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  1. @Brewer5 in the words of Dorry the fish “just keep swimming swimming swimming”. The question of the day? How can I make my next bite of food compliant. Don’t worry about the future just get your arms around the moment you are currently in.
  2. Welcome aboard the whole 30 quarantine train
  3. YES! YES! YES! I am cheering so loudly for you right now. This is huge! Like a really big stinking deal big. Being able to apply the brakes and say I did this but it doesn’t warrant me throwing out the baby with the dishwater is hard, super hard, and you were able to do just that. I am so sorry the calls did not go well. I remember when my Nana (dad’s mom) got to the point where she couldn’t live on her own any longer her care all fell on my mom. Well my mom picked it up and took such good care of her. Her daughters were grateful but wouldn’t/couldn’t provide care for her the way
  4. This! I journal all throughout my day. And then post my “captains log” at the end of the day or the next. I tried journaling at the end of the day but I forget the little things that are important and honestly by nightfall I’m too tired to journal. Post 100 times a day! I’ll read em all!
  5. I was so excited to see all your likes in my notifications. I was like oh my whole 30 pal made time to read up on my log! I journal because it helps me process and keeps me on track and honest. But I’m glad it has been a source of encouragement to others too.
  6. Yes! sometimes more than two. I also get the war terms. It IS a battle and a war that rages on inside of us and on the outside too. I feel like the Roman Empire at times having made great conquest but then struggling to keep the ground I’ve gained against the marauders and barbarians within me. The Barbarians broke the line in March but I called in the seasoned battle troops and they arrived April 1st and are cleaning up the mess, but it definitely proven to be a difficult job this go round.
  7. It will come, one day it will click and you will be off and running again. Focus on the positive things you are doing for you. We can do this. We can be better. We can have control.
  8. @Brewer5 girl you weren’t the only one. After my birthday life threw some pretty hard fast balls my way and I’m pretty sure I struck out so hard. Good news is I have another at bat and I’m ready. The world came to a crashing halt, I lost my grandmother just a few hours after arriving at her home for a visit (22 hour drive). Not being able to have a proper funeral, watching some of her children descend upon her remaining affects like vultures before her body was even laid to rest. The events that provide the majority of our household income for the year canceling as far out as May and ma
  9. Goodness, combatting nicotine withdrawals are no joke. Geesh woman you’ve got a lot going on. Be kind be gentle and keep on trucking along. I’m proud of you for not throwing in the towel and the fact that you keep coming back to work on those layers.
  10. @Brewer5 the feelings of others are a strong hold for me. My whole 30 also showed me this. Ha my husband at one point after I politely declined one of his stark biscuits with cheese (YUM!) took me in his arms and said why are you doing this to yourself? Is it something I’ve done or said because if it is I’m sorry and I love you just the way you are. I finally came to the realization that most of the people in my life want me to be happy and as long as I’m happy with my decisions they will be happy too. As for the others, and there are some, that are more concerned about me eating their fo
  11. @Brewer5 Happy Birthday!!! it’s a great day to be a day 1! It’s weird how time works for us and then all of the sudden some where along the way it works against us. I’ll be 40 on the 16th and I was telling my dad I just don’t think I’m as old as he was when he turned 40. Any whos Have a happy anniversary of your born on date doing only the things that truly make you happy!
  12. Oh no that’s ridiculous about the refinance. Oops who would have guessed. Saving eat out money is a great NSV. We have definitely eaten out so much less, like from once or twice a day to once a week.
  13. @Brewer5 ha I’m so glad you got a good laugh out of the song. Sometimes we just need to laugh a little so we don’t kill anyone. How’s the floor coming along?
  14. @Brewer5 a great song by Macy Gray comes to mind “Teenagers” if it ain’t your hormones it’s theirs. Hang in there and don’t kill them off just yet they may still prove to be useful.
  15. I love love love your new hair! So sassy yet a little classy too!
  16. Oh how I struggle with gray areas! My nature sees black and white and I struggle making room for grey. I’m learning in food freedom there is s lot of gray, and that has terrified me. I am learning to navigate the gray and finding a world of other colors in the process. I have hung many labels on myself that many people have handed me through the tears. I am removing these labels and taking a good hard look at them to see if these are labels I should even be carrying in the first place. Good thoughts to chew on
  17. This has me applauding and cheering screaming “YES THIS!!!!!!” I want to save the world, but the best thing I can do for my world is to save me first! This food experiment is about so much more than just the 30 days! I almost feel sad for those who miss that, but what they choose to get out of it is what they get.
  18. @Brewer5 I think it was great that you were able to sneak away with your husband and spend some time together. It sounds like the short time off plan served you and furthered your journey towards being able to live in a place of food freedom where delicious Whole Foods reign supreme with some tantalizing treats thrown in for pure enjoyment from time to time.
  19. Wow talk about timing! If you were looking for a direct answer, it doesn’t get more direct than that. We change as we grow and age. It sounds like at one time healthcare/nursing was your thing, but as you have evolved that passion has moved else where and that is okay. Very few people stay within their original profession their whole life. It certainly is not a waste if you are learning and growing as person to develop yourself outside of your original profession. I’m proud you for exploring what excites you! Have a beautiful weekend filled with enjoyment and laughter!
  20. @Brewer5 I cheering so loud for you!!! This is awesome! You made a choice, and then continued on your happy whole 30 way. This sounds like so food freedom to me. Mexican! I struggle with Mexican, that and pizza are typically the foods that I’m like hook me up with a Sundrop or a Mountain Dew. They just seem to go so well together. So I have not ventured out into that part of my food feeedom yet, but someday I will.
  21. @Brewer5 I’m laughing so hard right now envisioning you researching Rick Flair. Woooooo. I’m so glad I could positively influence your cultural circle just a bit. Again I’m laughing so hard I have tears!!! Keep on keeping on. You are figuring out you and what your best life should look like. I love how you are making deliberate worth it choices and then choosing to come back to home base to keep from going of the rail and down the ravine of food choices. You are inspirational!
  22. What you don’t visit my log? Ha ha just kidding. There is so much wisdom in knowing where you are and what you need and then giving yourself space for just that rather then trying to cater to everyone. I’m a pleaser and learning to set boundaries for my own health and well being and stick to them was hard. I hope you have a lovely day no matter the outside circumstances. Oh and you get a rick flair woooooooo day 8. You go girl!
  23. Yes yes yes! I knew this before my story was turned inside out, and it was anchoring point for me. Knowing the very core things that I would never compromise is what helped me climb out of that pit. One of those was I would homeschool my children, which led me down one of the craziest adventures as a single mom. They told me it couldn’t be done but where there’s a will there’s a way. I also knew my number that I had to be offered in my field to work outside of the home. I’m glad I did because I had a lot of tempting offers, but knowing my number and my reasonings behind that number made
  24. @Brewer5 so much truth and fuel for thought in your post! Thank you! I would add just because your story doesn’t turn out exactly the way you had planned or envisioned doesn’t mean it’s the wrong story or a bad story. I know my life story so many people “messed” it up. I had to learn I couldn’t control what others did to me but I could control how I responded to that. I’ve made it through some pitch black dark days. The kind of dark ness that sucks the very oxygen from your lungs. I struggled and clawed my way out of a pit I was left in for 10 years. Just this past year I feel like the
  25. @Brewer5 I am turning 40 next month and I agree with you, it has been the freaking hard things that have molded me into the person I am. The hard things have made me appreciate the nicer things. I can’t control the ups and downs that life throw my way but I can control my attitude and learning to live above it all. To no longer see myself as a victim but as more than a survivor. I am a Thriver! I am learning to as you put it “live each day to its fullest” such great thoughts and wisdom.