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  1. Yes! This! Numbering days for the days the path was good mentally physically and emotionally. What foods do you feel need more restriction beyond the guidelines of whole 30 to help you achieve the good path? Are the foods outside of the whole 30 that you might consider also to be part of that path for you? I think being able to ask ourselves these questions and answer them honestly and freely is part of that foundation for the food freedom forever where we can live inside a set of regulations that provides us freedom and our best life. I also think the answers may change and we should re-e
  2. @Brewer5 welcome back to the dark side where there are no cookies. Bwahahahaha. Seriously though welcome back to reclaiming control. I have a question for you to chew on. Now that you have completed 30+ consecutive compliant days (ooh alliteration and I didn’t even try) what does a successful day look like for you. If having a whole 30 compliant day is no longer the goal, so what is? Is it being mindful of every bite, being purposeful in your choices, eating whole clean food (what does that mean to you). These are some thoughts I have personally rolling around in my conscience so maybe w
  3. 2/3 of the way through, that is awesome. Keep up the good work!
  4. @Brewer5 peanuts! It starts and ends with peanuts with some peanuts in between... hmmmm a source of convenience or is it something more okay I’m done horsing around. Revisit your goals set some new ones if need be and give yourself some credit... you didn’t have McDonald’s all day everyday. You didn’t run off with bowl of cookies cackling they’re mine all mine... it could have been so much worse. Give you’re next week some definition what do you want it to really look like? Do you want it to look like a whole 30 with some compliant ingredient treats mixed in, do you want it to look
  5. There ya go again getting fancy in the kitchen... seriously you need to have a blog or better yet a you tube channel!
  6. Thank you for sharing recipe links. I love 40 Aprons I have yet to make anything from her site that hasn’t turned out well. Her ketchup recipe and chick-fil-a sauce have been a game changer for me. I am the queen of condiments and these are sooo good and easy to make.
  7. The stuffed peppers sounded divine and the pictures definitely made me drool. I’m definitely going to need more pictures of your food.
  8. @Brewer5 what the what! Yes you have bones in your pinky toe and if it’s crunchy then it’s broke. I hope you made a splint to protect it. For whatever reasons broken toes are great at finding extra things to hit. I speak from experience. It will hurt like the dickens for a few weeks. its crazy how easily we slip into the comfortable old ways when the brain isn’t tuned in. I’m trying to learn to ask myself questions and not just think I have no other options. What options can I create for myself? During this round instead of thinking I can’t have that I’m asking do I really want it?
  9. @RachelR the recipe for the salad sounds amazing. I would love the link if you get a chance to post it. I love snooping through everyone’s food logs for food ideas. Kudos to you for incorporating a regular exercise routine during your whole 30.
  10. Your meals always sound so divine... you could totally have your own Cooking channel with all this. Lol just something to chew on if you ever get bored.
  11. So on day 30 I am totally posting “Finish Him” in my best Mortal Combat voice... so now you have to make it to day 30!!
  12. You did it!!!! I’m so incredibly proud of you. Sometimes it just feels good to complete something. Do you have plans from here or just take life day by day? Will you do a reintro I’m wrestling with a start date, but I think Saturday should be my day.
  13. Look at you go! I’m so proud of you!!!!
  14. The willingness and even the thought to consider to provide the care in the midst of thoughts of defeat is exactly what makes me say you are full of compassion and an amazing individual. We ALL struggle with doubt, fear, defeat, even darkness. The heroes are those who press through all that to care for others in whatever manner of form that takes on. I was reading and got me thinking about the wilderness. We all have periods of wilderness, the unknown. The unknown is daunting and can be terrifying especially to those who tend to overthink everything and struggle with anxiety. As w
  15. Sounds like you had a great day 1. The chicken meatballs sound delicious!
  16. @Brewer5 in the words of Dorry the fish “just keep swimming swimming swimming”. The question of the day? How can I make my next bite of food compliant. Don’t worry about the future just get your arms around the moment you are currently in.
  17. Welcome aboard the whole 30 quarantine train
  18. YES! YES! YES! I am cheering so loudly for you right now. This is huge! Like a really big stinking deal big. Being able to apply the brakes and say I did this but it doesn’t warrant me throwing out the baby with the dishwater is hard, super hard, and you were able to do just that. I am so sorry the calls did not go well. I remember when my Nana (dad’s mom) got to the point where she couldn’t live on her own any longer her care all fell on my mom. Well my mom picked it up and took such good care of her. Her daughters were grateful but wouldn’t/couldn’t provide care for her the way
  19. This! I journal all throughout my day. And then post my “captains log” at the end of the day or the next. I tried journaling at the end of the day but I forget the little things that are important and honestly by nightfall I’m too tired to journal. Post 100 times a day! I’ll read em all!
  20. I was so excited to see all your likes in my notifications. I was like oh my whole 30 pal made time to read up on my log! I journal because it helps me process and keeps me on track and honest. But I’m glad it has been a source of encouragement to others too.
  21. Yes! sometimes more than two. I also get the war terms. It IS a battle and a war that rages on inside of us and on the outside too. I feel like the Roman Empire at times having made great conquest but then struggling to keep the ground I’ve gained against the marauders and barbarians within me. The Barbarians broke the line in March but I called in the seasoned battle troops and they arrived April 1st and are cleaning up the mess, but it definitely proven to be a difficult job this go round.
  22. It will come, one day it will click and you will be off and running again. Focus on the positive things you are doing for you. We can do this. We can be better. We can have control.
  23. @Brewer5 girl you weren’t the only one. After my birthday life threw some pretty hard fast balls my way and I’m pretty sure I struck out so hard. Good news is I have another at bat and I’m ready. The world came to a crashing halt, I lost my grandmother just a few hours after arriving at her home for a visit (22 hour drive). Not being able to have a proper funeral, watching some of her children descend upon her remaining affects like vultures before her body was even laid to rest. The events that provide the majority of our household income for the year canceling as far out as May and ma
  24. Goodness, combatting nicotine withdrawals are no joke. Geesh woman you’ve got a lot going on. Be kind be gentle and keep on trucking along. I’m proud of you for not throwing in the towel and the fact that you keep coming back to work on those layers.