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  1. Holly1970

    Starting January 2!

    Day 1 Done! After reading what others ate maybe my meals were too big - although I followed the plate recommendations. I didn’t have any cravings and didn’t feel the need to snack other than preworkout food. Everything ready to go for tomorrow - I’m excited!
  2. Holly1970

    Starting January 2!

    Thank you for sharing your day 1 recipe! Looks easy enough for even me to do - I’m a lazy non cook. January 2nd is day 1 of my first whole 30...I’m excited!
  3. Holly1970

    30 day results exceed expectations

    The is really inspiring...thank you for sharing!!
  4. Holly1970

    Start Date: Jan 1st

    Hi Everyone - I’m also starting my first Whole30 on January 1st and I’m very excited! I think my biggest challenges will be getting past my lazy attitude about cooking and giving up coffee. I have prepared though and have my first week grocery list and recipes all ready to go and I plan to buy 1 week of Premade Paleo just so i have something in the freezer in case I fall down on the cooking at times. I realize quitting coffee is not required on Whole 30 but the idea of black coffee is a bummer for me (nut pods and cocoa nut milk don’t do it for me). But more importantly for me, coffee upsets my stomach and always has - I just power through and I don’t like the idea of drinking something that I know I feel yucky on during the whole 30. I’m also going to keep my eye on how I feel when I eat eggs. I don’t eat them much because when I was young they clearly made me lethargic. Not sure if I still get lethargic but if I find that they do during the whole 30 I will likely eliminate them during the initial 30 days. Good luck to everyone!!