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  1. Day 14 cont 4:45 M2: LO Asian sesame chicken breast, mashed potatoes and grilled pineapple. Oops pineapple two meals in a row. Oh well better than eating apple pie. Lol. So I have just not been hungry. The food has been delicious and but I feel full still and I forced myself to eat as I realized how late it was getting. It may be stress, I have a million things in my to do list running through my head that I just haven’t had the thought capacity to consider me. I do this and my body goes in survival mode knowing that it can make demands but they most likely won’t be met so why bot
  2. It’s Day 14, two weeks compliant and that is saying something! 7:55 rise and shine. Lots and lots to do today. Got everyone up and started food prep. 1st up sweet potato mini quiche. I scored some sausage at Sprouts that is compliant, and it’s got a kick. I hope I can handle the heat! The mini quiche turned out lovely! 9:30 M1: 1.5 eggs and about 6oz sausage and 1/3c pineapple. I had about 1.5 eggs left over and 1/3 of the sausage so I tossed the two in a hot pan and made me a sausage scramble. Oh I wis
  3. Day 13 cont Honestly I just was not hungry this evening. I did get my menu and shopping list for this week figured out. Dinner for the boys and then dishes. After all that it was back out to pick up milk for hubby and also for baby. Then I had to high tail it to the big city to pick up something’s from sprouts for the trip and then meet my hubby on the tail end of his business meeting to drop off hi truck to get new tires and a fe things fixed before our trip. While I was waiting in the parking lot adjacent to McDonald’s which I hate I did decide to have an Rx bar and compliant beef st
  4. 7:00 rise up, oh crap it’s Monday and we are going to be late. I got the boys up. Sat the baby on the potty, and Made my hot lemon chia water while I waited for him to do his business. I was tempted just to slap a diaper and go, but I’m so glad I gave him a potty-tunity. As with any new habit I find that potty training is 80% mommy mental/emotional aptitude and about 20% babies cooperation. Kind of reminds me of this whole 30 experiment. It’s 80% mental/emotional and 20% physical cooperation. 8:00 S1: banana I stopped at a gas station to grab a drink and snack to go with my 13
  5. Today’s been pretty great, but it got even better when the hubby told me not to head home. He was headed to the city to deliver a skate he sold and he thought while we were both in the city we should have a date night and go skate. He sure does know my love language! Luckily my mom is pretty flexible and almost never turns down a chance to have the grandkids. It felt great to be on my skates. NSV: I didn’t search for a big boxy shirt to wear tonight. I grabbed on of my ladies Ts which are typically too figure formed for my comfort. I wore it with confidence and it didn’t look bad.
  6. 7:30 I’m up and ready to conquer the day! I got the lunch going, the few dishes done, dishwasher started, and diapers started. Normally Sunday morning can be a little crazy but today was pretty smooth. We got out the door in time. I love Sundays. I love being with my sacred family. I enjoy my time of fasting, reflecting, and reconnecting. It’s been a good day full of friends and fellowship NSV: I put on a skirt I haven’t worn in a few months mainly because it was a little too tight and uncomfortable to care for baby in especially at church. Well, it’s not too tight any
  7. This is resonated with my soul this morning after my morning quiet time. They say the bravest thing is for an addict to take the first steps to recovery. Food is my drug of choice, and I am neck deep in the struggle of recovery. This journey is so much more than just what I choose to put in my mouth! 80% of the struggle is mental/emotional junk I must overcome, and no one but me can do it for me. It is Day 12 and I am resolute today and in this moment to change my mindset and my desires towards food and health. I am better than I was, but not as well as I could be. The
  8. No I am not far from it. Back when I used to work in the corporate world full time I would arrive to work an hour early just so I would have to deal with the smell of coffee in the break room. I’m a tea girl, but I’m even abstaining from that currently. My sugar dragon is a Siamese twin with caffeine
  9. I rested for an hour in the couch while hubby veged out on his game. It was nice. I thought about ways to survive next week being on the road vending. I have a plan coming together! 7:20 M3: grilled chicken that marinaded in the Asian sesame kabob sauce, Yum! Grilled pineapple, grilled garlic asparagus, and compliant mashed potatoes recipe from defineddish I think. Wow dinner was amazing! The most time consuming part was the potatoes and those weren’t even that long. I kept dishes washed as I went so that made
  10. Hurray for getting breakfast in and making it a good start to a great day. There are many reasons why numbering your days can be a trigger. Honestly those sort of things often felt like a prison and too would cause anxiety because the higher the number the more likely I was going to fail. So I learned to reframe this idea of counting the days. Instead of a count down to the end I think of it as a tally of how far I can go. In this mind frame for me an inevitable fail didn’t seem so bad I just had to make it past my highest score so far. When I’m not worried about failure and more focused
  11. Why Hello there Day 11, don’t you look promising. 7:00 up with baby. I’m still tired but determined to make this day productive so here we go. 8:30 M1: 3 eggs w/ rosemary thyme salt and pepper and cooked in coconut oil. 1/2 a grapefruit and 1tbs coconut oil. I just wasn’t hungry this morning. I forced food because I didn’t want to end up feeling sluggish, but really I feel like I could have gone without. The grapefruit was amazing but just not hungry enough to eat the whole thing. My dirty little secret when I am need of a fat to add to meal and nothing sounds good I just e
  12. Success at Sprouts!!! For being such a little store, they had a lot of stuff. I found raw goat cheese for my boy with allergies. He was so excited! I found compliant kielbasa that was pork free so all of us can eat it! Cajun sausage potatoes and green beans is back on the menu. Compliant bacon and compliant deli meat! I even grabbed a couple RX bars to try. I’m Thinking they will come in handy next weekend 5:00 stopped to meat hubby 35 minutes from home to eat and change baby, but the place was way to crowded so hubby decided we should go ahead and drive back to our little town to
  13. 6:10 Up and at em. Another busy work day ahead. Phew I can do this! 7:30 M1: scrambled eggs with garlic powder basil and oregano cooked in coconut oil. Wilted spinach, roma tomato, 1/4 avocado. Tossed it all in a plastic container and had to eat on the road. Mornings are my nemesis, but I determined to see this through. So take that mornings! It feels good to be taking care of me. Also not spending $20-30 at restaurants on days we have to be on the road is a NSV I did not anticipate! Trying not to get anxious about next week. I have to travel with my hubby to help with b
  14. 7:00 hit the ground running. Today was our homeschool tutorial day. I love this day, even so it is a very demanding day. I got lunch packed up and snacks for the boys, books diapers, teaching supplies and even remembered to grab my breakfast. 8:00 M1 eating in the truck LO pineapple pork with Primal Golden BBQ sauce (this stuff is da bomb) apple and almond butter I tutor the younger kids ages 5 to 8 and phew do I get a workout. I keep my class up on their feet and moving while we learn. I think my favorite movement today was blasting off like rockets as we listed the names of so
  15. @heb2014 ah this southern girl feels all that southern love and hospitality! Thank you for taking the time to read it. I so appreciate the support I have found here at the forums, it’s comforting to know that I am not alone in this journey to my metamorphosis.
  16. @Amy_Michigan thank you for your kind words. I’m glad my story has inspired you. Sometimes i take for granted how significant an impact certain events have had in my life both positive and negative. This food experiment has been an amazing opportunity for me to unpack a lot of what has taken place in my life and how food has played a large role in it. Even now I press on toward the mark!
  17. 6:15 rise up and hit the ground running. Welcome back to the bump and grind. Wednesday’s are hard physically and mentally for me. I drive 1 hr and 20 min to the big city to meet with clients all day. It’s a good day just demanding. The boys get to spend their day with grandparents so they look forward to Wednesday’s and are always helpful to get everything done and out the door. I got up 30 min later than planned, darn snooze button. I panicked because I wasn’t going to have time to fix breakfast. As I was packing up lunches I asked myself what advice would you give to someone in my po
  18. I am working like a madwoman today. It’s my busy day. I had only 15 minutes between meetings to eat! Thank goodness for my little workhorse Hot Logic Mini it has my food hot and ready perfectly cooked when I was ready to eat. Put food in plug and go. It heats it up keeps it warm doesn’t overcook or burn. I’ve been using 3-4 times a week for 6 years. I use it for everything from left overs to cooking a meal with fresh or frozen ingredients. It can hold enough food to feed me and my three boys when we are all needing a to go lunch together. All the claims of what it is capable of that t
  19. Yes! Journaling reveals so much. I know personally it has really helped me be aware of my food, my tendencies, my mindset even.
  20. I have this little workhorse that i have been using at least 3-4 times a week for 6 years to prepare lunches when I’m away from home for meetings, classes, conferences, etc. it’s called the Hot Logic Mini. You put in your left overs and plug it in and it heats it to the perfect temp and keeps it there until you are ready to eat, plus it doesn’t overcook or burn your food. It also does a great job cooking fresh or frozen ingredients into a meal as well. I’ve tossed frozen chicken breast or salmon with frozen veggies and a dressing and had a delicious meal to sit down to at lunch time. No f
  21. Day 7 - The Struggle in the Duldrums 8:00 awake and baby awake. I’m just not feeling with it. Baby is cutting a molar and he is just not feeling it either. I think part of it is my stomach. I think I may be blocked up. I am not hungry, the thought of food makes me want to run and hide. So I am drinking some lemon water while I try to get my bearings on today. 11:00 S1: Granny Smith Apple and Almond butter. I am still not hungry but I figured I should put something in my body before I get to point critical and eat all the things. This was tasty, but I kind of forced it
  22. Ah thank you. I was looking back at my pics and since you said that I’ve noticed they have made into a lot of my pics lately... maybe that should become a thing because they are pretty cute.
  23. Yes I just use my phone. I work on my computer and the last thing I want to be doing in my “free” time is sitting at a computer.