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    I just started again for my 3rd go! You can do it. And it is smart to plan around trips I think. I will be going to a 2.5-day convention in the middle of my Whole30 but I am able to meal-prep before hand and sneak back into my hotel to eat lunch so it will work out.   Can't image trying to be gone longer than 4 days without A LOT of planning first!
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    samalope reacted to ShannonM816 in Tired of saying "moderation won't work for me"   
    Here's a couple of posts from the Whole30 blog about this:  -- they should be at least a good starting point. 
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    samalope reacted to Sundance in Blood sugar down 20 points!   
    One of the many reasons I started the Whole30 this month was to get better control of my blood sugar. My fasting levels were consistently 105-110, pre-diabetic. It only took 8 days on the Whole30 for my fasting blood sugar levels to drop to 85. Yippee!!
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    Day 16.
    Today was hard. Not whole30 hard, life hard. Long story short, I got hit in the face breaking up a high school fight that happened because adults dropped the ball. I’m fine, but I was SO angry at all adults involved, that between the adrenaline of breaking up the fight and the frustration after, I lost my appetite for half the day. I wanted a cup of my stress relief tea, but it has stevia in it. Then I wanted a shot of vodka. I’m still mad as heck about my day, but I was not even tempted today. I know meal skipping is not ideal, but I was hydrated and had energy and even turned down free pizza opportunity #4 with no qualms. I’ll fuel myself better for tomorrow but I’m glad I was able to recognize and stop my desire to eat and drink my feelings. Sorry that ended up being longer than intended. If you read this, thanks for commiserating.
    m1: chicken apple sausage, carrot soup, coconut flakes
    m2: none.
    m3: burger over greens, sautéed veggies, olives