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  1. Oh man! That sounds so painful for him! I have it in my feet. Whole30 has really helped with my gout, but oddly enough I have yet to pinpoint what causes my flare-ups. The good news is with my Food Freedom I rarely have flare-ups anymore.
  2. @Brewer5 that's so cool you got a sign! I love when that happens. I just put that book you mentioned on hold. I cannot wait to read it. Thanks for sharing!
  3. @BabyBear thanks for sharing your journey on Food Freedom! What a great job realizing how you felt after the cupcake! I loved how you realized the frozen pizza was not worth it for you. At the moment it can be easy just to have a little nibble and think it won't matter, but those little nibbles add up - as most realize in their Whole30 rounds! I love it when I realize our meal was compliant, even without trying! Cooking as a family is a wonderful gift you can give your boys. Kudos to you and your family!! I hope your husband's flare-up passes quickly. I have gout and it is the worst!
  4. @Amura that's so awesome!!! I love how you have changed your mindset! Way to go!!
  5. @Ktinegv here is an article that discusses pre and post-workout meals: Pre and Post-Workout Meals "Your pre-workout meal should focus on protein and high-fiber carbohydrates – think chicken or turkey breast, lean beef, fish and seafood, as well as sweet and white potatoes, squashes, berries, melons, bananas, and beets." Please reach out with questions!
  6. Hi @Amura! That is wonderful to hear that you did not spiral out of control over the holidays and did not use the holidays as an excuse to go wild! How did the guidelines you set for your Food Freedom help you? Did you come to any realizations that you need revisions to what you previously created for yourself?
  7. Ohe thing that I find handy is to make extra at dinner or lunchtime and eat that for breakfast. Once I changed my mindset and started to think of meals as Meal One, Two, or Three instead of breakfast, lunch, or dinner; I was able to eat anything at any time of day. No shame in eating a porkchop or leftover steak for Meal One. Meatballs (like poppers mentioned above) are another great item to make ahead of time. You can eat them on their own or add to mixed greens and make a salad. I also batch cook up potatoes and hardboiled eggs ahead of time. Having a few options on hand that you