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  1. I'm starting Whole30 11/24, day after Thanksgiving. I've been testing the waters the past 10 days and enjoying all that I've prepared and eaten. Most of the pantry issues are resolved. I also decided, after reading the books, that I will drop out eggs and nightshades, as I have autoimmune conditions. That is making things trickier. Luckily, I discovered I really like sweet potatoes! I'll be interested in more egg-free breakfast options. I'm excited to think about food that is just food and is NOT laced with additives. I've been shocked in my try-out period how many things have sugar!! My regular chicken broth has added sugar. Why??? I'm not all-in on the paleo concept. Rather, I think the plan is more like "Gramma's Farm plan" - i.e., my Hoosier grandparents who raised vegetables and animals and ate what they grew. I like this idea a lot. Happy Thanksgiving!