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  1. Kristen A

    It ISN'T hard!?

    They are the worst! But I made it through the day with crazy cramps and no chocolate (or wine). And, I'm a rule breaker, so I know that I lost another .5 lb, and no sugar hangover!
  2. Kristen A

    It ISN'T hard!?

    That's exactly how I felt the first week, and still sometimes as I move through week 3 (like right now!). Late evenings can also be difficult. Some days are easier than others, but today, I want to eat all the snack size chocolate bars in the conference room! That's what I get for posting "It ISN"T hard".
  3. Kristen A

    It ISN'T hard!?

    My family might put Fritolay out of business with our discontinuation of Dorito consumption, so it's a start...
  4. Kristen A

    It ISN'T hard!?

    Totally agree, sugar is in darn near EVERYTHING. I feel like I've been COMPLETELY immersed in the learning process, and went from spending almost no time at the grocery store, to being in there for 2 hours at a time, reading labels!! My W30 food education process is beginning to level out, and I'm learning what I like that is approved, so grocery trips are getting shorter. Temptation will likely never go away for me, but I'm turning 47 in a couple of weeks and peri-menopause was seriously kicking my butt, so I had to find something that could counter some of the sluggishness I was feeling! The W30 program has made me feel more alive again, which is a far better incentive than being thin again (even though I welcome that change as well!). I don't mean to make light of cutting sugar and carbs from ones diet. Some days are hard. The best of luck to you on your W30 journey!
  5. Kristen A

    It ISN'T hard!?

    Thank you 4W. So true. I've always been concerned about my fat intake and eating foods that contain cholesterol. Because of that, when I've attempted to lose weight, I generally cut way back on fats & red meats, and I'm always hungry and tired. Which has always led me to sweets! Whole30 is a new way of eating I haven't tried before. I don't know why I didn't understand/experience until now, satiety and how foods are digested into fuel for now and later. The learning process has been so fun!
  6. Hi C&A. I surprised my mom for her 70th bday in September (pre-W30) with a trip to NYC. We leave this week, and I'm worried about staying on the plan while we're there. My mom isn't on W30, and has never been to NYC, so I want her to eat what she wants while she's there, and not push my way of eating on her (although I do hope she chooses to join the program). If you have restaurant suggestions (I'm especially worried about breakfast/lunch meals and portable foods as we walk), for places we can both enjoy in the Manhattan area, I would love your help! Thanks in advance.
  7. Kristen A

    It ISN'T hard!?

    I started about a week ago (I was nearly eating exclusively Whole30 approved foods for the week prior as I considered the plan and waited for my cookbook to arrive). I decided to commit when I realized this way of eating didn't feel like a diet, and I felt the puffiness of my body start to shrink within the first couple days. I couldn't be more surprised that I haven't felt crazy without sugar and carbs!! I DID NOT think I could do this, but here I am, doing it.