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  1. @SchrodingersCatim glad to hear your dad is on the mend and home again.  I’m sorry to hear the vertigo is back and other upsets are back.  It’s almost like the body has figured out immediate protest will yield the best results.  It’s never fun when the body mutinies against you.  
    that’s a lot of walking for a lot of miles... hats off to you.  Maybe it wouldn’t sound as daunting to me if my current walking state wasn’t the duck waddle.  Lol

  2. @LadyMmy other main love language is physical touch, and yes yours are certainly hard with a long distant relationship.   You are a brave and wonderful person to stick it through as your “dude” takes care of his mom.  
    I hope you are feeling better and on the mend.  Hopefully you’ve been able to use some time to devise a packing plan.  I’m super excited for you to get into your very own house!  

  3. Day 13 10/17  saturday play... and feeling oh so prego

    7:30 up with the toddler.  Get laundry going and food going.

    9:30 2 deviled eggs (4 halves), dill pickles, cucumbers and carrots

    So pregnancy cravings kicked in for breakfast. And let me just say it was wonderful.  It’s a good thing I packed up the extra eggs I made for later or I would have eaten them all.  

    Life hack: to avoid eating a dozen eggs in one sitting when having made deviled eggs, only make half a dozen, that way you only eat six eggs.  Ha ha ha.    

    My mom came out and we went to JC Penny as soon as it opened and did some shopping for her and my dad.  We got great deals.  She got about $800 worth of clothes for $80 We had a good time.  It’s been forever since we have had girl time.  We always have the munchkins a foot.  We also grabbed lunch at one of my favorite mom and pops that also does a good job catering to my weird diet needs when on a whole 30.  

    1:00 M2 - sirloin steak, salad with tomatoes and cucumbers olive oil and some fresh squeezed  lemon juice 

    After lunch we picked up the boys and headed to a pumpkin patch farm.  The line to get in was forever long, but once on the farm it wasn’t too crowded.  The toddler had an absolute blast.  He got to see the animals and play in a corn pit, then there was the tire mountain, and tire swings.  They even had an old yacht they turned into a playground.  The best was letting him walk through the pumpkin patch to pick out his pumpkin.  He walked the entire patch probably close to 2 acres tapping his finger on his cheek saying “hmmmm let’s see.”  When he finally found “his” pumpkin he carried over to the stroller proud as a peacock.  After that every person that passed us he would pat his pumpkin and tell the people “Jedi’s Pumpkin”. He was so very proud of his pumpkin.   Let’s hope he doesn’t want to sleep with it.  

    Phew when we got home my body was done.  I was tired and my feet were tired.  We did sooooo much walking.  The farm was huge!  The corn maze was one of the biggest I’ve been too.  So needless to say my hubby told me to go soak when. Epsom salt bath did my body good.  I’m almost too tired to be hungry.  But if I do get hungry I’ve got some Left overs I can eat.  

  4. Congrats on your whole 30 and learning more about you and your reactions and relationship with certain foods during your reintro.  It’s weird how sugar seems to amplify the issues.  It does that to me with dairy and makes my digestive track really sick, and with gluten it causes unbelievable almost uncontrollable cravings and impulses to eat more and more.  That is definitely  a combo I have to be very careful about even when deemed worth it.  Maybe you don’t need to put a number of days on your reset, maybe just take the time to really evaluate your NSV and how you feel until you are back to feeling your best self and have those salamanders and dragons back in check.  Best of luck!

  5. 10/16 - Day 12

    7:30 up with baby.  Despite only 4.5 hours of sleep I actually have more energy than I did the past two days combine.  Also I’m starving.  Hurray the appetite is back.  (TMI warning I had a huge release last night, so that may be something to do it.)

    8:30 M1 scrambled eggs with basil cooked in ghee.  Sweet potato apple medley on top of a bed of spinach. 

    It took me forever to eat my food this morning, part of that was a needy toddler.  Trying to get things done, but this belly is so darn heavy.  I need to find my belly belt.  

    10:30 -S1 clementine

    My 11DS with all the food allergies helped me make him some banana bread.  Anytime I make baked goods for him it’s like an expensive science experiment with the potential of things to go very wrong.  Today, everything went right and he has some beautiful chocolate chip banana bread to enjoy over the next few days.  I did good in practicing my mindfulness and not licking my fingers or testing the batter, also another challenge to hoping it comes out right.  I typically taste the batter to ensure flavor is balanced.  Baked goods will taste the way the batter taste.  I’m really glad his bread turned out well.  It smells amazing.  I had to eat a quick something in the middle of baking because I started feeling weird, shaky and in “need” of sugar.  It could be withdrawals, but feels like real hunger.  The clementine helped and I was able to get through the baking and getting my food made.

    1:15 M2 - shrimp stir fry with broccoli, carrots, zucchini, and snow peas. On top of cauliflower rice topped with extra Asian sauce for added fat.  

    I have been craving stir fry my whole pregnancy.  But Covid, and now Whole 30 lol.  So I whipped up an Asian marinade sauce I had made last time I was on a round and used some of it to marinade the shrimp and the rest I boiled down and then added a little arrowroot powder to get it to slightly sticky consistency.  Once the veggies and shrimp were done cooking I poured some of the sauce into the pan and tossed it about.  Then I poured some onto my cauliflower rice (which made it actually palatable) before topping with the stir fry.  This was good, really good.  I’m glad I made enough for left overs.  I was beginning to very agitated and that weird feeling I get when really hungry.  Food fixed it.  I’ll keep on eye on this, I may need to add another meal in to keep energy levels up.  Which I read is not uncommon for prego women especially as capacity to fit in all the food decreases.  

    The sauce is olive oil, sesame oil, coconut aminos, garlic, sesame seeds, ginger, onion powder, and salt.  

    4:00 S2- banana

    Headed out the door I grabbed some ghee and bbq sauce and a banana.  I went ahead and ate the banana and I anticipate this jaunt out of the house may turn into impromptu date night.     Our JC penny had everything marked down to 90%.  So I bought some clothes.  Some tops that will fit me now and some other clothes for later.  I saw a couple adorable jumpers but then realized I needed to consider the fact that once I fit in them I would be exclusively nursing… so back on the shelf they went.  I bought a few things, but I’d didn’t  go crazy because I honestly don’t know what size I’ll be.  My hubby went and picked out some evening gowns, and oh the strange looks he was getting.  We decided we would pick out a few and flip them.  He’s always the one who knows how to double his buck and honestly I think he may have hit a gold mine.  All in all we spent about $300 all together on about $3,000 worth of stuff.  So now I get to work on listing dresses this weekend and hopefully it will allow some girls in need to get an amazing dress at an amazing price and in turn help out our family too.  I always tell my hubby I never worry if we will go hungry because he’s got a knack for knowing how to make a little extra when the going gets tough.  He’s also one of the most giving persons I know.  Last store that had a major closing sale he bought about $900 worth of men’s dress and business clothing for $35 and donated to a ministry closet that our church supports.  They had mentioned they were in desperate need of men’s clothing especially items that would be appropriate for interviews.  While I was shopping through racks of clothes he was making phone calls to locals who had thrift shops, consignment, even clothes closets to see if they needed any of the hardware or hangers.  So we also ended up with two big racks and a box of hangers we will deliver to folks tomorrow.  We had fun and enjoyed a nice little dinner at a mom and pops that had just opened.  Upon careful questioning and visit from the owner with his list of spices etc I settled on the food and my condiments I brought along just incase made it that much more enjoyable 

    7:30 M3 beef brisket (hold the BBQ sauce) baked potato ghee and new primal BBQ sauce.  

    The food was great.  The staff was great.  The owner was amazing.  This place will definitely be added to our rotation.  That is one nice thing about living in a small town is that we do have quite a large selection of mom and pop restaurants and they seem to care so much more than chain stores.  What we don’t have in variety we make up for in quality.  

    I think I shall finish off my day with a little couch time with hobby then a hot soak in an Epsom salt bath.

    NSV - my rings are free spinning on my hand.  When I took a selfie to reference the height of a rack my face didn’t look like a giant puffer fish.  So little victories all along the way add up to the big victories. 

    Water 119oz… my thirst seems to be ever increasing.  

  6. 45 minutes ago, LadyM said:

    I'm so impressed with the way you're taking care of yourself and everyone around you. Mindfully. In alignment with that intention of yours.:wub:

    Ah thank you for the encouragement.  One of my highest love languages is words of affirmation and though it may seem silly to some words of encouragement go a long way with me.  Honestly the past few days I felt like I was in survival mode and leaning heavily on my older boys to help out.  I have to beat off the feelings of guilt I place on myself for not being able to do it all.  Honestly though I think the having it all together expectation has taken a very unhealthy turn in our culture.  When I think back to stories of my grandparents and the reading of journals of others beyond those years when life was more family and community focused verses individual focused, moms who had it all together meant they had well trained children that assisted with family responsibilities cooking, cleaning, caring for the young, caring for the farm (family business) etc.  with that in mind if I don’t allow my older children to bear with me some of the responsibilities of the household how will they then learn to be responsible adults.  Responsible children are not robbed of a child hood, rather their child hood is more fulfilling and engaging, and will most likely produce a responsible adult.  Well sorry for the ramble, but that honestly help me unpack and toss out some of the mom guilt I was carrying.  

  7. This last half of the month is going to be busy and exciting!  I’m glad you are on the mend.  Don’t push yourself too hard give time for rest.  
    I do hope “Dude” and his momma come out from the visit unscathed.  Please don’t beat yourself up.  You’ve made him aware of the circumstances, you’ve done what you can do and his response to all this is his own.  
    tossing out the “fat jeans” what an accomplishment and a show of confidence that you won’t need them in January!  Seriously it feels good to let those old things go.  

  8. I used the NSV inventory list I did at the end of my whole 30 to also gauge my symptoms if any during reintro.  I journaled everything which was tedious, moods, sniffle, a sneeze, cravings, energy. I didn’t assume anything as coincidence for the next few days. I then paid attention after reintro if I was having two or more of the off plan foods together.  I found that sugar and gluten together was dangerous for my mood, cravings, and energy, also upsets my digestive tract.  Sugar and dairy together absolutely wrecked havoc on my intestines.  Journal everything and pay attention to everything.  You may even try reintro the one item over 2 days and then eat on plan for 3-5 days.  I have son with severe allergies and intolerances and I have learned from trying to identify his issues years ago that some foods may not present issues until 3 days after introduced to the system.  I hope you are having a positive experience with reintro.

  9. Yes! I experienced this paralyzing fear in my first whole 30.  Reading Melissa’s book Food Freedom Forever along with listening to her podcast helped me so much with this mindset. I’m re-reading it through this round because it’s just that good.  A big take away I had from reading it was that this isn’t a one and done thing, it’s a cycle, a process.  Part of the plan is the slide or “fall of the wagon” that cycles you back around to another reset whether that be 30 days or just enough until you are set right and feel better with previous NSV restored.  Falling off isn’t bad, it teaches you something about yourself snd your relationship with food.  Needing another reset is not bad because it deepens your understanding and strengthens your positive relationship with food.  Doing another reintroduction helps your resolve and is a good reminder of what does and doesn’t work for your body.  Every time you cycle back around to a reset think of it as leveling up.  Eventually you times of “sliding” away will become shorter and the times between resets will lengthen.  
    if you haven’t read it, definitely read Food Freedom Forever it will definitely help with the all or nothing fear mentality.

  10. @Csm03i have no advice, just wanted to say when I was dealing with nausea due to pregnancy and trying to hold onto my whole 30 I did end up doing smoothies with coconut milk frozen fruit and loads of leafy greens.  My family ended up with some extreme circumstances so I didn’t see the W30 through during my first trimester.  But while I was trying, the smoothies definitely helped.  As did mugs of bone broth.

  11. I guess that depends on what you mean by worse.  I personally think as long as you are using a healthy approved fat than enjoy them the way you like them best.  If you feel it is too much oil you can play around with amounts to how much oil you really need for the results you want.  That may also benefit the purse strings if you find you are happy With the results of less oil, because those good healthy oils can get expensive.  Best of luck with your recipe.  

  12. @TennisGeri First let me say I’m not an expert by any stretch of the imagination I’m just a gal who has been there.  The fact that an Epsom salt bath helped is a good indication that you are loosing electrolytes through a lot of sweat.  Somethings that helped me was drinking bone broth before going to my work out.  Also plenty of water like an additional three cups or more depending on the heat and duration.  I also took a nightly Epsom salt bath and added a magnesium supplement.  Coconut water with lemon juice lime juice and a date all blended together with Himalayan pink salt or sea salt (in a pinch) was my go to “sports drink” but that was coupled with lots of water.  Also keeping a banana, celery, or other quick snacks on hand for immediately after made a huge difference for me.  Here is a link of some good info on electrolytes and what they are and the role they play.  You could also google diy sports drinks without sugar to find some recipes.  

    ha ha I also had a splash zone.


  13. 10/15 Day 11 1/3 of the way there, not that I’m counting or anything

    7:15 up with the toddler.  Got his breakfast going and put a load of laundry in.  I fell asleep at the table making a grocery list waiting on baby to eat. My kids sent me back to bed.

    8:30-10:00 sleep

    10:30 M1 - 2 eggs with basil cooked in ghee.  LO sweet potato apple medley.  

    Dishes are done, the microwave is clean, laundry is started and I need a nap.  But alas my 14DS needs my assistance with annotating President Theodore Roosevelt’s speech “The man with a mud-rake” my brain is not functioning at a high level today. But we muddled our way through it. 

    1:30-3:00 nap while the toddler napped

    3:30 S1 - deli roast beef, red bell pepper, spicy mustard. And strawberries with almond butter.  

    I have no appetite but feeling like I should put food in my belly.  Nothing sounded appealing but strawberries and almond butter.  The roast beef was a quick protein source and I had some red peppers sliced up so I grabbed those too.  Now to get a grocery list together.

    6:00 M2- hamburger salad with mayo and ketchup

    Stayed up way too late hanging out with hubby.  

    Water 119oz

  14. Congratulations!!!! It is such a huge accomplishment to accomplish a whole 30.  Before stepping on the scale or measuring, I would encourage you to take an inventory of all your other NSVs from skin to digestive, to energy to mental clarity.  Try to consider every thing as it really is eye opening.  You can probably find a list of questions that may help you do this.  It was really eye opening to me, and really put things in perspective.

  15. Day 10 “I Keel You”

    7:45 up have to get the day going.  Ugh!  I’m so glad my in person client agreed to internet meeting today.  My hubby told me last night that he thought I should stay home because he was worried about me falling asleep driving.  He also said my body is telling me to rest and I need to listen.  He is so wise and takes such good care of me.  I find I like having someone like him to “submit” to.  He is also a great escape goat for things.  Lol. So I made the arrangements to stay home today.  I’m very glad I did because I’m still dragging and made need a mid morning nap.

    9:45 M1- 2 eggs scrambled in coconut oil, apple sweet potato medley with raisins almonds and cinnamon on top of a bed of spinach.  

    I was slow moving this morning, but I did get a new batch of ghee made, the baby fed, dishwasher unloaded, plastic storage containers organized and 11DS helped to clean and organize sections of the pantry all while we were prepping breakfast.    The apple sweet potato medley is actually the filling for an apple sweet potato breakfast bake by 40 Aprons.  I’ve made the breakfast bake before and it was good, but I felt like the filling would be really tasty on it own.  Oh my! Was it ever!  I think I will make this for a Thanksgiving side.  

    I’m feeling like Jeff Dunham dummy Achmed. “I keel you!!!”  I may keel everybody before this day is done.  I had to warn my kids I’m really irritated and annoyed by everything. it’s not them it’s me but I may still kill them so they need to help out by not being obnoxious, loud, or foolish.  My 11DS said “so we should just go live outside today.”  Lol at least he’s realistic.  I realize this is just part of the process so I am working hard to keep myself in check.  

    3:30 M2- pulled pork and baked potato with ghee, new primal BBQ and home made W30 ranch.

    I was soooooo hungry by the time our customers left that the idea of making stir fry was tossed and grabbed something that just had to be heated up.   I did whip up a batch of ranch while my food was heating because I decided that ranch with bbq sauce on my potato sounded delightful and indeed it was.  I got a lot of work done, hubby got a lot of product moved, it was a profitable morning even if it was long.  

    I had to take 18DS to town for work, so I decided to go get a few needed items from Walmart and do some walking.  Phew I forgot my belly belt and the round ligament pain is for real. Lol it’s not unbearable but it is uncomfortable.  This is the last week in the 2nd trimester.  Even though January feels so far away, I’m starting realize it’s a lot closer than it appears. I had a bit of panicky moment this evening when I put on my jeans and buttoned them…um come to think of it my face looks a little thinner. So I started scanning the internet on info of pregnancy weight loss safe/non-safe (agh all the conflicting views on things). I finally just said to myself stop!  You don’t even know if you have lost weight.  Let’s take inventory were you eating 2-3 square meals before starting up this whole 30? No, not even close.  Maybe one meal and snacks that were made up of heavily processed non-foods.  Were you eating healthy fats at every meal every day? No.  Were you getting all your servings of vegetables in? Not even close.  Were you consuming 8-10 glasses of water every day? Uh nope.  Was your diet free of sugars and other non nutrient calories? Nope, nada.  It was laden with it.  Okay so what’s the problem? Why are you panicking? Even if you find the scales have slid to the left with the next prenatal appointment wouldn’t you agree that eating this way is better for you and baby?  Yes! So put down the panic.  Do not worry about whether or not weight has dropped, evaluate the overall affect and know that you are doing what is very best for you and baby!  Even if the scale has dipped, it is not an excuse to go back to eating junk that does not serve you or your baby.  Do not let your mind go there.  So I’ve stopped. I read some really great articles on whole 30 momma, regained my confidence that I’m doing what is best for me and baby.  I’m not  starving myself.  I’m eating full meals again.  My appetite has returned. My gut issues are diminishing.  I have more energy than I did a few weeks ago.  I’m properly hydrating. I’m not packing my body full of non-nutrient edibles.  

    8:30 got home after picking 18DS and soaked in an Epsom salt bath. 

    NSV: I managed not “keel” anybody today!

    Water: 102oz

  16. 10/13 Day 9  I have the tireds. So, very tired.


    9:15 up with toddler… today is not going as planned. I am so so so very tired.  Everything is achy and I could sleep a thousand years… honestly it is most likely detoxing and I just need to be gentle with myself.  I canceled my AM stuff.  

    9:30 M1- three scrambled eggs cooked in ghee with chili powder and oregano.  LO sautéed veggies and home fries.  Ketchup. 

    Despite the fatigue I got a decent breakfast in my system and the dishes from breakfast done.  

    NSV: I’m keeping the dishes done after every meal.  This is huge for me, like really really huge.  

    I have to teach my class at 1:00 so getting everything ready to go.  If I can make it through that then maybe I can come home and sleep.  The dinner plans for tonight is something the boys can prep and they are excited to make dinner tonight.  

    12:45 M2 - Lo beef stroganoff with spaghetti squash and broccoli

    Eating on the run.  I took my food with me and ate it on the way to class. I survived class. The kids were awesome and I am TIRED

    Put the toddler down for a nap when I got home and sat and relaxed until hubby was ready to go to town to get gas.  

    Hubby and I had a quick impromptu date.  We got gas and then walked around the little mall and grabbed some dinner at a little local mom and pops that we love.

    6:30 M3 5oz sirloin steak, baked potatoes olive oil salt and pepper.  

    Olive oil on the potato was meh, if I had known we were going to catch dinner out I would have grabbed some ghee.  Other than that the food was good and the company was great. 

    When we got home Hubby sent me to my room to soak, he said the boys and him would see to the toddler… by the sounds of it the toddler may be winning.  I’m sure if they get over their heads they will get me.  Lol.  I’m not sure but they may have a WWE match happening just outside my door.  

    Water 102oz (yes!!! Goal met) 

  17. Day 8 cont...


    8:00 - my body was hurting so after everyone was fed I applied some oils and laid down, and passed out.  Hubby and boys put the toddler for bed for me.  I just wasn’t hungry so I didn’t eat dinner.  I got up around 12 when hubby came to bed and showered. We laid in bed and talked about the day and cuddled. 

    Water 85oz

  18. 6 hours ago, LadyM said:

    Part of my journaling this morning was reiterating to myself that I am in command of my own life. I make the choices. I'm not always in control of everything, certainly; however, I get to decide, by and large. I'm not at anyone's mercy, certainly not when it comes to what I put in my mouth. It was liberating to realize on another level and write down.

    This!  Such a relief when I realized it’s not my job to make people feel comfortable by eating food I don’t want.  I have to circle around back to this often and remind myself, but wow the amount of pressure this takes off of me when making decisions about food!