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    New Here. I started the no sugar portion today, but I will start Whole 30 on December 1st, as I continue to make plans and preparations over the next few days and get some needed ingredients that I wouldn't have in this area. Excited to finally get started. I'm definitely sick and tired of being sick and tired. I have some life altering things going on and to break free from the bondage of my previous husband (he didn't want me to get healthy), I have chose to do what I finally wanted to do and that is break up with my addiction with sugar, flour and dairy. My OB/GYN Doctor suggested this years ago and I was never able to understand how to do it properly, but I think Whole30 was in the beginning stages at that point. Very thankful to be here and understand my body and what I need. I just had back surgery in May and was able to get off the pain meds, so I am thankful that I can begin to take care of the only body I have.