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  1. Whole 30 starting Jan 1

    I couldn't wait until tomorrow to measure. I am VERY HAPPY to report that I lost: .5" each around my calf and upper arm, 1" each off my hips and thighs, and TWO INCHES!! off my waist. I can see a faint hourglass shape for the first time since before my pregnancy! I am so proud of myself. And let me tell you, I have been STRESSED to the MAXXX lately - work has been rough and my commute is killer and we're house hunting in a part of the country that makes Manhattan look reasonable and I wanted crappy Mexican food and a margarita SOO BAD today, but instead I treated myself to the knowledge that eating healthfully works. I am going to keep on trucking save a few minor tweaks - again, not fussing about bacon or eating the occasional rolled up piece of store-bought roast beef, and test out beans and rice as a money saver, but that is it. This is working. And it might be working more slowly than I want, and I might not feel magical, but progress is progress, and I can't argue against these results. And it's not a coincidence that I now have the willpower and self-knowledge to resist the glass of wine that I used to turn to after a series of crappy events.
  2. Whole 30 starting Jan 1

    Lexes, don't beat yourself up. Easier for us to say than you to do, I know. Sometimes I think that the best thing a reset like the Whole30 can do is help us understand how to be gentle to ourselves. No one can be perfect or "on" 100% of the time. And life is more than just what we put in our mouths. If you have to turn attention to other things - work, family, etc., and you make less-optimal choices food-wise, maybe just acknowledge and move on? That ability in and of itself is so valuable. I don't know; I struggle daily with trying to be gentle to myself and not beat myself up for the millions of things I feel like I'm doing wrong in every arena of my life. Good luck to you and to everyone. I hope you have very strong finishes to the 30 days.
  3. Whole 30 starting Jan 1

    Wow, it's been four weeks since I had any wine, chocolate, or cheese. Pretty unbelievable. But somehow, I feel like I expected to succeed this time. Quitting wasn't even an option to consider. I'm really proud of myself. The best part is, the longer I go without these things, the easier it is, and the less I want them. I think I am going to go for another 30 days with the following exceptions - not fussing over minute traces of sugar (e.g., buying bacon from Whole Foods rather than ordering it special), and allowing myself "convenience foods" like store-bought roast beef and jambon. I may also reintroduce brown rice and some legumes if I can tolerate them, just to save some money on meals (we really can't keep spending $200 per week on groceries). Sorry, most grains (esp. you, wheat!), sugar, seed oils, dairy, and alcohol - you're still out! I just can't see myself going back to my old diet since my energy is more predictable, I am doing better at the gym, and I have such a nice, easy relationship with food now (it's fuel, not a hobby!). Thanks to everyone here for the support and advice. It's been so helpful to read others' stories, and I hope this camaraderie continues into the next 30 days! Edited to add that I may post my change in measurements but then go another 30 days without weighing/measuring. I'm interested to see if I do lose weight/inches by keeping up the good habits.
  4. Whole 30 starting Jan 1

    Very proud of myself here because went to a close friend's birthday party last night and 1. stayed compliant 2. baked her favorite salted caramel bread pudding but did not eat any of it - not even tasting as i cooked the custard! Avoided the wine, brought zoodles to sub for the pasta (our host kindly set aside some of his homeade bolognese for us - made with all fresh ingredients and olive oil - he's a fantastic chef!) and we had a blast. Plus got my first "you look like you lost weight", which was gratifying. I still don't feel like I have lost weight, and my clothes haven't gotten looser, sadly, but it was still nice to hear that. Besides, I've really had a lot of success with sticking to my guns and making better choices this go-round, and I feel really good about that! Everyone there asked about the plan, and I described it as a whole-foods diet, rather than by what I couldn't eat. They were all impressed. I did get a lot of, "What are you going to eat on your first day off the plan?" and I surprised myself by saying that I wasn't sure if I was even going to go off the plan! I am craving homemade hummus, though. Shockingly, not wine, chocolate, cheese, or anything else that I thought I'd miss.
  5. Whole 30 starting Jan 1

    Tracy, I was initially planning on doing a strict Whole30 to 60 to even 100, but I'm not sure I can stick to every single rule for that long, particularly the rules against measuring and fasting - I want to try out Intermittent Fasting in combo with a super clean diet. This is mainly because one of my big goals this winter/spring is to finally lose my baby weight (ummm, the "baby" is now a preschooler!). That said, I am planning on following the major dietary recommendations and continuing to avoid wheat, corn, seed oils, processed and added sugar, and alcohol. I find this board very informative and supportive, so I will be checking in here and continuing to blog my progress on my Tumblr. Speaking of progress, y'all - today at the gym I felt something...a glimmer...a twinge of "thinner". Just the barest outline of an ab muscle. IT'S HAPPENING?!?!?!!?
  6. Whole 30 starting Jan 1

    GFChris, sorry! So What Who Cares. It's an expression that me and my pals use interchangeably with NBD (No Big Deal)! I forget sometimes that we don't all use the same acronyms or abbreviations.
  7. Whole 30 starting Jan 1

    SailorLawrence, I agree with others who have said that it sounds like the seaman in your story is clinically depressed. One way people who are depressed cope with that illness is by self medicating, either through alcohol, drugs, or food. I hope he gets the help he needs, and if it is clinical depression, he might have to start with medical treatment (talk therapy, medication), then changes to his diet and lifestyle can follow. As for me, I'm weirdly not excited about the 30 days being up. Eating this way has become second nature, so I'm a bit SWWC about it. Last year I quit before I got to this point and "celebrated" with a dinner party with lots of wine and restaurant eating. Not really feeling that this time round. Yay!
  8. Whole 30 starting Jan 1

    I'm seeing a lot of strawmen being set up regarding my comments and I just want to respond. I am not disparaging the program as a whole, nor am I saying it doesn't work at all, for everyone. I am merely observing and sharing that I have not reaped the purported benefits of "tiger blood" or body recomposition, or any of the physical effects touted on the timeline and all over the website and in the book. And that is ok, because again, I have enjoyed some different benefits. And I have also noted that I was aware that this might happen and that it was necessary to be realistic and flexible about my hopes and goals. I also did not expect to have a magic new self after 21 days or 30 days, which would indeed be absurd. I expected to see concrete physical changes that would motivate me to maintain the huge level of effort and expense that eating this way requires. I do not yet see them, but again, I am aware there is a week to go and remain open-minded. In addition, calories do matter. It's basic physics. Yes, it's hard to be precise, and of course nutrient profiles matter, and all bodies do not burn exactly the same and so on, but even those arguing against the theory admit that a major negative side effect of swapping poor food for good food is a drive to overconsume calories - thus admitting that overconsumption is a problem. Call it portion control if you want, but I need reduce the amount I am taking in, because it is clear that I am not using it all. And that is ok to admit. It's not the fault of the program, or of food, or anyone else. It just is. So, re-calibrate and move forward, is what I say. It's also laughable to imply that if one is not eating Whole30, one is instead eating Twinkies. The world is not binary. In fact, it may be that because I was not eating SAD and already avoided processed food, most sugar, and wheat before starting this experiment that I do not feel the physical benefits at the same level as others do. And that is OK! Lastly, I'm not struggling. I'm not desperate for an excuse to give up. I don't view eating this way as a struggle or as deprivation. I will continue to look at eating well as a way to nourish myself and support my goals. I'm simply pointing out that this particular experiment has not produced the promised physical results thus far for me. Is that not the point of the exercise, to experiment on oneself? It's ok! It's ok. I can still learn things/have learned things from this experience. I really hope that my posts are not being read as angry or down. I'm only reporting things as they happen.
  9. Whole 30 starting Jan 1

    Day 22. Had dreams I ordered a huge Italian hoagie - so weird! I didn't even eat stuff like that before. I appreciate all the advice, and I'm definitely not quitting the 30 days! I have come too far! I do think - have always thought - what we eat has a huge effect on our health. The Whole30 was my attempt(s) to see just how much. The answer - for me - is not as much as the program claimed. That's all. And that is ok. It has still helped me adjust my attitude towards eating and created some new habits that I think will be beneficial long term, such as swapping tea for wine in the evening and looking at food as fuel instead of as a hobby, which is how I frequently felt before. Being a fanatic about my diet is not something I find appealing or sustainable long term, unless of course the benefits were so good that it didn't make sense not to be so strict...benefits being body fat loss, clear skin, more even temper, etc. Since being so strict at such a huge expense of time and money has not brought those results, I'm not going to try to keep to the Whole30 guidelines after the 30 days are up. I will carefully reintroduce a few things and continue to avoid alcohol, wheat, and processed food. But I do think I have to count calories, since expending more than you consume is the only way to lose weight, and I need to do that. And while some can argue that counting calories is bad for your mental health, I think that being ultra-strict about every ingredient one eats is unhealthy in the same way...the preoccupation is still on food and on weight. This has been an interesting experiment that has value, and I would still recommend people try it. Heck, even my husband agrees that this has been a month full of learning for him - never before have I seen him research nutrition, cook all day on a Sunday, or go for a run with me outside! And of course, we all still have a week to go - so perhaps I will be proven wrong in the end and wake up on Day 30 with new energy and clear skin. I can keep an open mind. I really am grateful to everyone on this forum for the great dialog and advice, and also for the encouragement. You all seem like wonderful people and I truly hope you are getting what you need out of this experience!
  10. Whole 30 starting Jan 1

    Thanks, lexes42 - I appreciate your comments. I didn't mean to sound down, but I reread my post and see how it could appear that way. I am pleased that I broke my wine habit and have a more matter-of-fact relationship to food, and I'm sure following the strict guidelines contributed to that. As for posting logs, I did that here early on and daily on my personal blog, and other than feeling like I've been eating too much (which I was told not to worry about) I'm 100% certain that I did the program exactly as directed. That's why I said at the end of the 30 days I'd start counting calories again. As much as we want to believe they don't, they do matter. Bummer, that. But I fully intend on completing the program, keeping grains, alcohol, and sugar out, and reintroducing dairy carefully - I suspect lack of dairy is what is causing my nails to be so weak. And lexes42, my skin condition is the same. Boo. I guess I was just hoping to feel so refreshed and energetic that it would not be a struggle to continue on to a Whole60 or Whole100. And of course to see some of that "leaning out" that everyone talks about here. But I can carry a few of the things I learned from this experiment forward, and that has some value. Just not "cook every single meal at home including condiments and avoid fruit for fear of sugar and don't eat dairy even though my nails are splitting and oh crap my grocery bill is $50 over budget AGAIN this week" kind of value.
  11. Whole 30 starting Jan 1

    Hey all. Took a break from posting since I try not to use the computer when I'm not at work...and we had a long weekend, then a snowday! Been humming along. Impressed my visiting mom with all compliant food, but she still brought in dairy treats and chocolate for herself...oh well, as long as I don't have to cook separate meals I guess that is ok, since I don't really want to eat that stuff any more anyway (yay). Still hoping for some magic, physically (either more energy, more even mood, or recomposition). Realizing I probably won't experience it; I think the positive physical effects of the program are heavily oversold, but I guess just saying "Whole30 will help you have a matter of fact relationship with food and look at food as fuel instead of a source of pleasure or boredom beater" is not a hot catchphrase. Once the 30 days are up I will start to count calories again since I really need to lose about 20 lbs of fat! I thought just from cutting wine I'd be making progress. Oh well. Hope everyone had a good start to the week. Only nine days left - hard to believe!
  12. Whole 30 starting Jan 1

    Day 17 feels a lot like Day 16. Frustrated cause I don't see or feel miracles. But I did notice that after I ate breakfast at 8 (two eggs + broccoli and peppers with salsa) I did not notice it had gotten to be almost 1 pm! No checking for when I could eat lunch. That's progress and I'll take it. Had a great sprint session at the gym, too - so perhaps the key to keeping my motivation is to make my goals align with where I'm already making progress, instead of getting frustrated that my jeans are still too tight. Like, see if I can better my best at the gym, etc. Going to try to avoid the internet over the weekend again, it's so nice to take that break. On the agenda: runs outside again, MLK day of service with my Unitarian church, and a big cookup. Hope you all have good weekends and enjoy big (or several tiny!) victories.
  13. Whole 30 starting Jan 1

    I've hit the "no appetite" phase. I had to choke down breakfast this morning and I can't even be bothered to eat a pre-workout snack. It's turning my stomach just thinking about it. No miracles yet, for me. Clothes not loose, skin is freaking out (hormones, maybe?), fingers and feet still swollen. I should go reread some of the daily emails to keep my motivation up. I am pleased with the progress I'm making with respect to my relationship with food and how I'm sticking to my goals of exercising more and sleeping more, but I guess I'm hitting the point where I feel disappointed that more isn't happening. Oh well. It's only day 16.
  14. Whole 30 starting Jan 1

    Day Fifteen already! Kind of hard to believe. I am proud of myself for sticking with it and resisting temptation - my mom is in town and she eats a lot of dairy, and it's been pretty easy to ignore the delicious cheeses she bought and put into our fridge. I've also done so well on the no wine thing, I'm honestly surprised at myself. I will take the advice and stop worrying about portions so much. I guess I also have to remind myself that I am pretty active - my job is sedentary, but I walk a LOT around DC on my commute (2.5 miles just to get to and from the train, my son's preschool, and my office, every day) and I am at the gym or exercising at least 45 minutes six days a week. Of course I am frustrated because despite the strict adherence to the rules and the above-mentioned exercise, I have not experienced looser clothes yet. I'm also confused because while I have more energy at the gym, I am so wiped at night that I am sleeping through my alarm. I am trying my best to get at least seven hours of sleep, but this morning I slept through our alarm AND my husband hitting snooze two or three times! And I mean I am dead to the world. Also he told me the last few nights he has woken me up by coming to bed later with the dog, and I wake up and am a SUPER WITCH and immediately fall back asleep. I have no memory of this. He says that I wake up, mumble SHUT THE F UP! or WHY ARE YOU WAKING ME UP! and then pass out again. Weird, right? I'm never so rude to anyone! I'm like, sleep-bitching! I hope that part gets better, for my husband and my dog's sake. Ate "Dinner for Breakfast" this morning with kombucha (chicken thighs, green beans). Lunch is another spinach salad with veg and tuna. Dinner will be zoodles with tomato sauce and grassfed beef. Happy halfway, all.
  15. Whole 30 starting Jan 1

    Day 14 and my mood is still blue. Have the food choice down pat, now need to refocus on portions. I feel like I am eating way too much still. I have had more energy at the gym and I'm proud to say I have exercised 6 out of 7 days of both weeks! I want to continue this because while some soreness is happening around my hams and chest, I overall feel so much more energetic. Impressed my mom with the lamb rogan josh last night - served with coconut cauli rice and green beans. It was delish. This morning made a scramble of odds and ends that were leftover (bit of bacon, bit of beef, bit of sweet potato, etc.). I called it Skip's Scramble (Arrested Development joke). It was HEAVY.