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    Terra Milliken got a reaction from quest2bhealthy in Count down to Feb 1 start date!   
    Hi @Bamanursk! Good job keeping going even when cravings hit! When you have wanted to eat non-compliant foods, is there a pattern you can discover? For example, is it a certain time of day or could it be contributed to not eating enough at a meal? Are you feeling satisfied with meals and/or having enough variety in the foods you have been eating? Could you add a new food or recipe to change things up a bit?
    Keep up the good work!
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    @YGetty here is a little more information about snacking and Whole30: https://whole30.com/whole30-101-snacks-on-the-whole30/. While not a rule, it is a recommendation to not snack. That being said, as you are figuring out meal sizes you may need a snack. A mini-meal as @Jihannapointed out is the way to go! If I ever need a snack/mini-meal, I make sure to add fat to it to keep me full longer. 
    @Jihanna I love the veggie peel suggestion!
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    Oh man! That sounds so painful for him! I have it in my feet. Whole30 has really helped with my gout, but oddly enough I have yet to pinpoint what causes my flare-ups. The good news is with my Food Freedom I rarely have flare-ups anymore. 
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    @Brewer5 that's so cool you got a sign! I love when that happens. I just put that book you mentioned on hold. I cannot wait to read it. Thanks for sharing!
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    Terra Milliken reacted to BabyBear in Very Hungry Mommy Food Freedom Journal   
    @Terra Milliken thank you for your kind words.  Yes I’m pretty certain that gout apart from terminal pain is the worst pain.  He had a flare up in his elbow normally it’s his toe.  He missed it the doctor missed it the first time, but when I got home that evening and looking at it I was certain it was gout.  Went back to doctor and they confirmed I was right.  That was Thursday.  The swelling and inflammation are finally down enough that he can move it and somewhat function.  Hopefully in a few more days the pain will be completely gone for him,  now just to keep him convinced to rest it  until it is completely cleared up.
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    RI Day 14 (2/13) 
    6:00 get up potty baby and find out schools in the area are closed due to flooding.  It took over an hour to get a definitive answer regarding our tutorial day.  Anyways they decided to follow the schools.  So back to bed!
    8:30 up and get hubby and baby out the door to take hubby to doctor.  It is gout in his elbow.  Poor guy!  He’s talking about cleaning up his diet to get his flare ups under control.  He’s very upset because he was suppose to be headed to Skate party to vend out in Tx, but he can’t drive that distance like this let alone lift any of the inventory to load and unload.  So he’s upset about the money loss, he normally does 5k on this weekend.  Hopefully we can get him better for next weekends party.
    10:00 M1 - 3 eggs with Italian seasoning, sautéed 1/4 head of cabbage in bacon fat.  
    1:30 M2 - LO cajun chicken Alfredo (nomnompaleo sauce) with spaghetti squash and broccoli
    Lunch was tasty, but I filled up quick.  I got all the dishes done I had been avoiding and then went down for a nap while baby slept.
    7:00 M3 - dinner out with hubby and baby.  Grilled chicken and peppers with a green salad with olive oil lemon and Italian seasonings
    Shopping with the baby was interesting to say the least, but I came out triumphant.  I had to get new bras as my others are too big to provide support. NSV went from a 40 DDD to a 38 C/D depending on the cut.   Oh and I’m back down to that last belt hole!    
    I feel like I have successfully completed my whole 30 and reintroduction and I am now beginning my Food Freedom journey.  It’s exciting and scary all at the same time, but so was the whole 30.  I am closing out this thread, and I will begin a thread on the post whole 30 log board.  Thank you to everyone who has offered their kind words of encouragement and given me a tribe in all this crazy food stuff.  I hope you venture over to find me on the other board.  XOXO
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    Day 1 again today.  
    I'm posting now ~ because this is my quiet time to do so.  The rest of the day will be filled with running kids here and there, conversations with my family ... and putting down the new flooring.  I worked on it for a couple of hours last night ~ and it is going to be beautiful.  But boy-oh-boy ... it's going to take me awhile.  That's okay.  It's winter and I would rather have a project to focus on, for sure.  It's satisfying, seeing each piece click into place.  Hmm ... progress that can be seen before my very eyes ... I like that.
    I had originally gone to a nearby flooring store and stamped my foot like Veruca Salt, saying, "I want it now!"    You know, not really, but ... at first I did just want to pay the "professionals" to come in here and get it done quickly.  There's a little bit of Veruca Salt in there sometimes ... it's good for me to be aware of her presence, and keep her in check.
    My computer was doing some update crap this morning, and I couldn't use it to do things with my morning coffee like I usually do {Veruca was pissed}.  So I finally picked up this new book I had ordered:  The UltraMind Solution by Mark Hyman, MD.
    I like holding real books in my hands ... and I like highlighting.
    That's a part of myself that does not get honored nearly enough lately.  I have always had a love of learning, and I especially like reading books about the human body.  I don't know a lot about Mark Hyman, and I don't revere any doctors as Gods.  But these books usually have some great information that I did not know before ~ and, if they are worth anything as an author ~ some deep and thought-provoking quotes.  
    I hit a point in the very first paragraph of Chapter 1 that made me tear up this morning.  He is talking about the epidemic of "broken brains":
    "It deprives children of their future, the elderly of their past, and adults of their present."
    Indeed.  This hit me right between the eyes.  I have children - one, in particular, whose mood and behavior is highly affected by his food choices.  I am the adult, and so is my husband.  And I have a great-grandmother, dear to me, who is 93 years old ... and the deterioration I have had to sit back and watch over the past few years is painful.  Downright, almost, seriously, physically, painful.  The way her "care" has been handled has caused a rift in our family that I think will never fully mend.
    Whew -- I hate to end on a sad note!  Let's not do that.  
    So I will share one more thing, and maybe go into more detail later.  I have been undecided on whether I am ever going to work in nursing again ... very up-in-the-air, and I hate that feeling.  I know, sometimes it is necessary, and those uncomfortable times are often when we really grow the most.
    I have decided to go back to WGU for a bachelors in business management -- that choice I decided on awhile ago.  
    What's crazy is this:
    I spoke with my admissions counselor yesterday.  I said yep, I like the way you transferred my credits, looks good, green light - let's go.  But I want to change my start date from March 1 to April 1, after spring break.  (That's no big deal - WGU starts every month, all year round).
    Turns out, the program catalog is changing for all students who start April 1 and later.  So now, instead of just having a straight-up business management degree, you get "micro credentials".  And the two choices are:  Marketing track, or Healthcare track.
    I'm working for a marketing company right now, and I love it.  But I'm also a nurse.  Lol.  I'm like ... are you freaking kidding me?   
    And it brought me clarity.  Looking through the marketing classes causes excitement.  Looking through the healthcare classes makes me want to barf.  I'm not sure it can get much more clear than that.
    If you've actually read this far ~ Ric Flair "woo!" ~ I'm thankful for your presence here.  And I hope you have a fantastic weekend.
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    Terra Milliken got a reaction from BabyBear in Very Hungry Mommy Food Freedom Journal   
    @BabyBear thanks for sharing your journey on Food Freedom! What a great job realizing how you felt after the cupcake! I loved how you realized the frozen pizza was not worth it for you. At the moment it can be easy just to have a little nibble and think it won't matter, but those little nibbles add up - as most realize in their Whole30 rounds!
    I love it when I realize our meal was compliant, even without trying! Cooking as a family is a wonderful gift you can give your boys. Kudos to you and your family!!
    I hope your husband's flare-up passes quickly. I have gout and it is the worst!
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    Terra Milliken reacted to learning40 in Almost40, First Whole30   
    Day 5 was good again. I'm enjoying cooking...such a new feeling for me. 
    B: Eggs with salsa and avocado (again...I woke up very hungry and it sounded so good)
    L: Sweet potato and chicken apple sausage (this is a go-to and lunch was late because, life), and celery with almond butter
    D: My husband and I fixed a Valentine's dinner of steaks he grilled, green salad and cauliflower mash from the Whole30 book, which was so much tastier than I expected. 
    I also made the sweet potato soup from the book today, and I'm really looking forward to enjoying that this weekend. 
    I still feel good, and today was easier than I thought it might be with the sugar-centric holiday happenings. There are some signs that my body is adjusting to the new regime, but no terribly uncomfortable symptoms. All in all, I'm still just really glad I decided to take on this experiment.
    On Tuesday, we're going skiing so that will be a whole new set of challenges but I'm planning ahead and think it will ok. We're driving and renting a house, so I'm hoping we can avoid eating out for the most part. My husband is really supportive and on board with customizing our family trip, but I'd still happily take any travel tips you want to offer!
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    Terra Milliken reacted to BabyBear in Very Hungry Mommy Food Freedom Journal   
    FF Day 1 - cont
    7:00 M2 - cajun kielbasa with potatoes and green beans and a large salad with cucumbers, tomatoes slivered almonds and raspberry dressing.  
    My boys 13 and 11 made dinner tonight.  I was feeling a bit overwhelmed tonight with the kitchen and the pile up that happened while I was taking care of hubby with a gout flare up, a teething baby and the Valentine cooking shenanigans.  So I called in the troops.  I told them what they had available to make and they chose the Cajun sausage and potatoes.  Oh was it ever good, and good news is all of it was whole 30 friendly.  I started making an effort last year to teach them how to cook more than just a hot dog in the hot dog toaster.   Tonight it paid off.  Plus I’m sure it will serve them well later when they leave the nest.
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    Terra Milliken reacted to BabyBear in Very Hungry Mommy Food Freedom Journal   
    Food Freedom Day 1
    Feeling lost, not like lost in the woods I don’t know where to go, but lost like an 18 year old who has been released to a world of possibilities and boundless end to navigate.  Lucky for me I have those who have gone before me and a trail map And tools to help me find my own way.
    So I finished my reintroduction officially ending my whole 30.  Now what? Where to? What to eat?  Do I continue a journal? What are my goals? What have I learned that I want to take with me?  Is food freedom a real possibility for me?  
    Journaling helps me to process my thoughts and analyze my food choices and plating. So do I continue to journal? Yes! I enjoy the process and I do not feel it is unrealistic for me to continue journaling.
    What are my goals?  There’s a loaded question!   Gut health, including living without gastric upset, healthy elimination patterns, living almost every day without bloating.  Hormone balance, less roller coaster effect with PMS, a steadier regular cycle, clear healthy skin with little to no breakouts.  Healthy weight loss that happens naturally as I take on a more whole food approach to life.  135lbs is on the high side of normal BMI for my height.  I was there once and happy with it.  Less than 130 I felt like I was too skinny almost unhealthy looking.  I want to have a healthy relationship with the scale and my tape measure.  The numbers are not important, the NSV are the greater indicator of health. I  want to finish Natalie Hodson Stronger Together just to finish an exercise plan and see if in 11 more weeks if it has made a difference.  I want to continue to incorporate yoga into my workout to build my flexibility back.   I want to feel sexy confident and comfortable in front of my hubby.  I want to be able to pick up an item off the rack and know with confidence I’m going look great and not worry about if it will hide my lumps and bumps.  I want to wear a form fitting dress without spanx.  I want to enjoy great whole food without worry, and lead my children by example.  I want to enjoy a treat when I determine it is worth it without guilt or fear of being out of control.  
    Valentines Day  was yesterday and it’s a bit of a blur.  
    I made a fun brunch (with no sugar added to anything my boys were less than impressed) it tasted amazing to me.  Banana egg crêpes stuffed with strawberries and whipped coconut cream topped with a strawberry sauce. Homefries made in the air fryer. And two pederson no sugar sausage patties.  
    The boys and I made cupcakes regular box mix white cupcakes with almond strawberry swirl frosting, and The others were chocolate cupcakes with strawberry frosting that were Ok for 11 yr old to eat which means they contained no gluten, dairy, corn, soy, or eggs.  He has many more food allergies those are just the ones that typically show up in cake and frosting.  They didn’t want to wait to properly decorate so they each had one with frosting just slapped on and I took tax.  A bite from one of each.  I think the Chocolate one tasted much better than its boxed counterpart and I don’t even care much for chocolate.  I struggled while making these with tasting batter and icing and crumb tops.  I think this is three fold.  I taste as I bake to ensure the flavor is just right, this leads to the craving and mindless tasting, but also the additional mindless tasting comes from somewhere in the back of my brain that I might not get to have any if I wanted it so I better get my fix in now.  Only that fix isn’t satisfying but often leaves me feeling gross and on a sugar high with bloat and all around nauseous feeling.  I constantly had to put myself in check.  I finally said self if you don’t stop mindlessly stealing tastes then you won’t have a cupcake.  I decided I’d rather have the fully decorated experience than all the little drawn out tastes.  I waited after they were finished to make sure I really wanted it and then I waited some more.  It wasn’t until after dinner that I decided I would have my Valentine’s Day cupcake.  I talked myself out of eating the chocolate one because I rationalized those were for my 11 yr old, but honestly I wish I had gone with the chocolate.  They were not just for my son I made them for everyone and I may have enjoyed that one more with way less impact on my gut.  I felt very bloated and my congestion is back.  
    For supper my hubby decided on subway.  The bread smelled heavenly but I knew in the back of my mind I had an indulgent cupcake awaiting me at home.  So I decided on a salad.  Grilled chicken, bacon a lot of veggies, a little cheese and ranch and bbq sauce.  It was surprisingly good and satisfying.  
    Today 2/15
    12:00 M1 - sauté cabbage and meat sauce
    I was tired and lethargic after the cupcake last night and most of this morning as well.  I just wasn’t hungry this morning.  I went through the motions of the day and drank water.  Lunch time today I made frozen pizzas for the boys, and I decide to sauté up some cabbage and I topped that with my hearty spaghetti meat sauce.  It was really good, filling and comforting.  I was so tempted to eat a small bite size corner of the pizza, but I decided it wasn’t worth it.  When I do pizza it will be good worth it Pizza.  I had to keep reminding myself of this over and over.  
    I napped when baby napped and then some.  It is helpful having the big boys and an almost potty trained baby.  They took care of him for me so I could sleep a little longer.  
    So I decided I wanted to weigh myself and measure to have a starting point for my food freedom.  After that I’ll weigh on the first of each month.  Down another 5lbs I honestly was shocked.  I started considering a goal I had considered last year.  Lose 40 by age 40.  Even though in September when I first considered this I felt it was impossible and put on 8 more pounds instead.  However, now I’m feeling like that is totally doable, but it doesn’t seem as important to me now.  I’m realizing as I continue to improve my relationship with food my body will move into the balance and place it needs and wants to be.  I turn 40 next month and this has been a fantastic gift to myself… so much better than some strict calorie counting diet leaving me unfulfilled unconnected and unhappy.  Thank you Melissa and whole 30 for helping me heal in so many ways.
    My first step in my Food Freedom is to begin to use my organic butter again on a regular basis while paying close attention to how I respond.  I will start doing this in a day or two once the bloating and congestion clear up from the cupcake.  I enjoy butter and although I can make clarified butter it would certainly be a time saver in the kitchen to just use butter from the stick.
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    We started on February 5, and my oldest child and I are doing great but the younger two (mainly the 7yo) thinks the world is ending... the thing is she gets way more fruit than anyone else because she exerts more energy than the rest of us combined... I am using this to teach them to make better choices in their foods and snack habits. But the little, all she thinks of is will I ever get chocolate or ice cream “EVER” again... not to mention one of her friends told her “food will taste different” and you probably won’t like it anymore... my question is she is very picky, she doesn’t like most meats and well some vegetables she turns her nose too... besides the energy fruit is reall what she will eat... not nuts no problem for her she wont eat those or nut butter either... i think its a texture thing... does anyone have any suggestions? What can i get her to eat that is going against whole30...
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    Terra Milliken reacted to 1colorfulmama in DAY1,HERE WE COME!   
    My family and I stared 2 days after you... send good vibes your way. This is our first time and with my youngest child its been the roughest. Don’t give up you are a great friend for doing this. 
    best of whole30, 
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    Terra Milliken reacted to UnkleEm in DAY1,HERE WE COME!   
    Today is my day 1! My best friend just got diagnosed with MS and her Dr. recommended Whole 30- she was nervous about doing it, so I offered to do it with her! I'm a little nervous, but I'm SO excited about this journey!
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    Terra Milliken reacted to LilliMarlene in Brand new Whole30’er from Norway!   
    I am prepping for my very first Whole30!
    This phenomenon is not very known over here - anyone else from Scandinavia? I am very exited - and also a little scared! I need this very much for several reasons - and I really feel that it is going to work! I just found out that I suffer from SIBO so I need to finish some medication first - plan is to start up march 2nd. Reading up on everything!
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    Terra Milliken reacted to SchrodingersCat in Guess who's back? Round 3 Day 1 on 28 January   
    It was REALLY delicious!
    Rainy old Saturday here today, so no gardening for me, which was the plan.
    Meal 1 (brunch/lunch) was scotch fillet steak with sauteed cabbage and pama ham
    Dinner will be roast pork with crackling, broccolini (yeah, it's on special, can you tell?) roasted caluflower and roasted potatoes
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    Terra Milliken reacted to LindaC in Day 1 of second round-Fail   
    Oh thank you BabyBear!  Not a rock star but I don't really want to start over.  His first thought was to use spaghetti squash but then really wanted the angel hair pasta and it's my sister-in-law's favorite food (seriously! she passed on the pie to have two helpings of pasta and scallops!)  I was happy with the scallops and big salad -ok- if I'm honest it was not at all easy but I figured I've made it this far so I've got to try hard to get the next two weeks done.  He's away next week so I'm on my own and there will be less temptation in the house.  And yes, my husband is a really awesome guy in that he never tries to sabotage my WH30 efforts and is almost always willing to cook compliant meals.  My sugar craving is lessening so that's one NSV!
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    Terra Milliken reacted to beachbaby in Start February 10th   
    I'm so excited to see this thread of fellow Feb.10 starters!! Especially because I already relate to MeredithM20 & PettiS. I have depression & awful anxiety, as well as an autoimmune illness (Hashimoto's). I too have the tendency to start something but not follow thru. This time I feel different...better...more committed. I desperately want to feel better. So great job ladies, for making it to day 6!! For me thats huge! I just keep telling myself, "Its only for a month" & it makes it a lot less overwhelming for me. Who knows what will happen after the month? I'm hoping for a new way of thinking about food & not reverting to my old habits, but for now only committing to a month is helping. Hang in there ladies! This is totally doable!
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    Terra Milliken reacted to MeredithM20 in Start February 10th   
    I had some huge NSV’s today.
    Lunch with hubby at a restaurant..:I asked the server how food was prepared and what ingredients were.
    Dinner with family I ordered a big Greek salad, hold the feta and added salmon.  When the salad arrived with fresh pita bread I immediately removed the bread from the bowl and asked the waitress to take it away!
    I nailed Day 5!
    i have my meal plan made for days 6-10 along with grocery list for tomorrow morning.
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    Terra Milliken reacted to Sofija Dunjic in Sofija's February log - 1st Whole30   
    Ok, so..Days 12&13..Flu was really bad, could not get out of bed at all.. Luckily, hubby did all the cooking, so we stayed fully compliant.. I just could not eat dinner at all. However, the fact that we could stay compliant and not even mess that much around the kitchen while sick made me feel so proud!
    We are both insulin resistant and pretty much addicted to sugar and snacking, so this program has been really important. I do miss some regular foods (like cheese and yogurt and some Serbian traditional breakfasts which are made with corn flour), but I will deal with that in the reintro.
    Thank you all so much for the feedback and encouragement, it really means a lot!
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    Terra Milliken reacted to beachbaby in Start day 2/10. First day on this forum...   
    Hello, I'm Rhonda. I'm new to sharing in any sort of forum, so I hope I have something worthwhile to share at some point. I'm not good at following thru with things, so I truly appreciate having this forum any any words of encouragement... I'm on day 6 already! I'm actually feeling like I am going to be able to do this! I'm getting ready to make my menu for the next 4 days & plot out my to-do's. So far, so good... Sending out happy vibes to y'all!
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    Oh my @SchrodingersCat that dinner sounds amazing!!! I love Chicken Saltimbocca!
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    Oh, Day 4.  I was supposed to want to Kill All the Things, but my toddler apparently beat me to it. He's teething and has been sick and basically needed to scream or be held (or both!) every waking minute until after lunch, so that was that. Fortunately for both of us, I found myself feeling pretty good. I made my first mayo last night and found today that despite a lifetime of refusing to eat mayo in nearly any form, I actually don't mind this recipe. (I'm pretty sure it was 1980s-formula Miracle Whip that put me off of it all those years ago.) Anyway, today's meals:
    B: Scrambled eggs with salsa and avocado
    L: W30 protein salad with chicken, celery, grapes, pecans and mayo, plus some extra celery with almond butter
    D: Turkey and cauliflower meatballs with butternut squash veggie spirals, grape tomatoes and a little fresh parsley. (I enjoyed this meal a lot more than I expected to, but my absolute favorite part is that all three of my children ate the meatballs without complaining...though the toddler did pick it up, look at it, proudly announce "ball!" and throw it across the room. But after I gave him one in pieces, he ate it.)
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    Terra Milliken reacted to SchrodingersCat in Guess who's back? Round 3 Day 1 on 28 January   
    Ok we have Chicken Saltimbocca (thighs with sage, wrapped in Parma ham, baked with cherry tomatoes) with sauteed broccolini and radishes and truffled sweet potato mash.
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    Terra Milliken reacted to SchrodingersCat in Guess who's back? Round 3 Day 1 on 28 January   
    LOL, we're very lucky - my mum-in-law's yearly Xmas gift to us is a bulk lot of grass fed beef, conveniently sealed up into 2 person packages. So our lazy dinner is to defrost a pack of steak in the sink and throw some veggies on the side
    Happy Valentines, people!!
    Hubster and I don't really valentines. He got me decorative vegetables yesterday, which were gorgeous, but the timing was coincidental!
    I ran out of lunches today, I have roasted veg but no protein and the supermarket didn't have my go-to smoked salmon. I ended up in Court from 9-2:30, so roasted veggies with eggs it is.
    Torn on dinner. I still think I might fancy something up for dinner, just coz I can. I'll have to pop somewhere after work to buy ingredients though. This sounds dumb, but one of the issues with making fanchish dinners every night is it's hard to take it up a notch lol. Maybe I can find some spatchcocks. Ohh, or maybe duck breast...