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  1. TheHealthyMcCarthy

    Stumped by NO sleepiness after coming off SAD

    Those are awesome NSVs! I'm glad you're getting all the good stuff!! :-D
  2. TheHealthyMcCarthy

    Stumped by NO sleepiness after coming off SAD

    That could be! He doesn't get much of a hangover when drinking, so he could just be a lucky guy! (Thank you for your prompt help... I'm getting to know the forums and just now saw your reply *facepalm)
  3. TheHealthyMcCarthy

    Stumped by NO sleepiness after coming off SAD

    Thank you so much for your quick answer! I warned him before we started that he wasn't to have nuts more than every other day (he's a snacker and over indulges on nuts) and his fruit intake is great, so we'll see if he's on a longer timeline or he's he's just a lucky ducky. Thank you again!!
  4. Hi and thank you for popping in to help!! I'm stumped. I have 4 rounds under my belt and leading a group now through the September Whole30 and have hit an interesting problem. One of my little birds is having NO side effects. Background - Male, 6"3', 330ish lbs, coming off a lifetime of standard american diet and fad/yoyo dieting. He is amazing, dedicated, willing to try new foods, and has truly given himself to the process. We are on Day 6 and while the rest of us TRUDGE through the day, he's noted that his energy is the same as ever, though his bathroom problems have started clearing up. I've reviewed his food journal and everything seems spot on, I noted to him to eat a little more healthy fats since they seem to be lacking and to drink more water, but other than that, he is 100% a model student. The good progressions seem to be coming, just not not the grogginess/fogginess/sleepiness/stabbiness... Why is it that he feels so good?? Not that I want him to feel bad, but you know what I mean. He is concerned he's not doing something right because he's not having the same tiredness and crankiness etc as the rest of us are reporting. This is the first male I've guided, is it different for the boys with the hormone fluctuations or is he just one of the lucky ones who feels human while detoxing the first week?? Any help or guidance that can be provided would be super helpful. I'd LOVE to be an official coach someday, so I'm trying to make each group a learning experience. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!