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  1. Day 10 - Staying alive, staying alive 7:00 up awake and pondering my day for five minutes before the baby alarm went off. 8:15 M1 - breakfast LO egg cups with asparagus tomato and red bells and sausage. A sausage patty, home fries and handful of black berries. Helped a friend who has lost both her jobs get her taxes done over the phone. I’m so proud of her trying to stay optimistic and do what she can during this time. She’s been applying for unemployment for the past two weeks and still no word. It’s mind boggling just how broken everything is right now 12:45 M2 salad
  2. The willingness and even the thought to consider to provide the care in the midst of thoughts of defeat is exactly what makes me say you are full of compassion and an amazing individual. We ALL struggle with doubt, fear, defeat, even darkness. The heroes are those who press through all that to care for others in whatever manner of form that takes on. I was reading and got me thinking about the wilderness. We all have periods of wilderness, the unknown. The unknown is daunting and can be terrifying especially to those who tend to overthink everything and struggle with anxiety. As w
  3. @Amura wow! That I am sure is a lot news to take in. I’m glad you have answers to the fatigue and other things that you had going on. Also good for you to take initiative on identifying troublesome foods. I’m glad your whole 30 journey has given you the tools and the confidence of being able to tackle your new normal for food. I do hope the meds and diet changes can help you find a new normal.
  4. @Birdie7117 what a delightful note and delectable description of your whole 30 experience. Is your daughter considering starting her own whole 30 journey?
  5. Sounds like you had a great day 1. The chicken meatballs sound delicious!
  6. @Brewer5 in the words of Dorry the fish “just keep swimming swimming swimming”. The question of the day? How can I make my next bite of food compliant. Don’t worry about the future just get your arms around the moment you are currently in.
  7. Yes it is! But I couldn’t see it until I journaled it, and then I was like wow go me. I prayed for you and your MIL during my morning prayers today. Have a blessed day friend!
  8. Day 9 A better day 7:00 up with baby. He decided he wanted to cuddle in bed with daddy so I took advantage of the time and put some paint on the barn. My make up looks pretty god today. Fed baby and prepared to go to the store 7:50 grabbed a banana on my way out the door. Walmart milk run for baby and pick up some gifts for boys to put in the basket for Easter. Seeing as we aren’t doing our big family Easter get together I also picked up some plastic eggs and candy. As well as supplies to make sugar cookies to decorate on Easter. I fed the boys and then made a mess
  9. I found it both alarming and interesting how much “that” number provided only by an angry piece of fabricated material that shoots a number at you because you stepped on it can do to greatly affect our perceived outcome causing us to miss all the other changes and victories, which are the ones that actually matter.
  10. Welcome aboard the whole 30 quarantine train
  11. Day 8 cont Ugh I can’t focus! I’ve just been spinning my wheels. I did get a load of laundry folded and my bathroom trash changed out. I got lunch for the boys done. I should eat… I don’t feel like eating, but I could totally smash a donut in my face… so I should eat. 1:00 M2 - LO Hawaiian Chicken with broccoli and butternut squash noodles. I’m obviously distraught and distracted. My hubby grabbed me and hugged me and then asked what was running through my head. How he reads my mind I don’t know. I told him what was going on in my head. He hugged me and said how
  12. Day 8 Um my body is being “weirder” than usual 7:30 awake to potty back to bed to snuggle until baby gets up. 8:00 up with baby. Time to get the day moving. Reboot laundry. Get baby fed and then me. TMI: last night I felt weird, female parts weird. It wasn’t cramping per say more link a twinge. I was surprised to find I was spotting. It’s almost a week early for that TOM. I don’t dare say what flooded through my head out loud. My body did this with the Baby. It may just be stress, or it could be…. I guess time will tell. Not that these days could possibly get any
  13. 2/3 of the way there! I love that you are starting to think about your reintro plan. Definitely have a plan! And a plan for foods the few days after. I found certain foods made me crave all the foods like a mad person. If I hadn’t had a plan in place I may have never recovered my first round of reintro. Keep up the good work and finish strong.
  14. YES! YES! YES! I am cheering so loudly for you right now. This is huge! Like a really big stinking deal big. Being able to apply the brakes and say I did this but it doesn’t warrant me throwing out the baby with the dishwater is hard, super hard, and you were able to do just that. I am so sorry the calls did not go well. I remember when my Nana (dad’s mom) got to the point where she couldn’t live on her own any longer her care all fell on my mom. Well my mom picked it up and took such good care of her. Her daughters were grateful but wouldn’t/couldn’t provide care for her the way
  15. Day 7 a better day 6:55 I woke up on my own this morning. I went ahead and got my breakfast going before baby gets up. I’m going to get to the store around 8am when they open. 7:15 M1 LO egg cups (w/ sausage asparagus reb bell peppers and tomatoes) LO sausage patty, handful of baby carrots, w30 ranch and w30 ketchup Breakfast was good and I was hungry! Most likely because I didn’t eat dinner last night I was just too upset. The big boys fed themselves and the baby and allowed me some decompress times. When my hubby got home he put on a movie he knew I would enjoy
  16. This! I journal all throughout my day. And then post my “captains log” at the end of the day or the next. I tried journaling at the end of the day but I forget the little things that are important and honestly by nightfall I’m too tired to journal. Post 100 times a day! I’ll read em all!
  17. I was so excited to see all your likes in my notifications. I was like oh my whole 30 pal made time to read up on my log! I journal because it helps me process and keeps me on track and honest. But I’m glad it has been a source of encouragement to others too.
  18. Yes! sometimes more than two. I also get the war terms. It IS a battle and a war that rages on inside of us and on the outside too. I feel like the Roman Empire at times having made great conquest but then struggling to keep the ground I’ve gained against the marauders and barbarians within me. The Barbarians broke the line in March but I called in the seasoned battle troops and they arrived April 1st and are cleaning up the mess, but it definitely proven to be a difficult job this go round.
  19. Day 6 A horrible terrible no good very bad day 6:45 up with baby. Getting my day started. 7:15 M1 Egg cups with sausage asparagus tomatoes and red bell pepper. A little of the new primal BBQ sauce. Took care of some work, got 13DS set for his online class meeting. Folded two loads of laundry and played outside with the boys. 12:30 M2 - LO stroganoff and butternut squash I’m struggling today. Not necessarily with food but with keeping my emotions in check. It’s been unusually hard today which most likely means I need to slow down to deal with things. Pro
  20. @Revelate congrats on starting your whole 30 and your two NSV! Yes day 5 can be rough and I will say the dreams get funky but then die down at least they did for me. I also started a round on April 1st. This is second round for me, my first was January. I learned a lot about me and relationship to food. I find so much of my issues with food is more emotional and mental than it is physical.
  21. Day 5 Slaying Dragons and Demons 5:45 up with baby, change him and bottle him and he asked to go back to bed. So I put him back to bed and did the same for me. 8:30 up with baby. Get everyone fed 9:00 M1 - LO Hawaiian Chicken and cauliflower rice with CB Dishes done. Taking boys to the little playground that no one uses anymore because of the big Park. We spent about an hour at the park climbing and sliding and playing basket ball and frisbee. I may need to put out door wheels on my skate and go skate the basketball court. I NEED to skate! It’s really starting
  22. Congrats on completing your Whole 30 i look forward to following your reintro
  23. It will come, one day it will click and you will be off and running again. Focus on the positive things you are doing for you. We can do this. We can be better. We can have control.
  24. @Emilyluder welcome to the log board. I find having enough fat at a meal is crucial for me staying full, but also making sure the meal follows the template. You may want to add veggies to your first meal. Anything will do salad roasted or steamed veggies. Don’t think of it in terms of breakfast, rather it’s the first meal and and anything compliant is fair game. If I do snack I try to make sure the snack involves some protein and fat. I don’t care much for Avocado but they are good source of fat so I keep those one hand, and deviled eggs with W30 mayo and mustard provide protein and
  25. @lizziehall I am so so so very sorry to hear about graduation being canceled. That is awful. So many big milestone events once in a life Time things have been wrongfully ripped from so many. Doing a whole 30 seemed fitting during this time of unknown. Food at home is something I can control and so I will. This week we have made some favorites from last round and looking forward to trying new recipes. One of those is definitely going to be 40 Aprons bang bang shrimp. i too am glad to see you and some of my other Whole 30 pals back along for this journey. Y’all are like my wolf