra Eats to Live!   
    Day 7 / Week 1 -- Done!
    Today I've been struggling with the feeling of actually having finished the first week of Whole30. I keep thinking back, looking over my food log and generally just feeling like something is wrong. I've been so used to lying to myself that my diet is "healthy" that I don't know how to understand that the past week I've both eaten a healthy diet and stuck to something that I said I'd do 100%. It feels amazing, and it wasn't even difficult!
    I've read Melissa's post on the topic, and I've been researching some of Gretchen Rubin's ideas on Moderator vs. Abstainer. I am 100% and abstainer. I can and always have been good at following rules, even if they're arbitrary, so long as I decide to do so.  It also fits with Gretchen's Four Tendencies. I'm a Questioner, who is someone that internalizes everything and operates from internal motivation. I've never been good at following what someone else tells me to do or recommends for health UNLESS I've decided either that what they say is right (I internalize the information), or I've decided that they're very trustworthy and worth listening to (I've internalized the relationship). Suffice it to say, that, as an Abstainer and a Questioner, the Whole30 is great, because the rules are black and white, and I've internalized the program.
    Breakfast: Nothing. I slept in (forgot about Daylight Savings Time) and was almost late for Church.
    Lunch (1330): Black tea, 1/4 of the frittata I made yesterday. A bunch of raw bell peppers (green, yellow and orange).
    Snack (1730): Handful of macadamia nuts, coconut water.
    Dinner (2030): Chocolate chili with green beans.
    I also taste tested the foods I was making for the week, so I had a couple bites of butternut squash and beef roast, as well as a stalk of celery.
    I only had a couple stomach cramps today, and they were very brief. I have had rumbly bowels, though (TMI, I know). I typically supplement with Magnesium because of the brain, muscle, nerve and female health benefits, but I think I'll leave it out for a couple days. It has some natural laxative effects, and those could be adding to my gut adapting to the massive amounts of fiber I'm eating and resulting in my symptoms. I know that coconut water can also be a natural laxative, so I'll cut back on that as well.
    Changes from my proposed meal prep above: I froze the ground beef last week, so I left it in the freezer. Instead, I bought some chicken thighs, since I've been looking for a lean protein source for after workouts in the morning, and I think chicken is more palatable than ground beef. I also may have over cooked my roast. I've only made this recipe in a crock pot before, but I no longer have one, so I made it in the oven following some directions I found online to convert slow cooker recipes to dutch oven. It seems a little dry. I deglazed the dutch oven with some chicken stock and added that to the meat, so hopefully it'll be a bit moister tomorrow. I haven't made the turkey protein salad yet, but it's on my list for tomorrow. I may make it half turkey, half chicken. I ate the green beans tonight, and there was no fresh spinach at the store, so I bought frozen instead. I also bought frozen mustard greens and may try a frittata with those for my breakfasts for the rest of the week.
    Making sure I have enough fat in my meals is my goal for this week.
    "Food is an important part of a balanced diet." -- Fran Lebowitz
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    samalope reacted to ladyshanny in Constipation issues and probiotics, TMI warning   
    HI there,
    The first thing you can do is ixnay on the bananabay.  Bananas are what people who have loose stools eat so they might be hindering your poops.  Sweet potatoes can also do the same which is firm up stools and right now you don't need firming.
    You could also try leaving off the raw vegetables and go for just cooked for a while. Up your water intake if you can. The other thing to watch is your poop signals. Try and go as soon as you feel the urge. What happens when we hold it is that the contractions in the intestines squeeze water out of the stool and the longer you wait (when you are already having issues), the harder the stool becomes.
    You can take a laxative to get things going, for sure. Probiotics might work. Magnesium is another helpful supplement that has the benefit of helping w/ poo because it draws water into the intestine. The unflavoured Natural Calm is compliant. Start slow and work your way up until you have a comfortable BM.
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    samalope reacted to EllieHH in Round 3? - Let's try this again - Starting March 18   
    Hi!  Just wanted to say "go you!"  I am impressed at your dedication.  I am a first timer and did all the planning stuff which I think helped me, but as I've gone along I've gotten closer to winging it and it's gotten really easy now that I skip 80% of the grocery store (which I find hilarious...).  Our food has gotten very colorful (thanks for the shout out) and my husband (who is doing W30fordinneronly) has commented so many times on us eating things we've never eaten before.  I figure, what the heck...I had never bought fresh beets in my life (for example) but obviously people eat them, so...why not?  It's been a good experimentation.  
    I love the banana only/big mistake - totally agree.  Who knew fruit was so sugary - I almost can't do it at breakfast at all or I'm all wired (okay, maybe the coffee is also at play there).  One purchase that has been a great one is one of those big clear boxes of "baby greens" mix - man, I eat that stuff all kinds of ways.  It is a total lifesaver on lunch (just put whatever random leftovers I have on top of it and DONE).  Tossed some in a skillet with some c. butter this morning and had 2 eggs on top - lovely.   Anyway, welcome back and thanks for letting me ramble on your page! (and I haven't even had any fruit tonight)
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    samalope reacted to sweetcee in SweetCee March Whole30   
    Day 21. Feeling good! I am going to have to watch my hunger in between meals— I am eating toward the smaller side of the template and sometimes think I should eat more. Then I try and I’m full before I finish.
    m1: homemade turkey sausage, squash soup 
    m2: leftover chicken pad Thai from last night with added chicken and veg - I made a bigger serving of meat and veg but couldn’t eat it all. 
    M3: pan fried compliant kielbasa w mustard, sautéed purple potato, shaved Brussels sprouts and spinach, olives, crispy compliant prosciutto, a little frozen mango with coconut shreds
    the end is coming up so fast!
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    samalope reacted to Shontay in Round 3? - Let's try this again - Starting March 18   
    Good luck with round 3. This is my first go at it. I'm on day 7 and I'm feeling better than ever...stable energy and I'm dropping pounds. What helped me get through the "detox/headache" phase was starting it on a Friday that way I can stay home over the weekend and not give in to the headaches..which are normal when getting toxins out of your body. You got this!
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    samalope reacted to biglasheswidehips in Round 3 completed! I need new pants! LOL   
    And I just bought new ones before I went on my trip! Good problems but my wallet doesn't agree. 
    I’ve lost a minimum of 55lbs since July 2017. I started my 3rd round of Whole30 on January 1, 2018 and during this trying time work popped up that required me to travel. Before I started my 3rd round, I want to throw in a disclaimer. During my time off from the strict 30 days I still followed the lifestyle of the program. No dairy, no gluten (allergy), no processed foods, and no sugar (only fruit). 

    On my 3rd round of Whole30 I could feel those little aches and pains some of us have become accustomed to go away. My nose wasn’t running, headaches weren’t daily and my back wasn’t killing me like normal. 

    I did face some challenges this round though. Because I was traveling for 3.5 weeks and living out of a hotel I didn’t have a kitchen until the beginning of week 3. Now everyone knows you don’t eat out on the Whole30. Having no kitchen I faced the challenge head on and researched local restaurants/cafes. I found coffee shops that offered boiled eggs, I tired to stock up on local cold-cut meats, fruits, and veggies. Everything I consumed I researched and if it wasn’t Whole30 compliant I didn’t even entertain the idea of consuming it. Restaurants were a challenge but having a local sibling who also has food allergies helped me pick out paleo friendly restaurants in the city I was located in. 

    I’m not going to lie. The stress of work and not having a kitchen did cause me to skip a few lunches here and there. The moment week 3 hit and I saw my friend’s kitchen I had that ‘heavenly’ moment where I knew I could cook my frittata in piece!

    I lost a total of 10lbs on my 3rd round and have kept it off since. I’m going to start my 4th round when I get back from my 2 week vacation. I am currently at 180lbs. I haven’t been at this weight in almost 2 years. I don’t have an ultimate goal. Growing up and always obsessing over the number has caused me to self-sabotage. Other than feeling good and look good I have no ultimate number in mind. My birthday is July 2nd and I'm excited to see if I can lose another couple pant sizes by then. It would be the best birthday gift to myself. <3

    I also wanted to throw in my dad’s progress. He has lost over 80lbs doing the Whole30 program; he's been living Whole30 for over a year now. He looks, feels, and is doing wonderful. He wants to lose another 10lbs and then maintain. I’m so happy he introduced me to this lifestyle and I have a true understanding of nutrition and consumption like never before.
    Different strokes for different folks! 
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    samalope got a reaction from Roonster in Round 3? - Let's try this again - Starting March 18   
    Day 2
    Breakfast - 3 eggs surrounded by green beans
    Lunch - Turkey chopped salad with bacon crumbles, Tessamae basalamic vinegarette dressing. Banana and clementine.
    Dinner - Sirloin steak, carrots and hash browns. Banana and clementine. 
    Evening snack - handful of baby carrots and some coffee
    Water - probably around 60oz
    I am super tired this evening and I have a headache. Feeling pretty hungry this evening.  Not sure if it is boredom or actual hunger lol. 
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    samalope reacted to Jahmanrv in Living Whole 30   
    Hi, my name is Julie. Over two and half years ago, I weighed in at 192 pounds and 5'5" tall. Yup a bit overweight. I was suffering from severe depression mostly due to my vision loss and having to go on permanent disability. I couldn't sleep through the whole night, since I suffered from such heartburn and indigestion issues. A week would not go by without having at least one or two migraines. Basically, I was a hot mess.
    In October of 2015, I was visiting with a friend, was is going through chemo treatments. She was reading the Whole 30 Food Freedom book and raving about it. So, she explained the program to me, and I ordered the book through Kindle right then and there. When I got home a week later, I cleaned out the Kitchen, and started my 30day journey. It was rough for the first week, but have to say after that, it really just became a way of eating. I didn't think anymore, and even the cravings after the first week, pretty much was gone, not completely, but not as often.  After my 30 days I did a proper reintroduction and actually I hardly added any foods back in. Just basically my Greek Yogurt and Unsweetened Almond Milk. Had no desire for anything else. 
    Two and half years later, 40 pounds lighter, I STILL eat the same way. Once in a blue moon, if I am celebrating something, I will have a piece of cake or a glass of wine, but the rest of the time, I have remained Food Free. I no longer suffer any and I do mean any of my past problems. Sleeping 8 hours is a breeze for me. Depression a thing of the past. My cholesterol levels dropped and I wasn't even thinking of that, but it was a plus. I haven't had one Migraine in all this time.
    I have never had to do another round of Whole 30, since I really achieved and maintained my first round of Food Freedom. My friends are all amazed, when we do go out, how controlled I am. I actually try to explain, it's not control, it's just how I eat, a healthy way of life. Truthfully, I'd rather cook my own meals then go out to eat. That alone is a miracle, as I hated to cook before hand, and ate all my meals out. I don't have cravings for Carbs, or Sugars. You know even when I do have that occasional piece of cake, I only take like a bite or two, cause its way to sweet for me. I truly don't even like anything sweet anymore. 
    Whole 30 is the way to go. It is the way to a healthy you, and a way to become free from all the junk and unneccessary sugary filled food. Once you get through those 30 days, you will see how completely your life will change, and how much happier and healthier you will be.
    It has changed my life so much, that I'm also now back in school (with the help of the Commission of the Blind) and working towards a Nutritionist Degree. That truly is how much Whole 30 changed my life. 
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    samalope reacted to Newsland33 in Achieving is believing   
    Brief update: 
    Today I turn 55, which officially makes me a guy in his mid-50s. (Unbelievable.)
    The good news is that I feel better than I have in a decade, at least. Five weeks ago I would have told you I felt a decade older than my actual age.
    To be honest, I'm still having a bit of trouble making sense of what a difference a good plan, a bit of discipline and a ton of support can make. We don't know one another very well, but I hope you'll trust me when I say I'm the last guy I'd have bet on to try something like Whole 30, much yet give it the time necessary for the results to kick in.
    I'll stop before I completely sound like one of those cheesy weight-loss commercials for true fad diets, but let me leave you with this - full in the knowledge that I have a lot more work to do: I - the least habit-forming person I know - have changed my relationship with food for the better and am confident that I am on the road to lasting change.
    If I can do this, so can a lot of other people. 
    With appreciation,
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    samalope reacted to Newsland33 in Achieving is believing   
    I have never been one to flirt with 'fads.' I'm also the farthest thing from a habit-forming person you will meet, for good and bad.
    That's why when a good friend introduced me to Whole 30 six weeks ago, I was hesitant. Not another wacky diet plan that promised results that never materialized, or if they did promised to make me miserable in the process.
    Still, I knew changes were necessary. I have fought weight issues and joint pain much of my adult life. Last year was going to be the year I got serious, so I committed to losing 50 pounds over the course of a 12-month period. I lost two.
    Worse yet, I just felt awful. Back, hip, shoulder, feet. Some days it felt like every major joint in my body belonged to someone 25 years older than a man in his early 50s. As a result, my energy level wasn't where it needed to be for someone with a relatively demanding job, and I couldn't remember the last time I had back-to-back good nights of sleep.
    So, when my friend said she had lost 13 pounds on Whole 30 and that her joint pain had all but disappeared, I was skeptical but decided to take a look. After all, what could it hurt?
    The concept was familiar, if a bit extreme-sounding to a guy who had consumed a half-dozen Diet Cokes a day for decades, and who enjoyed milk and cheese more than most anything else in life. Still, one concept resonated with my desire to think we all have some degree of control over our lives: 30 days of focusing on healthy, whole foods shouldn't be hard. It was a matter of how badly I wanted to force some discipline on myself.
    Or put another way, how badly did I want to try something that could help me feel better and gain greater control over my health?
    Thirty-four days later (I've extended my schedule by a week as I plan for reintroduction) I can say this is one of the smartest decisions I've ever made - and one of the most unexpectedly pleasant surprises I have ever encountered.
    The highlights: I am nearly 20 pounds lighter than when I started. My blood pressure has dropped 20 points. According to my Fitbit sleep analyzer, my resting heartbeat has fallen from 77 to 65. I'm routinely sleeping better than I have in years and my aching joints have stopped barking at me (I've not taken an anti-inflammatory in a month).
    Beyond that, my energy is up and I am more efficient and focused at work. I've begun working out regularly and can see a day when I lose the "big number" of pounds I have been dreaming about and create the healthy lifestyle that has largely eluded me for many years. I have developed new eating habits and a healthy appreciation for what it means to fill my tank with quality fuel.
    It wasn't always easy, especially the first two weeks. And, I'll admit to being bored to tears with water at times. It also wasn't as hard as I thought.
    Once I started seeing results and fell into a routine, I stopped obsessing about what I wasn't eating and enjoyed the many delicious foods I was eating. It also became clear that I wanted the good results to continue more than I wanted that Diet Coke or cheese and crackers.
    As I stare reintroduction in the face, I'll admit to a bit of trepidation. I don't want to fall off the wagon and go back to feeling the way I did pre-Whole 30. I also realize that I have a lot more work to do to get to my ultimate "fighting weight" and to reach my health goals.
    Still, I'm choosing to trust the process and to view reintroduction as the next necessary step in providing me the knowledge base I need to truly control my food choices. I know that eliminating dairy, grains, legumes, alcohol and sugar lad to dramatic gains in health and energy; now I need to know which doors lead me down a dark alley and which will help lead me toward the light (I'm really hoping dairy is one of the good guys).
    The learning process has been an unexpected benefit of my Whole 30 journey, and I'm excited about the next stage. And the one after that.
    For now, though, I felt the need to share my story as way of saying thanks. To my friend who cared enough to gently persuade me to give this a try. To my wife who has been uber supportive throughout this (although she didn't join me on Whole 30 her eating habits have changed noticeably as well). And to the entire Whole 30 community for providing the tools and support to make this possible.
    With appreciation and excitement about what comes next,
    - ML
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    samalope reacted to miyutris in Introducing Myself   
    I am not new to Whole30, but I am new the these forums. I have done the Whole30 a few times, but this last time was truly a game changer. I am an avid triathlete and have used the Whole30 at times to "get back" to healthier eating, but never did a proper reintroduction or really deal with my unhealthy relationship with food. I finished a Whole30 about a month ago, and this time I used to the Whole30 Day by Day journal. The daily reflection really helped me to start to see where my behavior patterns were unhealthy. I also read Food Freedom Forever. Talk about eye-opening! I am a recovered alcoholic (sober 11 years) and I was amazed at the parallels in the journey to quit drinking and the journey to have a healthy, balanced relationship with food. After the Whole30 I went out of town for 2 weeks. The first week I was sailing along in Food Freedom, but the second week got a little rough. The beauty is, I came home and immediately started a two week mini-reset and I start a 7 day reintroduction tomorrow. For the first time, I am seeing this as more than running faster or staying thin. I am recognizing that I have work to do that is deeper than that. I have opted to become active on these forums as a way to reinforce that commitment. 
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    samalope reacted to Beanette in 19 days W30 and still hungry   
    In reading a topic about the quantity of eggs we can eat, I realized that I wasn't eating enough proteins at breakfast, because 2 eggs are enough for me and I get disgusted if I eat 3 or 4 in the same meal. So, I added more proteins at breakfast, and after doing this, I don't have to eat in between meals. I think it settled it.
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    samalope reacted to ladyshanny in Day 22: Not feeling food "freedom"   
    Aw, dang, sorry you're feeling so frustrated.
    You're not missing the point but the point appears to be a bit obscured.
    Basically the goal is to do the Whole30 and then reintroductions to see how food affects you physically, mentally and emotionally. If you don't do that, it makes the rest of what I'm going to say harder/impossible.
    Once you have a good grasp on how food makes you feel, you get to decide what is and is not worth it for you on regular, occasional and rare occurrences. THEN, you make assessments in the moment of "Do I want this? Is it worth it?". Example, you get to the point where you know that the wheat in conventional pancakes doesn't bother you but butter and syrup are a dumpster fire for a couple days. You go out for breakfast to your favourite diner with some friends and you peruse the menu. "Hmmm....pancakes. Do I want them? Yep. Will they be worth it? Well....I have a big presentation at work tomorrow that I cannot mess up and I know that the butter/syrup combination fries my concentration for a couple days. Hmmm....OK, maybe an omelette this time." 
    ""Hmmm....pancakes. Do I want them? Yep. Will they be worth it? Yep, I have a day off tomorrow with no plans! Pancakes it is!"
    Do you see? Once you know how food affects you, you weigh the desire for it with the consequences of it. Sometimes the food will be worth it and sometimes it won't. Sometimes whatever it is messes with your stomach and it's just not worth it. Sometimes the cupcake or cookie doesn't fit your current goals and although you do want it, it's not worth it right now. Remember, we're not preaching to never have treats or sweets again - just to be honest with yourself around whether you want it enough to go drive to xyz and get it or you want it because it's just sitting there. Be honest around what the effects will be and if you want to take them on. You'll get it wrong, we all do, but then you learn and move forward. That is food freedom.
    PS - once you make the determination that you WANT the item and that the consequences are WORTH IT, there is no guilt....because you made an informed decision. The guilt comes, I believe, when we let food run us down. When we mow through a package of cookies while watching tv. That feels yucky because YOU didn't decide it. If you go through the "Do I want it, is it worth it" and you ask yourself after every cookie and the answer honestly keeps being yes and you eat 6 cookies, that's alright. Maybe the next day you'll look back and realize you made the wrong choice because of abc/xyz, but that's the learning experience again. No guilt, just knowledge. 
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    samalope reacted to Christina Lynn in Day 22: Not feeling food "freedom"   
    Now I will preface this by saying that PMS has started to kick in for me this month, so that is quite likely contributing to my frustration.
    I am on Day 22 and have been completely compliant, though haven't always followed the "perfect" meal template (one week, we were completely snowed in and unable to get to the market for 4 days, so we were workin' hard to just stay compliant with what was left in our kitchen). Anyways, I suffer from fibromyalgia, and the biggest NSV's I've noticed so far have been massively improved sleep and a slight reduction in my chronic pain. This has been very valuable to me, and while I hoped for more at this point, I am still happy with the results I've had. 
    However, I am at a point where some of the restrictions are making me more frustrated than encouraged. I plan on doing a slow reintroduction plan to target what might be contributing to my previous insomnia and pain, and when I work out which foods are bad, I do plan to limit /remove them from my diet. BUT, I like pancakes and I like cookies and I like having the occasional sweet thing without feeling like it's somehow a failure for giving in to cravings. I've been getting grumpy thinking about a post-Whole30 life that doesn't involve the enjoyment of these things without it being attached to guilt (by guilt I mean "Oh no, you wanted something sweet and so you had something sweet-- shame on you for not resisting!"). I understand the reasons for avoiding "compliant" versions of "bad" food like coconut flour pancakes, for example, while on the program, and I have followed those rules, but after Whole30, I'd really like to go back to having foods that I enjoy and simply use the things I've learned on Whole30 to create healthier alternatives of those things with ingredients that don't spike my fibro issues. Am I missing the point to be thinking about a life that involves any form of pancakes, even if they don't contain my trigger ingredients? Not feeling any freedom in my food.
    - Grumpy PMS lady