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  1. kkdtbandit

    My First Whole30 - from up North

    Hi Casey, Thought I'd chime in as a fellow northerner! I'm from the Cariboo region of BC, near Williams Lake, about 7 hours north of Vancouver. Today is my day one. I am generally a pretty healthy eater, but like you I love chai tea (usually with soy milk)...I make at home every morning...I love bread and will really miss my evening glass of vino! Hope you are doing well in your journey!
  2. kkdtbandit

    First Whole30 starting Nov 30

    Have been reading a lot about this program and am currently reading The Whole30. I am pretty healthy and generally follow a good diet but I know I could cut back on wine and I know that dairy does not agree with me. I have terrible insomnia and am hoping that calming my gut may also calm my sleep patterns. I also have a terrible track record of starting all kinds of challenges and then bailing shortly after when things get hard...hoping this is not the the case this time. I know pre-Christmas is likely not an ideal time to start but I am currently between jobs so have no excuse not to food prep and have a vacation planned for the first week of February so want to have time to complete and reintegrate foods before we go. I'm 56 and want to stay healthy to enjoy and keep up with my grandbabes! Looking forward to the journey.