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  1. Momma got fancy in the kitchen 7:15 M3 - Herb crusted venison steaks, Garlic rosemary “fries”, and cinnamon grilled pears Recipes (so I can remember them later because I kind of made these up as I went). Herb crusted venison: Venison steaks, Rubbed with brown spicy mustard, And then a blend of rosemary thyme garlic parsley and enough grape seed oil to make a rub Cook 2 min each side on the grill Grilled cinnamon pears- Halve the pears and scoop out core, Using basting brush apply grape seed oil , Sprinkle with cinnamon Grill 2 min each side with steaks
  2. 2:15 M2: Lunch out with the hubby as we were running errands. He wanted to try a little tiny burger shack in our little tiny town. I asked about the burgers and prep and determined I could have a plain burger with lettuce and tomatoes no bun. Everyone in there looked at me like I had three heads, and I was okay with it. The burger was amazing! Even without all my usual trimmings. Plus I very much enjoyed our little lunch date. When I arrived home I decided it’s time to try my hand at making mayo. 1st go round was a soupy mess. So I looked up some YouTube videos and decided to giv
  3. Ann I feel ya with the scale. I had put it away, but I guess my hubby took it out last night because there it was in the middle of the floor calling my name this morning .... I stepped around it, I stepped over it, and I eventually picked it up and put it away so I wouldn’t step on it. Lol. That number obsession is real y’all!
  4. Day 2 it felt good to cross off Day 1 this morning! 8:00 rise not so much shine! Got the baby up pottied dressed and fed. Once I had him settled into his playtime it was time for my workout 9:00 45 min total - 15 min restorative yoga for my shoulder 30 min post natal over all body workout. My 1st Time being able to complete with minor modifications. I was nasty when I was done... so shower time 10:45 M1: 3 eggs fried in coconut oil, 1/2 pomegranate, and 1/2 a cucumber. I’ve already sucked down two tumblers of water. Thanks to the workout. Its a rainy da
  5. 3:30 M2 chicken, carrots, broccoli with ghee and a clementine 7:30 M3 venison steak with herbed ghee, sweet potato with cinnamon, 1/2 cucumber. I did it! I was strong today, I didn’t cave when French fries were being waved about. I made food. I took care of me. Day 1 - is in the books.
  6. Ta dah! Welcome to day one. I wasn’t able to do much prep or grocery shopping as I was waiting on delayed payments due to Holidays. It was tempting to push back my date, NO! I’m doing this and I can struggle through a few days before grocery shopping. I did use a gift card from a Christmas party to order some compliant sauces and coconut aminos on amazon. I live in a small town with one major grocery store although they have a lot more foods than I expected there is still a lot of foods they don’t have. 9:00 am I got to sleep in! Yay! We stayed up late watching movies so the ext
  7. Howdy! I’m a mom of 4 boys ranging 17 to 1. I’ve been working towards reclaiming my health this past year and after reading the whole 30 book this whole 30 challenge is definitely the next step for me. I am choosing to do the whole 30 program because of the large amounts of support and recipes I have found. I will be turning 40 in a few months and I cannot think of a better birthday gift to me than restoring my health and repairing my body. i welcome the support as I am an Obliger and have no one else in my immediate circle that is interested in doing this with me. Sundro