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  1. Oh man! That sounds so painful for him! I have it in my feet. Whole30 has really helped with my gout, but oddly enough I have yet to pinpoint what causes my flare-ups. The good news is with my Food Freedom I rarely have flare-ups anymore.
  2. @Brewer5 that's so cool you got a sign! I love when that happens. I just put that book you mentioned on hold. I cannot wait to read it. Thanks for sharing!
  3. @BabyBear thanks for sharing your journey on Food Freedom! What a great job realizing how you felt after the cupcake! I loved how you realized the frozen pizza was not worth it for you. At the moment it can be easy just to have a little nibble and think it won't matter, but those little nibbles add up - as most realize in their Whole30 rounds! I love it when I realize our meal was compliant, even without trying! Cooking as a family is a wonderful gift you can give your boys. Kudos to you and your family!! I hope your husband's flare-up passes quickly. I have gout and it is the worst!
  4. Hi @1colorfulmama! I have 7-year-old twins so I hear you that it can be a challenge when they are going through a picky phase. I have found that when my kids are involved with picking out foods, recipes, and even cooking they are more likely to try it. We also ask that they take a few bites at every meal. We call them "no thank you bites". The great thing is after a few tries, they often realize they like it. I have figured out that one of my twins likes his veggies better raw and will eat way more of them that way. He also went through a no meat phase and would only eat shrimp. My daughter we
  5. @UnkleEm Hi! Having support and a friend to do Whole30 with will make a big difference! How are you both doing? You are on Day 13? Any NSV's you have noticed?
  6. Hi @LilliMarlene! Welcome to Whole30! That is great that you are preparing for your round ahead of time! It will make a difference in your success for sure! Do you have any questions about the program? Having a support system, in person and even online, will help you on your journey! This forum is a great place to ask questions, get encouragement, and know that you are not alone.
  7. Hi @beachbaby Rhonda! Way to go being on Day 6 already! I am glad you found this forum! Having support and encouragement goes a long way to being successful on your Whole30! You totally got this! I love sharing recipes! Are there any you are looking forward to trying? Do you need any suggestions? Just remember, not every meal (or any meal for that matter) needs to be complicated or fancy! Some of my favorite compliant meals are the easiest!
  8. @learning40 I had to laugh about your toddler throwing the "ball". LOL How's today going for you?
  9. Oh my @SchrodingersCat that dinner sounds amazing!!! I love Chicken Saltimbocca!
  10. @Dashley116 have you been gluten this whole time or have you been eating Whole30 since the reintro of the two? Sorry you are now sore, too! This is definitely why we separate items out when reintro. Sometimes we have to separate out even groups further to be able to figure out which item could be causing any issues. For instance, some folks can eat goat's cheese/milk, but not cheddar without experiencing issues.
  11. @Amura that's so awesome!!! I love how you have changed your mindset! Way to go!!
  12. @kbreitmayer great question and observation! Technically this, nut cheeses, and dips ARE compliant (with compliant ingredients), but these items should be used with caution, especially if you rely on cheese as a comfort or stress-relieving food. Or if cheese is a trigger for other food cravings (like wine and crackers). We suggest that program participants use these items with caution and think about whether including these foods in Whole30 is a healthy-choice for them and their goals. Hope this helps!
  13. Hi @Sofija Dunjic! Congrats on being on Day 10 and staying compliant while being ill! The timeline is just a general timeline and not everyone experiences it or on the days laid out. A big factor is also how/what you ate prior to Whole30. My first Whole30 I had the absolute worst detox symptoms and for about 8 days. I completed a round in January with mostly no detox symptoms or any of the items from the timeline. I know before this round I was mostly eating Whole30 (as that is my FF) and before my first round that was definitely not the case!! I had a lot to get out of my system. Sounds
  14. @LindaC your meals sound tasty! Now I want some lemon soup!! Fingers crossed on our knee! What will your workout be?
  15. @Ktinegv those meals sound and look delic! The mango with the shrimp looks like a perfect pairing! Taking photos is a great way to remember meals and to check your ratio on your plates for sure! Hope your head is feeling better today!
  16. @aentwood it has been about a week since you posted this comment. How are you doing? Hanging in there? I am curious why your doctor suggested you continue on to a total of 90 days? Do you want to do it or are you just doing it because the doctor said to? I know that if I am doing something for someone else and it is not my idea, I am less likely to do it. That's my personality though. What was your original why for Whole30? Can you translate that to continuing? While it is suggested that certain medical situations or other instances may make a Whole90 right for people, that is not
  17. @Aelfric you could be getting into SWYPO territory, but that can be different for everyone. Even if you use compliant ingredients, it can be easy to create foods that become SWYPO and lead us to old habits or do no allow us to change our tastes. The key is to ask yourself what are your intentions with what you are looking to create. This recipe is compliant, but could be SWYPO for certain Whole30'ers. My first Whole30 when I was a cheese addict, I would have stayed away from it. Now in my Food Freedom, I no longer eat cheese very often and can definitely leave it alone, this recipe would
  18. @LindaC glad your knee is starting to feel better!! You dinner sounds delic. I love scallops!! Being prepared is key to a successful Whole30! Way to go.
  19. Yay @MeredithM20! That sounds like a lovely evening with your husband! Way to rock Day 3!
  20. @LindaC Looks like today is Day 12. How are you feeling? Any NSV's (non-scale victories) you have experienced so far? That's great you are having company over for Valentine's Day so you can make sure dinner is compliant! My family and I are cooking at home Friday to do the same! Not sure what is on the menu, yet.
  21. I get headaches when I eat something with soy lecithin in it, too!! I am trying to avoid the Girl Scout cookies and am telling myself they are not with it to me. LOL
  22. @YGetty here is a little more information about snacking and Whole30: https://whole30.com/whole30-101-snacks-on-the-whole30/. While not a rule, it is a recommendation to not snack. That being said, as you are figuring out meal sizes you may need a snack. A mini-meal as @Jihannapointed out is the way to go! If I ever need a snack/mini-meal, I make sure to add fat to it to keep me full longer. @Jihanna I love the veggie peel suggestion!
  23. Sorry your day started off that way @MeredithM20!I struggle with depression and anxiety and find that as I am detoxing I tend to fight those feelings. Once my body starts to balance back out, I typically experience less of these symptoms and more stable moods. Hope the rest of your day perked up!!
  24. That sounds like a delicious meal!! I love broccolini and forget to make it! Do you have a recipe for the cauliflower @SchrodingersCat?
  25. How are you doing today @MeredithM20?! Day 3 is usually the start of detox for me!