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    Don't be discouraged!!  You have done so much for your body in the last two weeks!!  I bet you will start to feel the extra energy any day now even with that wee bit of cheese in your salad dressing.  Just keep on going and if at day 30 you feel you can tack on 2 more weeks for an "official" Whole30, go for it.  If not, your body will still thank you for treating it so well.  Doing two Whole30s last year + reintroductions retrained how I eat everyday and gave me the "food freedom" to eat well most of the time and once in a while fully enjoy my splurges.  The point of this is not to be "perfect" but to establish a healthier set of eating habits to last a lifetime. 
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    I think salted cured black olives are a good substitute for cheese.
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    I had my 5k this weekend and I was a minute off my best pace which sucks, but I attribute that to lack of training with the weather/early darkness we've been having.  I have to exercise outside, the boredom of a treadmill is just too much for me.  I can do a bike inside but that's about it.  My legs just didn't seem to have the energy needed to keep up my pace.  Otherwise doing great, having great sleep, did have a food dream (about Vienna Fingers of all things - I don't even like Vienna Fingers).  3 meals a day has been perfect this time (previously was not able to get away from snacking).  Hoping I can get more (and faster) workouts in before my next 5k in Feb. I definitely have had pizza cravings of late.  Fortunately that's the only thing.  
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    I haven't had any food dreams lately but on Day 2 I accidentally used dijon mustard with white wine in it and started to lick the spoon I used when I realized it wasn't the compliant mustard I had bought.  I ended up spitting out the non-compliant mustard (I felt sort of silly doing it) and cleaned out the jar I was using to make salad dressing.  The first time around, I realized that I lick a lot of spoons & taste  food frequently when I am cooking.  As long as it is compliant it is fine but I have to be mindful when I am cooking non-compliant food for my kids and husband.  My husband actually decided to stop eating meat & poultry two months ago!!  We have similar veggie heavy diets but I am just buying him healthy frozen vegetarian main dishes so I don't feel like I am a short order cook.  
    Day 13 is done!  Congratulations to all of you for getting through the toughest days!!  Tiger Blood is here or right around the corner...
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    Made it thru another weekend, s couple 4 and 6 mile runs with additional miles to get 10 each day towards run the year.  Saturday felt pretty dead, but today was better.  Crossing my fingers I am making the turn to pos energy since I have a half marathon next sunday!
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    My name is Chivon. I am 37, married to the most amazing man EVER. I don’t have babies yet and that includes fur ones too I’m a barista at one of the illustrious Starbucks (can you tell I’m kind of dramatic LOL) in my hometown of Detroit, MI which I wanna run away from annnnnd I’m starting the Whole30 next month. I’m excited about this journey and even more excited to not be alone in this. I love accountability, so this is going to be awesome.
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    Hi everyone! I started Whole 30 on Jan 1 but am just now getting to the forum.  I see many of you are doing well.  Yay us!  I was a severe sugar addict mainly in the form of soda.  I drank close to 2 liters a day!  I’ve had so many negative health effects. Hypertension, hyperthyroid which is now after surgery hypothyroid, depression, and an allergy which is unidentifiable but causes me to have to take Zyrtec everyday for the past 3 years! I’m sure this program will at least help with many of my health related issues.  I’m already feeling better even though I still want bread, pasta, chips, etc.  The soda was so bad for me I think I’ve mentally banned it so I’m not really craving that as much.  I didn’t have too many withdrawal symptoms.  I occasionally feel like crying/yelling and a weird one; I experience muscle fatigue all the time.  I’m not tired like wanting to sleep tired, but when I’m walking long distances or hit a long flight of stairs, I’m wiped.  Anyone else experiencing muscle fatigue like I am? 
    Anyway, glad to be here and I’m so proud of all of us!
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    Im Annie! Super excited to be starting my W30 journey! I wish I could start sooner, however, I have relatives visiting from abroad that want to experience British food. Cannot wait to start my whole 30 detox!  
    Any words of advice or encouragement would be greatly appreciated!  
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    Day 12 is down!
    As I was getting dinner finished up this evening, a family member walked in from an afternoon meeting where food was served... and laid a huge catering tray on the counter. It was filled with a ton of stuff I can't eat... and since it wasn't eaten at all for dinner (that part was nice, since I'd cooked and we all enjoyed what I made!), all that non-compliant nonsense is now in my fridge, ugh. My solution was to tell them that's tomorrow's lunch for everyone except me (I get leftovers from today) -- IF they eat enough to make room for new food to fit in there, then I'll cook what I'd planned for tomorrow, we'll just have it for dinner instead.
    I've been busy today, doing a lot of stuff that needed to get done (and have yet more that'll bleed over into tomorrow), and feeling rather accomplished despite the lack of actual "finishing" today. Feeling very tired, too, but not exhausted... just ready to rest. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, because at this point each day has been getting a little bit better than the last for me.
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    Hi everyone. I resisted a plate of bakery goodies and unhealthy choices for meals served at an all day event today. I took my own lunch and snacks. Definitely a non-scale victory. I am past cravings and sugar has NO power over me. Feel relieved and proud. Thank you Whole 30!!!
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    Day 11 is done!  I have eaten roasted chicken for the last couple of days but that garlic paste I made is so darn good I am not bored yet.   I have also had a UTI the last couple of days which has made the mornings annoying.  I opted not to take antibiotics and instead have eaten probiotics (fermented sauerkraut & fermented coconut) and unsweetened cranberries.  I have also been drinking hot water with a splash of unsweetened cranberry juice throughout the day.  The oddest but also weirdly delicious lunch I had was roasted chicken, hot cranberries, & cold sauerkraut drizzled with olive oil.   The combo of probiotics & cranberries has been working!  Hopefully I will be back to normal by the end of the weekend.  Good luck to everyone!!
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    GraceMelodie got a reaction from Astar in The hardest part is saying goodbye to cheese - help!   
    I think salted cured black olives are a good substitute for cheese.
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    I made an amazing crab cake recipe last weekend if you would like to take a look and use or adapt it! I used a recipe called " Whole30 Crab Cakes with Lemon Garlic Aioli" by I was incredibly surprised how tasty they were and my boyfriend commented that he didn't think they tasted "healthy" as he comments when something from Whole30 tastes good- which he is incredibly surprised and has now joined in eating the whole30 dinners I have made because he thinks they taste good! I did find it was very difficult to keep the patties together, so the next time around I would play around with the amounts of cassava flour and perhaps add an egg to help keep the pieces together? I'm a beginner cook so maybe some others would have better suggestions.
    Anyways Day 11, here we go! We got this!!! Sometimes on my hardest days, I try and hold on to my "WHY" for doing this. It's all worth it, in my opinion. Have a wonderful day all!
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    Wow, today is day 11! We've passed the 1/3 mark, that's awesome! Historically yesterday and today are supposed to be the "Hardest Days" but I'm not really feeling that yet. My hardest days tend to be in the third week when I get so sick of eggs and sweet potatoes I want to scream. Luckily I use Real Plans and they do a great job of mixing up recipes for a lot of variety. In this past week alone I made a whole roasted chicken with veggies, a steak stir fry with peppers and sweet potato, kahlua pulled pork with red cabbage and mustard sauce, and faux-bolognese over spaghetti squash made with compliant bacon and the leftover pulled pork mixed in. YUM.
    I also start to struggle with lack of appetite right around this time - not nausea or anything, just a total disinterest in eating. Especially in the morning for Meal 1. It is an effort to force down my food but I know if I don't I'll be starving in a couple of hours, so I usually just power through it. It typically gets better toward the end of the 30 days when the Tiger Blood kicks in.
    Hope everyone is having a good week! 
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    GraceMelodie reacted to jenrunsaustin in Runner starting Jan 2nd - looking for support group   
    I am still hanging in there following the program to the letter, but getting really tired of it.  I have plenty of food, like the taste, but it just is not fun (like mid point of a marathon).  I have been social, but miss eating and drinking (my beer if that a week or mocha latte) while out with friends.  
    I know that this point if hard as it is a lot "why am I doing this" actually the word I use in my mind, I really don't want to type here...  I definitely do not feel better in the areas I was hoping would this elimination would help, but I guess that is really typical as well.
    Still do not have a lot of energy in my legs for my runs
    I know I'm sounding whinny here, but over all attitude isn't that bad.
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    Done very little running these last few days but did 2 5 mile strenuous hikes.  On the second one I did a bit of running but just didn't have the "legs" I think partly because of my body adapting to the food and partly due to my 5 miler the day before combined with a trip to 6 Flags with my kids after.  Walking around an amusement park after a 5 mile hike definitely gets those legs burned out.  I also didn't fuel before the second one because I was in a rush to get out the door!
    Food is definitely going easily.  Did a ton of meal prep last night.  A Kale/Sundried Tomato/Artichoke/Canadian Bacon Fritatta, Chicken Tikka Masala, 2 Pans of Roasted beets and a Pureed Butternut Squash recipe.  
    Have to get a few runs in this week as I have a 5k Saturday!
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    Food is still going ok, get to go to a work function tonight and watch everyone else it and drink, I think it will be fine, just a bit boring and cutting into my running time!
    Body is definitely tired, but I am changing a lot and asking it to stay very active so not surprised.  I think doing the running/hike/walk challenge at the same time is actually helping as it give me another thing to obsess about besides food.
    @GraceMelodie glad you found out you are still a runner
    @Katrina2428 welcome, first days are very hard, you got this
    @pags98 six flags definitely hard work!  Probably nothing you could eat there
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    GraceMelodie reacted to Jihanna in Who's starting 1/1?   
    Happy to wrap up day 7 with everyone, and looking forward to day 8! This week's busy, with kids going back to school, various appointments that somehow all crammed into this one 5-day period, and also having to plan (and shop) for next week's meals. Today's been a very tired day for me, not exhaustion just sleepiness. I'm horrible about drinking enough water, so I've been trying to make sure that I've constantly got ice to suck on instead, that way I get my water and I convince myself it's okay to not be grabbing a peppermint every time my mouth gets dry. I didn't even want to eat any of the pizza my husband and 14yo brought home today, it honestly didn't even smell good (and pizza has been one of my trigger foods in the past), so I'm obviously making some headway on that front... maybe I'm finally starting to realize that the smell of melty cheese is not a good thing for me   I also made the decision to go buy some dairy-free treats for my 9yo (there's a class party tomorrow and I have to provide her treat so she doesn't get the one the parent brings in), rather than making something here at the house - I'm sure I wouldn't have been tempted to eat any of whatever I would've made, but it would feel really strange to bake something for her while I'm on this program for me. She's still got something killer to take in with her, at least, so I did my job. With that, goodnight a bit later than I should even still be awake, and I hope everyone rests well!
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    Day 7 has gone well so far.  It was my first day back to work so I made sure to eat a full breakfast (eggs, coffee, fruit & veggies) and pack a good lunch (ground beef, sweet potato, & a carrot).  I didn't eat the catered breakfast and lunch that we always have on the first day back after winter break but I enjoyed not having to stand in line with 100 other employees waiting to get food.  I am looking forward to dinner tonight: roasted chicken, onions & butternut squash.  Yum!!  I had a lot of energy today and am feeling much better than I did over the weekend.  On Day 5 I had tummy trouble and slept 10 hours.  Cheers to finishing up our first week!!
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    Great idea!  Combining errands with walking is an great way to get the miles in.  I am thinking about walking to work and running back home this week.  I work 3.5 miles from home and it is completely flat so it would be doable.
    I am only 3 miles under my goal mileage for this week.  I was a little sore after running 3 miles and walking 4.5 miles yesterday but I discovered I am still a runner.  Yesterday I had some tummy trouble and slept 10 hours last night but I feel much better today.  I hope you all have a good Day 7!
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    GraceMelodie reacted to NZ Robin in Who's starting 1/1?   
    Kelly Voss you are marrying the right mother in law!  What a treat to have someone else cook a compliant meal for you. The woman is a saint. 
    Starting day 8 here in New Zealand. So far so good. Mornings are headachey. I suspect that is due to a bit of dehydration over night. I’m not sleeping particularly well, but that has been normal for me over the last 20 years (I’ll turn 60 in March). The cause is also normal, hot flushes. Their duration is, however not normal. Usually they pass after about half an hour. These are quite persistent. I’m also getting them during the day (not the norm).   Hope this is a side affect of sugar withdrawal. 
    On the very up side I have a very happy (though blissfully non-compliant) husband. He loves the food, but most of all he loves my doing all of the cooking. Last night he had a mint chocolate after dinner. Later I had my first food dream. I’d accidentally eaten a mint chocolate (how does one “accidentally “ eat chocolate?). I distinctly remember the taste. My only thought was “ Welcome to Day 1: round two”. 
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    Day 7, woop woop! One whole week of Whole30 is just about in the bag. This past weekend was great. My fiancé's mother was super sweet and invited us over for a Whole30 dinner she made last night! I was dying, it was so wonderful - she went out of her way to make sure everything was 100% compliant, down to the ghee and the seasoning on the grilled salmon. There were roasted carrots with dill, a mango salsa, vinegar coleslaw... I was in heaven. So so good, and I think we all felt great about eating a healthy AND delicious meal together.
    Also found a Whole Foods near us (we just moved to the area last year) and left with compliant turkey bacon and Primal Kitchen mayo. So I was one happy camper. Plus the Tessamae's ketchup I ordered arrived and I spent a blissful lunch eating actual ketchup on my leftover turkey burger. Side effects-wise, I haven't really had any weird Whole30 related dreams but my other half did! He literally dreamed I was stuffing my face with cupcakes and blaming him for not stopping me. Bahaha. Clearly I may be imparting some mild anxieties to him about this without realizing it. He has been eating everything I make and really he's only on his own for lunches, so it's entirely possible that he's getting some of the benefits of this way of eating even though he's not doing it 100%. Weird dreams and all. Personally, I hope he benefits from this just as much as me because we both have physical and mental health goals we want to achieve this year.
    Sounds like we're all going strong, let's make week 2 awesome! 
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    Yes, the same thing happened to me but to a lesser extent two nights ago when I went out to dinner with three of my longtime friends.  One of my friends thoughtfully ordered olives so I could have some but I wasn't hungry since I had already eaten dinner at home.  Then she said I was going to lose too much weight and be too skinny if I kept following Whole30.  I assured her my main goal was not to lose weight but rather to have more energy.  I also assured her that I was eating well and I could eat potatoes and squash everyday.  That calmed her down.  Another one of my friends was recently doing Keto so she was the most supportive but she still kept offering me a bite of everything she ordered.  My other friend commented in disbelief at the end of the meal that I had not eaten anything in the 3 hours we were there and apologized to me at the end of the meal.  I assured her I was fine and I loved the ambience of the restaurant and spending time with them.  I have known this group of friends for thirty years (we met in junior high school) so I know part of it is that my eating choices makes them feel self-conscious about their eating choices.  Human beings are super social creatures and we are highly influenced by the people around us.  We have more fun when everyone at the table is indulging or in our case we are more motivated when we have a group that is completing Whole30 with us.  I think your reactions to your friends were spot on.  We can only reassure our friends and family we feel fine and offer information about Whole30 only if they really want to hear it.
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    I had a food dream two nights ago that I was at a fancy restaurant and taking forever to order.  I didn't actually order or eat anything in my dream but I kept rereading the ingredient list for bone broth on the menu.  
    In real life, I went to two restaurants yesterday but didn't eat any restaurant food in either.  I went to the first restaurant for lunch with my two kids and a friend and her kid and just ordered coffee.  We were in Big Bear so I had a big insulated bag of food from the trip with me.  I ate hard boiled eggs, almonds and raw veggies.  My friend was slightly embarrassed that I was eating my own food in the restaurant but I didn't care.  Then, last night after I ate a good, filling, compliant dinner at home, I went to meet friends at a restaurant at 8:30 pm.  They ordered & had cocktails, pizza, olives, bread, salad, dessert and coffee.  I told them I already ate, was doing a Whole30 this month and just drank water.  We were at the restaurant until 11:30 pm and the only thing I was truly tempted by were the salad and olives.  All in all a successful day 4! 
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    i started Whole 30 as a challenge through my yoga studio...30 yoga sessions in 30 days and complete Whole 30.  We’re havin* weekly support meetingS and yoga sessions.  So far I’m doing well in the program.