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  1. There ya go again getting fancy in the kitchen... seriously you need to have a blog or better yet a you tube channel!
  2. @BlueautumnThis is so sad.. how have you made it your whole life eating scrambled eggs and never had a deviled egg. Deviled is the only way I would touch eggs. I eat scrambled eggs now but I really don’t enjoy them, but deviled eggs oh my yum. I make my bacon in the oven I lay it on parchment paper and cook it for 25 minutes at 350. You can go shorter time for softer bacon or longer to get it extra crispy. After I remove the bacon I use parchment paper to pour the bacon grease into a jar. I toss the parchment paper and put the pan away. No fuss no mess and no grease splattered all
  3. I’m excited for you as you prepare for this journey. I learned so much about myself and my relationship with food on my first round. Journaling was instrumental to my success and growth. I look forward to following your journey through your journal.
  4. Day 3 Monday, Monday 6:50 up with baby. Get him going and his breakfast ready. 7:30 M1 - sautéed coleslaw mix, 3 eggs scrambled with chili powder oregano cooked in bacon fat. I do think bacon fat is my new favorite cooking fat. It’s so yummy. Lots to do today. I have to get to the stores today and I hate shopping. Oh well suck it buttercup and get the lead out the day isn’t getting any longer. 12:30 S1 - 1/2 banana 3 pickle spears and a blueberry rx bar Between the errands and getting baby fed and getting trash off to the dump I ended up just grabb
  5. Thank you for sharing recipe links. I love 40 Aprons I have yet to make anything from her site that hasn’t turned out well. Her ketchup recipe and chick-fil-a sauce have been a game changer for me. I am the queen of condiments and these are sooo good and easy to make.
  6. I started May 16th. I am preggers and hoping to get some of my crazy sugar cravings under control. This something I normally don’t struggle with unless I’m pregnant.
  7. @n1b2 I started Saturday the 16th so I’m a few days behind you. How is it going. Are you having cravings? How are you handling those? Have you come across any great recipes that you have tried or planning on trying.
  8. i Love your goals. Have you set a start date yet? It’s amazing how being able to give structure and control to one are of life will help bring other areas into balance.
  9. The stuffed peppers sounded divine and the pictures definitely made me drool. I’m definitely going to need more pictures of your food.
  10. Day 2 R2.2 I eat what I want 7:15 up with baby. Got him to the potty and changed and fed. I was tempted to go back to bed, but I’m going to do some loving movement for my body instead to see if I can’t work out some of these sore muscles. 8:30 M1 - 3 eggs with chili powder oregano cooked in Bacon fat, sautéed coleslaw mix with coconut aminos and sriracha sauce. Mandarin 12:00-2:00 nap. I was feeling so exhausted I couldn’t keep my eyes open. 2:30 S1 3 dill pickles, 1 Granny Smith apple, 1 tbs almond butter In searching for what I might eat for lunch I got dis
  11. @Billo101 oh I’m so sorry to hear about the gout. My husband gets flare ups in his toe and now his elbow. It is completely debilitating. Although he’s never done a whole 30 he does clean up his diet quite a bit to combat the gout when it flares up. We’ve talked to lots of different people who have gout and it seems it is different for everyone. His flare ups come on when there have been a few contributing factors. The first and biggest contributing factor is Dehydration, he’s not a big water drinker but he’s trying to do better. The second factor seems to be not enough variety in foods.
  12. @Brewer5 what the what! Yes you have bones in your pinky toe and if it’s crunchy then it’s broke. I hope you made a splint to protect it. For whatever reasons broken toes are great at finding extra things to hit. I speak from experience. It will hurt like the dickens for a few weeks. its crazy how easily we slip into the comfortable old ways when the brain isn’t tuned in. I’m trying to learn to ask myself questions and not just think I have no other options. What options can I create for myself? During this round instead of thinking I can’t have that I’m asking do I really want it?
  13. @Blueautumn thank you for the kind words and encouragement. Yes purging is hard, and the emotional junk it brings to the surface is even harder. I’m grateful for all that I learned about me during my first whole 30 round in January. I was able to identify and release so much that round. I know I still have a ways to go, but this is a process that grows as we grow and for that I am also grateful. Have a beautiful day!
  14. Day 1 - so much accomplished today, yet so far to go 6:30 up to change laundry and get everyone ready to go. I did some research on some different exercise programs on Beachbody on Demand. Being an obliger I find I enjoy my workout more and I push myself to do my best when I have someone else asking me to give it my all even if that person is a recording. 8:00 M1 - eating on the run 3 eggs scrambled with chilli pepper oregano cooked in compliant bacon fat. LO Cajun potatoes and green beans with clarified butter. Weird combination but palatable and easy. We went
  15. Hey there today is my day 1 round 2.2 I will be your buddy along for this ride. I had to catch myself of relying on convenience rather than a little fore thought today. I’m glad to be back on a round and getting off this slide I’ve been on the past few weeks. As far as the zoom hang out goes if it were me I would ask myself before going into it... what is it that I want. If I want alcohol and cheese then I will have it, but do I really want it? Does it line up with what I’m working towards? Are my current goals worth this momentary sacrifice? Framing the hard choices i
  16. @RachelR the recipe for the salad sounds amazing. I would love the link if you get a chance to post it. I love snooping through everyone’s food logs for food ideas. Kudos to you for incorporating a regular exercise routine during your whole 30.
  17. Your meals always sound so divine... you could totally have your own Cooking channel with all this. Lol just something to chew on if you ever get bored.
  18. Yes completely and totally thrilled, and a little bewildered. Thank you and I am looking forward to learning more about myself and my behavior towards food and emotional triggers this round.
  19. So on day 30 I am totally posting “Finish Him” in my best Mortal Combat voice... so now you have to make it to day 30!!
  20. Congrats on making to the half way point. I had read in FFF that the rounds after the first round are harder because of the yeah I’ve already done this mentality so this won’t be hard. It can be a little trickier to navigate the thoughts and feelings, but you are rocking your whole 30. Something that might assist your roommate when she cooks for the both of you is to mark the condiments and spices that are whole 30 friendly with a W. I did this for myself so I didn’t feel like I had to check every single time. I used a sharpie and just made a big W on the label or cap. It gave me
  21. Sadness, Surprises and Surviving Easter interrupted my round 2, then I jumped back on the wagon but was avoiding my thoughts and feelings so I avoided journaling. I took a pregnancy test about a week after Easter and it was negative. I expected to feel relief rather I felt sadness deep sadness and concern as to what was going on with my body. It felt different things were just weird. I had more compliant days than not for most of the days left in April and May hit and I was so tired and exhausted and HUNGRY for all the things that I turned off my brain and dived into some emotional ea
  22. You did it!!!! I’m so incredibly proud of you. Sometimes it just feels good to complete something. Do you have plans from here or just take life day by day? Will you do a reintro I’m wrestling with a start date, but I think Saturday should be my day.
  23. Look at you go! I’m so proud of you!!!!