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  1. Krista Billows Rodriguez

    Need help with snacking

    steam sauted greens and then reheating with some coconut oil and other veg before adding in eggs is one of my favorite breakfasts. otherwise I'll toss in whatever veggies I have left from the previous night's dinner.
  2. Krista Billows Rodriguez

    Need help with snacking

    The bigger the breakfast the better the day! For me, if I don't include a lot of veggies, kale and brusells sprouts are my go tos, then I will feel snackish all day. The word that jumped out at me in your post though was "craving" for your after dinner snack. That one sounds like it's habitual and not nutritional. Try a cup of tea in its place or a hot bath, or honestly just go to bed earlier! I was an early to bed girl during my W30, not only because I felt like I needed the extra sleep but because I wouldn't have to deal with the late night cravings.
  3. Krista Billows Rodriguez

    food dreams

    I didn't think they'd hit me either but I've had two, one where I was mindlessly eating almond butter and chocolate coated gluten free pretzel (yes seriously that specific!) while stuck in rush hour traffic, late for an appointment with a car full of stress dream. Then dreamed that the hubby put a plate of cookies and a can of cheap beer in front of me and I scarfed them down. Both times in my dream I freaked out about starting over...then I woke up. Ahhh the sleeping brain, such a wild ride!
  4. Krista Billows Rodriguez

    The crazy things people say

    "are you pregnant?" all because I was sipping water instead of wine at the party.....uh no
  5. Krista Billows Rodriguez

    You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...

    The house smells amazing on Sunday afternoon but no one gets to eat it because it's going into the freezer for later in the week.