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    Hello.  I'm curious to hear from women who either experienced a decrease or increase in hot flashes during menopause while on Whole30.  I'm on my 12th day of W30.  I have noticed a positive side effect of no hot flashes for several days, and then out of nowhere I'll have a day where I have several.   Then it wil go back to none.  Before W30, I had them everyday.
    I'm wondering if there's a reason behind this or if it's just my body changing.  Anybody else experience any of this?
    Thank you.
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    Tina L reacted to MattyVac in Day 17 - All Manner of Change, Except Weight Loss   
    Thanks for the encouragement. Feel good and knocked off 12 lbs!
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    Tina L reacted to slc_melissa in Day 17 - All Manner of Change, Except Weight Loss   
    Also, snacking is a sign that you're meals aren't big enough.  Check out the template and make sure you're getting your meals to at least that.  Nuts are generally recommended as a closed handful every other day or so at most, as they can be hard on the digestive system, don't necessarily have the best Omega ratios, and also can be a food-with-no-brakes or mindless eating snack.  And, it's been said before, but the Whole30 is not a weight loss diet, it's an elimination diet to determine how certain foods affect you.  Although many people do change body composition and/or lose weight, it's not the goal.
    If you list out a few days worth of meals, including portion sizes as they relate to the template and specific types of veggies/protein/fats, we might be able to give more directed feedback.  Also, workouts, water consumption, stress, and sleep play into this big time.
    But great job on taking on the whole30 and seeing some improvements already!  Think about how positive those changes are!
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    Tina L reacted to slc_melissa in WTH? Gained weight. Trying not to be deflated!   
    Also, muscle is more dense per lb than fat.  You could have lost 5 lbs of fat (awesome!) and gained 8 lbs of muscle (even more awesome!).  It sounds like your body composition changed towards the positive side.  Also, personally for me, my scale weight can swings by pounds in a single day, and for many women there can be similarly big swings depending on the time of month.  
    Here's a pic (from Jason Seib's book the Paleo Coach), of a woman at the exact same weight: