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  1. lilangel4824

    Starting September 9th looking for support

    @bethie I am the same way, especially if I eat an earlier dinner. Last night I jumped into bed around 8:30/9 and I immedietly got that craving for a snack. I went to the fridge, took 3 sips of apple cider, and my craving was gone! Not snacking at night is huge for me!
  2. lilangel4824

    Starting September 9th looking for support

    *carrot_flowers Does your local grocery store have a "health food" section. Like the gluten free/vegan isles? That is where I found my compliant beef and chicken broth!
  3. lilangel4824

    I failed :(

    Thank you everyone for the kind words. It is much appreciated!!!
  4. lilangel4824

    I failed :(

    Hubby and I were doing SO good. We were on week 3 and weekends were our hardest battle. We did perfect until we recieved tickets for a hockey game. We gave in to crappy food and hubby had a beer. We both felt like lead weights were dropped into our stomachs after we ate. That night we decided to continue to eat the way that we were, so I made paleo coco chili. Well, I didn't feel so hot yesterday ALL day I ended up eating chicken noodle soup, which was also not approved I'm not horrible dissapointed as we accomplished alot in three weeks. Hubby is no longer addicted to pop. He has been drinking sparkling water and loves it. He also has learned to drink his coffee black. Hubs lost 13 lbs and I lost 10 lbs so we are both happy about that. We are going to continue the whole30 rules for the next 2 weeks until we leave for Disney, and then we are both going to go for another whole30 when we come back!
  5. lilangel4824

    coconut flour?

    Michaela, I am going to second what you said. I made the meatloaf last night with the coconut flour, and I am not sure if I just didn't mix it well enough, or if it's just naturally grainly, but the meatloaf was disgusting!!! I could feel the texture of the flour and it was horrible. Couldn't even get my seven year old to eat it. Ugh. I'm going to browse some local health foor stores to see if they carry almond flour since I can't seem to find it!
  6. lilangel4824

    coconut flour?

    Thank you susan!
  7. lilangel4824

    coconut flour?

    I ran to the grocery store to get almond flour for my meatloaf (couldn't find it) and ended up with coconut flour. What's the scoop on this stuff as I only ever see ppl mention using almond flour
  8. lilangel4824

    I'm cheating, but it's working!!

    I don't feel as if the scale would determine my progress anyways. Hubby and I commited to his for 30 days, and regardless of what the scale says, I will stick with this for 30 days, even of the numbers shot up tomorrow. Yes, I have weight to lose, but I wanted to do this more for my hubby's health than my own. I'm a healthy person who's trying to shed some pregnancy pounds.
  9. So, I am told the whole point of this program is to change your relationship with food. I can honestly admit that I started this program in an effort to lose weight, because I don't have a problem with food. I may eat too much pasta, but I am not a junk food eater. Today is day 15. I am just now halfway through it. My husband and I have stuck to it 100%, but we have cheated by hopping on the scale. I wasn't going to, but when hubby did it first and notices 7 lbs gone, I figured I'd give it a go and I also lost 7 lbs (after week one). In our minds, that gave us that extra push we needed to make it through tough times. He weighed in again this saturday and was down another 4 lbs and I was done another 2 lbs. We were so over-the-moon excited, that it is just fueling our motivation to go on. Hubby has already suggested eating like this mon-fri after the whole30, then having a nice treat on the weekends. The only other change I have noticed besides weight is a little more energy througout the day, and I am chalking that up to eating breakfast every morning since I never used to. My sleep is still a bit broken up, but that's to be expected with an infant!
  10. Hi there and welcome to the forum! Good luck on your goal! I am on day 10 and have always hated to cook (I am a baker!). I have learned that with the help of this forum, and some other paleo websites, I can throw together an awesome meal!
  11. I didn't even think that it probably tasted gross because it was cooked. I LOVE guac and will have to try it on top of the burger lol. Ya live, Ya learn! Thanks for the tip!
  12. lilangel4824

    It Starts With Food...

    Hard copy=more money! lmao
  13. lilangel4824

    Anyone else starting 1/22/13?

    The timeline is good, but it is different for everyone. I had a headache on day 2 and 3 because I gave up coffee. I was never in the "kill all things stage" although yesterday I was quite the b*tch, but I also started my period. I am on day 10 and do have a slight headache today and I am a bit tired.
  14. lilangel4824


    I have not had any cravings since I started this program 10 days ago, and I have only had one food related dream (pizza and wings) that left me feeling horrible when I woke up! But I just started my perios yesterday and boy could I use a piece of freaking chocolate. I am not a big candy eater by any means, but period time has ALWAYS been associated with chocolate for me!! Here's to hoping I make it through just fine!!!
  15. lilangel4824

    TMI-Did your bathroom habits change?

    Glad to know that I wasn't alone. It only lasted two days and I have been regular since. My hubby on the other hand has always had more losse BM's, and said that for the first time in YEARS with this program, they are more solid. Gross I know, but it's proof that the foods he was eating wern't agreeing with him. Hubby used to always get a pain in his stomach after he ate. He had his gall bladder removed a few years ago, but the pain remained. He said he has not had the pain ONCE since he started this program. I am so proud that he is seeing such great results, since his health his a bit worse than mine, so he has more to gain from this type of eating!