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  1. Chelsea B

    December 27th Start Date

    I just started yesterday, so I'm joining in on the fun! Ready for the mental clarity and energy that comes along with this great journey!! I recently moved to the US for a new job and feel like I need a reset. I have slowly tried to adopt some of the whole30 way into my eating, but snacking at night is my big issue. This go-around I am really hoping to gain an understanding of the WHY of my eating habits...any insight or advice is much appreciated!!!
  2. Chelsea B

    starting today...why not!

    Hello Whole30er's. This will be my second whole30 (last one 2 years ago). I've been considering doing a whole 30 over the past few months, and planned to wait until the new year...but why wait? So I'm jumping in with all the other "holiday whole 30's" before it's too late!