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    Thanks for the advice I can't drink coffee any way other than how I always drink it. It's funny but it's just how I've been drinking it since I was a kid(dad used to give me sips of his coffee). Honestly I didn't have other problems my sugar intake isn't that high to begin with. It was Definetly caffeine withdrawal I was experiencing. I had no problems as soon as I started drinking coffee even though my diet was still all Whole30 otherwise. I'm going to just keep eating whole30 for awhile +the coffee and slowly switch to decaf, then no coffee at all and start my day one on the day I can go with no coffee. The caffeine withdrawal was so much worse this time bc I was drinking 2 cups a day where I used to only drink 1 a day last time I did the Whole30. I've had some pretty amazing meals while I was on vacation and had so much fun cooking Whole30 for my like minded in laws. They loved it. Not sure if I'll keep posting everyday. I'll probably just start posting every couple days to keep up my motivation and progress and as I said give updates on my coffee weaning.
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    Sjodo got a reaction from Jihanna in Here we go again...   
    Goodbye day 4.
    Definetly felt better today with my headaches. I developed one in the afternoon but not bad enough to take medicine for it. 
    Boiled eggs fruits and veggies.
    Sirloin strips and veggies and fruit
    Chicken fruits and veggies
    Off to the beach tomorrow so hopefully I can stay strong and keep it up for the next 5 days.
    4 down 26 to go
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    One more down.
    The headache didn't go away I took some medicine after it started to get worse and that didn't help. I ended up using a natural method to cure it and it worked lol. 
    Breakfast I made boiled eggs bacon strawberries and fresh peppers from the garden. Made my hubby an egg cheese bacon pepper and tomato(from the garden) omelette while my eggs boiled.
    Lunch I cooked up a large batch of sirloin strips for salad or a quick meal. Had some for lunch with a banana and sweet potato.
    Dinner I had a large salad with chicken strips peppers and cucumbers and an apple.
    3 days done only 27 to go.
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    Sjodo got a reaction from ashleyparik in Here we go again...   
    Dear Whole30 day 2,
    Please keep my pesky sugar dragon in check today. Yesterday after enjoying an amazing steak dinner and relaxing all of a sudden my body was screaming for some chocolate. Oh Lord thank you that I decided to eat all the chocolate in the house before starting the Whole30, otherwise I totally would have failed on day one. Hubby kept laughing at me for how desperately I wanted some chocolate so I drank a large bottle of water, soaked in a nice warm bath, then laid in bed. By the time I got in bed my sugar dragon was gone...or so I thought. The sneaky dragon decided to take over my dreams and I'll tell you what I had atleast 2 dreams about eating chocolate. 
    I wake up this morning with no cravings which is good. If my brain can be satisfied through fake dream chocolate then I'm good with that.
    Off to make some eggs. I'm just surprised that it's only day1 and I have had my sugar dragon roaring and already having dreams about food lol. This is either a very good sign or a very bad sign for the next 29 days.
    Have a wonderful day!
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    Sjodo got a reaction from ashleyparik in Here we go again...   
    Starting this Whole30 off delicious! 
    Breakfast soft boiled eggs fresh fruit and fresh veggies.
    Lunch grilled chicken strips fresh fruit and fresh veggies
    Dinner New York strip steak and sweet potato fries!
    Super simple meals considering this was a spur of the moment decision made 2 days ago lol. 
    #clean eating, #keep it simple
    1 day down 29 to go!
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    Sjodo reacted to Jihanna in Here we go again...   
    Keeping it simple is a rather smart thing to do. It's easy to bite off more than you can chew with something like this, so it's awesome to see you taking this approach!
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    Sjodo got a reaction from ashleyparik in Here we go again...   
    Absolutely 2 meals down 1 to go. 
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    Woo hoo!! That's wonderful news! Let's go!!!
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    Well my endocrinologist is totally on board. She said as long as I'm doing it for me then that's wonderful. 
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    Sjodo got a reaction from ashleyparik in Here we go again...   
    Whole30 day 1, here I come!
    I have not had soft boiled eggs since my last Whole30 2 years ago. Yummy yummy. That and some fresh fruit and fresh veggies makes for a refreshing breakfast. I forgot how clean I feel when eating clean. Off to my first appt with an endocrinologist. Finger crossed they are on board for my Whole30. Whether or not they are on board there's no reason I can't start my day with a whole30 approved breakfast anyways. 
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    Sjodo got a reaction from ashleyparik in Here we go again...   
    Thanks I am so looking forward to feeling amazing again. For the past 5 years I have struggled with this disease I didn't even know I had. The only time I found relief was when I did my first whole30, but I wasn't in the right place in my life to maintain it. Finally being diagnosed and on medicine has given me some of that whole30 feels back so I wanted to go for it totally and completely. Knowing I'll be dealing with this the rest of my life means I need to make real changes that will last the rest of my life. So I'm returning to my Whole30 knowing ahead of time that I am going to feel amazing in just a couple weeks. This time around I am adding in daily exercise with 1 day of rest. I'm just doing yoga so low intensity, but enough to keep me moving and healthy. Last time I felt so amazing I decided to try Orange theory and oh man was that a mistake I knew I felt great but I totally overdid it ended up throwing up and giving myself the worst sinus infection of my life and from there just dive bombed into old habits no reintro or anything all progress lost. But even without the reintro I still felt really good for 3 months more energy sleeping better no stomach pain(which is why I did it in the first place) but slowly and surely the symptoms came back. So learning from those mistakes I'm going to take it slow and steady and really embrace my new way of life. I don't see why not, but here's praying the endocrinologist says to go for it tomorrow. 
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    Sjodo reacted to ashleyparik in Here we go again...   
    Your plan sounds amazing! Kudos to you for being so prepared. That is the key to success! Having a great support system definitely helps, too, so I am so glad to hear that you're surrounded by supportive women! YAY!
    Take things one day at a time, and track all of your NSV's. It is  great way to show how far you've come, and to help you focus on the changes that you ARE seeing.
    Looking forward to following your journey!
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    Sjodo got a reaction from ashleyparik in Here we go again...   
    Thanks so happy to be here. I mapped out my next 60 days to make myself accountable by logging meals and planning around future trips and training, meetings and anything that may interfere with my 30 days and my reintroduction phase. I have my 30 days plus reintro takes me to around days 42. From there I'll go off Whole30 only eating the foods that do not have a negative effect on my health and I planned to reevaluate once a week to keep me on track and focused. My hope is that by day 60 I am in enough of a routine with my day to day and my workouts that keeping it up will be easier. I work with a lot of people that are very food conscience whether it be just to feel and look good, or because they are fighting disease also like Celiac's. I have a great group of women surrounding me to support me. I think the hardest part for me will be if I cannot handle gluten (which is a good possibility). I love to bake and make homemade treats so that would be a huge adjustment for me, but we will deal with that hurdle in approximately 40 days. For now I'm just gonna take this one day at a time and I'm so ready to start my Whole30 tomorrow. I know logging in here and posting is a great way to stay accountable and find support. I am very optimistic about this and think I will handle this very well this time. Can't wait to see my NSV on day 31 and see the improvements with my health and managing my Hashimotos disease.
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    Sjodo got a reaction from ashleyparik in Here we go again...   
    Hey everyone! I am so happy to be back here after almost 2 years (EEK). I did my first whole30 after a recommendation from my OBGYN when I was having undiagnosed lower abdominal pain and irregular periods. I did not make it to day 30 because I got myself really sick(long story) but I felt fantastic. For 3 months post whole30 I felt incredible. I did not do a proper reintroduction because of falling off the wagon, but this time no excuses. After suffering 5 years with a whole host of symptoms I finally have a diagnosis. Hashimoto Thyroiditis. My mom was recently diagnosed so I got myself tested and came back positive. I have been on medication since July 6th and have noticed much improvement. I didn't want to make any other major changes right away so I could see how the medicine is working. I see the endocrinologist the 25th of July and if they approve I will be starting my Whole30 on the 25th. I have been building up to make major life changes for the past year. Both my kids will finally be in school and I will have more time for me to really focus on myself. I plan to exercise regularly in my free time, and start eating better. For me as a teacher my "new year" starts in August not January so I'm jumping head first into the new year for a better me. I am much more serious this time around because I know this disease is lifelong, and I will always have struggles, but I feel with a better diet and life style changes I can conquer this disease and hopefully prevent myself from developing other autoimmune disease.
    I chose the 25th because I will most likely be going on vacation shortly after and I don't want to be in caffeine withdrawal during that time so that's why I'm not choosing an easy to remember day like the 1st. Also I want to be as far into my Whole30 as possible when my school(prek teacher) starts on the 19th. My kids will also be visiting their grandparents for the first week of my Whole30 so it'll really help me focus on me that first tough week. I am an open book and am happy to share my thoughts and experiences as well as every day of this journey with everyone. I could Definetly use all the support and love I can get since I'm in this alone. My husband and kids are anti dietary changes, but I will slowly sneakily start changing my kids diet, and maybe eventually drag hubby along. I do buy all the groceries. Lol
    So here's to jumping into a happier healthier me for life!