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  1. 10/8 Day 4 Reboot 6:10 up with alarm. I’m hungry so I needed to make sure I had enough time to eat and get my 14Ds packed up for his tutorial and out the door for the 1 hr drive to his class. 6:45/7:00 M1 - 2 eggs with basil cooked in ghee and topped in a dab of ketchup. Also on the road I had carrots, pumpkin seeds and a banana. Go me! I got my son’s lunch packed… leftovers for the win again. Sent him off with my last burger and all the fixings for it. I made 2 eggs and scarfed them down, washed the dishes packed up some on the road sides and was out the door by 7:00! I’
  2. 10/7 W30 R2.3 Day 3 Reboot 6:45 up after hitting snooze twice. Got everyone up and going. I had a slight moment of panic… breakfast. That’s why I was suppose to get up earlier. I knew what I was doing for lunch so I got that packed and in doing that I came up with a plan for breakfast. 7:30 M1 - roast beef lettuce roll ups, apple with almond butter. Breakfast wasn’t an ideal template but it was compliant food and I was hungry. It was also portable to eat on the road. I got everyone and all their stuff out the door as well as my food for breakfast and lunch
  3. You could totally recreate that dish with Cubes chicken, or maybe even prosciutto. Or leave the protein out and serve it as a side. your morning sounds like mine. I had an 9am apt that is 1 hr 15 min away plus I have to have time to drop the kids off at my moms so Wednesdays are normally crazy! Having left overs ready to grab and go saved the day today.
  4. I’m not sure how I missed this the other day. I am due mid January. We will not know the gender of the baby until the birth. I love surprises and this is one of life’s truly big surprises. It might sound crazy but I did this with my other three births and I never regretted not knowing. Funny story...When the 2 yr old Was born the midwife asked about 15 min after his birth because none of us were paying attention to that detail. He was already nursing and we had to pull back the blanket and towel wrapped around us to peak. My hubby pulled back the blanket and lifted the baby’s
  5. 10/6 W30 R2.3 Day 2 Reboot 3:15am up with the toddler. I figured this would happen with him falling asleep so early last night. I changed his bed gave him some milk and some snuggles and back to bed he went. While I was up I rebooted the laundry and started another load. Also had some water 7:00 rise shine the little man was ready to tackle the day whether I was or not. Prepared my food. Also made a batch of ketchup and mayo. I’m thinking burgers on the grill for lunch 8:00 M1- 3 scrambled eggs chili powder, oregano cooked in ghee. 1/2 cucumber sliced, a peach. Okay
  6. Funny story this morning as I was preparing to make some mayo… it never fails, NEVER, my mayo always breaks. It is really disheartening but I’ve always been able to salvage it. I was think there must be something that I’m doing wrong on the chemistry side of things. So I decided to do an impromptu school lesson. I got the 11 DS and my 14 DS to meet me in the kitchen. We researched the chemistry of emulsification and what happens with the molecules. In layman terms we discovered the non oil ingredients suspends the oil fat molecules in air and they can hold a lot but as soon as you reach
  7. 10/5 w30 R2.3 Day 1 reboot 7:30 up with toddler. Sat down and made a list of meal ideas and a grocery list. While my little one ate his breakfast. I was super thirsty when I woke up so I’ve been sucking down the water this AM I made some more ghee while making breakfast because the ghee from the store I still had is just gross. Not sure why I kept it other than emergency reasons. 9:00 M1 - 2 eggs scrambled with chili pepper and oregano in coconut oil. 1/2 cucumber slices. Banana almond butter “sandwich” I’m feeling
  8. I nearly squealed like teenage girl when I found this thread. Your food always sound so amazing, and I’m encouraged to know that you also use a recipe from time to time!
  9. I very much relate to this. I think I journaled a lot about this struggle my first whole 30. When around family choices around food go soooooo much deeper than simply choosing what you really want. There are a lot of emotional and psychological hang ups involved and go so much deeper than just breaking a bad habit. I’m learning to be understanding with myself but also looking for ways I can change the status quo even just a little. For instance at Thanksgiving this year I plan to say No to two things I’d normally have but don’t love (jellied cranberry sauce and Waldorf salad) and im going
  10. 10/4 Sunday I decided to restart tomorrow. I totally forgot about needing to prepare to have lunch at my parents and it’s almost guaranteed that mom wouldn’t have anything compliant. It also causes a lot of strain on the relationship if I’m eating healthy and she’s not at the moment. Although she is getting better about supporting me and eating better herself. lunch was Chinese (nothing remotely w30 on the table). NSV: I didn’t gorge myself. I went into this knowing that W30 starts tomorrow. I purposefully choose which foods sounded most delightful took a small helping of those s
  11. @LadyMthe hip thing is a thing. I see a whole health chiropractor on the regular for it. He’s given me some stretches to do that help when this happens and I can’t get to him. It’s a hereditary thing, my moms mom dealt with it, my mom deals with it, I deal with it even my son deals with it (found out when he was 4 when I started seeing my chiropractor). With the added weight and pressure of the ever filling uterus it definitely exaggerates it and puts a lot of pressure on the nerves when it does slip out. It’s been much better the past two days but I feel it trying to give again so I’ll b
  12. 10/3 W30 R2.3 Day 3 5:00 up to tinkle… had a brief thought that I should get up and work. Um No! Back to bed 7:45 Up with the toddler and get my day going. 8:30 M1 - 2 eggs scrambled in ghee with chili powder and oregano and strawberries (because they needed to be eaten) Drinking water… drinking water I felt better when I got up this morning. My body and specifically my baby belly wasn’t so achy. I have a baby shower for a friend to go to today in the big city so I’ll stop and get some compliant bacon, sausage and deli meats while I’m out that way. Also plan on pic
  13. @SchrodingersCat”because it feels so empty without me”. I enjoyed catching up on your journey I’m so with you trying to find balance it seems when I’m good I’m very good, and when I’m bad I’m horrid! I hope your birthday was memorable. I also pray your dad heals quickly. It is beyond hard when our loved ones are hurting and there is nothing we can do because of things beyond our control. keep fighting the good fight, your health and well-being is definitely worth it!
  14. 10/2 W30 R2.3 Day 2 6:00 am up with toddler. So tired no energy but that has been the norm right now. Fed the little hobbit. Drinking water just not feeling good at the moment. 8:30-9:30 nap 10:00 M1 2 scrambled eggs, sautéed frozen veggie mix with zucchini, yellow squash, carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower. Cooked in ghee and dressed up with some coconut aminos and Italian herbs. Washed my dishes immediately because I know how I am about dishes. If they are clean I will cook, if not I will avoid the kitchen like the plague. I said no to Hardee’s biscuits this mornin
  15. I have really enjoyed reading your log this evening. I appreciate your mindset and musings.
  16. Sounds like you are rocking your whole 30! Congrats on all the terrific NSV. Egg cups are so versatile and easy! I love tossing left over meats and veggies in them and making them like mini quiche/frittatas. Keeps the flavors new and interesting.
  17. @decker_bear I fought off the “eh close enough” urges by getting on Instagram and looking through recipes and printing some out to try. By the time I was done i had enough fun new recipes to try for about two weeks. Then I was sad because I only had a few days left on my whole 30 and my son asked couldn’t you still make those recipes even if your whole 30 is done. Out of the mouth of babes, am I right. I then decided to plan out my Re-intro. Planning the Re-intro made the last few days speed by. Do not stop, just press on. You can succeed, failure is not an option and therefore no need
  18. Yesterday was okay, nothing great but it felt good to be in control and purposeful. Exercise- does chasing the two year old count lol. I try to get out at least once a week to roller skate, I had been playing baseball with son but the season just ended so maybe we will replace that with some walking at the park and I feel like some regular prenatal mini workouts could help some so I’m gathering some of those together. My plan is to eat whole 30 compliant as close to the template as my capacity and hormones will allow. I need to put some meal ideas together and get my booty to the grocery s
  19. @Jennifer Jenseni cant even imagine how hard that must have been trying to function at any level with Hashimoto's. I have a couple friends who deal with that, and the struggle is real. The majority of our homeschool journey I was a single momma with just the two boys. Working, taking care of the house, schooling, while trying to find a balance for me to not go completely insane I discovered a philosophy that helped in so many areas. We use the EZ+1 philosophy we do things until they are easy and then we add another. We use this on a broad and narrow scale and has enabled us to build to a
  20. We have used it in the car with a converter
  21. @Jennifer Jensen goodness, isn’t it just like life to test our resolve. Way to stick to your guns and get through it all. Hopefully tomorrow you will be just as successful without all the “road bumps”. Blessings to you
  22. Day 1 - Oct 1st Have you ever woke up and said “I need a whole 30”. That was me today. So I decided No time like the present and jumped in with both feet. I was not prepared for this! But I will get there. I have missed this forum. The past few months feel more like years. It’s been a struggle but we are making our way to the surface. My husband broke his arm in May in the middle of my whole 30 and I just couldn’t for whatever reason hold on, and I crashed and burned in the area of taking care of me while I took care of everyone and everything else. It’s been a roller coa
  23. Congratulations on hitting your 30 day goal! That is an awesome accomplishment!