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    As of today (Tuesday) I am currently on day 29, but I will continue my W30 through the weekend, because I had a couple days mid-program where I was eating added sugar in some dried fruit that I thought was compliant and realized later wasn't, and also because it will be easier for me to plan my reintroduction over a weekend and start reintroduction next Monday.
    Throughout my program I've been trying hard to listen to my body and tweak/adjust as I go. Early on I was feeling dizzy so I upped my food intake; also I had *horrible* PMS -- I was so moody it was scaring me: paranoia, mood swings, completely irrational thoughts. I usually get a little moody and sensitive/depressed during that time but this was way different. I searched around on the forum and saw some suggestions for women to up their starchy veg in this case, so I started that. I will have to wait until my next period to see if it affects my PMS moods but I will say that as soon as I increased my starchy veg I felt generally better overall.
    However now I am worried I have overdone it. In doing some other reading I am seeing that the recommendation is 1 fist-sized serving of starchy veg at ONE meal. I have been including one at *every* meal, plus my template-sized protein and fat, and the rest non-starchy veggies on my plate. Is this too much? Starchy veg is either potato, plantain, or sweet potato, depending on what my body feels like it wants, but those are my 3 choices for starch. I have been feeling much better generally since adding this back in but I worry it is too far "off-template" since the recommendation is only at one meal.
    Starting to feel the worry of "what happens when I start reintroduction?" at this point in my program (i.e. will I lose all my progress?) and am worried that the starch is also a contributing factor in this. 
    Thoughts/suggestions? Thank you.
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    Muse_of_Fire got a reaction from ladyshanny in Am I doing this right?   
    Great suggestions, thanks. I do take my meds 1st thing upon waking, then spend the 30 minutes getting dressed, etc. then I am out the door. 
    I feel silly for not thinking to change the "shape" of my breakfast so I can eat it earlier in the car. Sundays I usually meal prep breakfasts for the week in containers, to eat at my desk during my prep period (some 4 hours after I've woken up), same thing for lunches. Breakfast is usually some kind of meat and veggie hash but I just realized thanks to your suggestions I could change the "shape" of the hash into a wrap -- putting all the meat and veggies into a cabbage leaf instead of mixing the shredded cabbage in. 
    I usually buy a big thing of grass-fed hamburger patties for the freezer. If I prep those and pre-make a bunch of sweet potato buns during my Sunday prep, I can easily do a breakfast sandwich each morning.
    I was so stuck on the idea of hashes I couldn't think outside the box. >.<