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    Whole 30 Gout!

    "root cause is almost always too much fructose, rather than too much protein."......This is a little simplistic. I am a big fan of the whole thirty and my most recent whole thirty was probably the fourth or fifth that I have done. However!!!! I do think the moderators may be a bit quick to blame anything but the whole thirty......I am Religious about not overdoing fruit on the whole thirty and barely even eat a potato...but I had my first ever gout attack exactly 4 days after my last whole thirty. It was horrible, as bad or worse than anyone describes. Doc did the blood test and found high uric acid levels and then said something significant...."I noticed you had a high uric acid level two years ago" I did not have a gout attack at the point....BUT the blood test he referenced coincided with my first round of back to back whole thirties....It might be useful to do some actual research regarding uric acid levels and whole thirty participants. No matter how passionate we all are about this way of eating......perhaps the number of times that gout comes up when you search the forums for the word is something that needs to be questioned. I can cut back on meat and shellfish, but I am already paired to the bone on fructose, have NEVER been a much of a drinker - don't like beer, don't drink fruit juice, never eat more than 1-2 smallish servings of fruit per day. I am in a bit of a fret over what I can actually eat as I went on the whole thirty to solve issues I have with grain and dairy. If I have to cut out all the high purine foods (and the pain was enough to reinforce that notion rather stridently) it really doesn't leave me much that is okay.