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  1. RI Day 10 - compliant 9:45 awake up and taking it slow this morning. 10:15 exercise: 30 min BB Prenatal yoga I considered picking another routine, but I decided I wanted the ease of the familiarity. I looked at my log for the past 10 days and my average heart beat during my work out has gradually dropped from 105 to 90. I feel a lot of improvement in my form, flexibility, and strength. I am very encouraged to already see improvement in these areas. 12:00 M1 - LO sweet and sour chicken with broccoli Ugh sometimes my brain frustrates me. I caught myself down playi
  2. Yes yes yes! I knew this before my story was turned inside out, and it was anchoring point for me. Knowing the very core things that I would never compromise is what helped me climb out of that pit. One of those was I would homeschool my children, which led me down one of the craziest adventures as a single mom. They told me it couldn’t be done but where there’s a will there’s a way. I also knew my number that I had to be offered in my field to work outside of the home. I’m glad I did because I had a lot of tempting offers, but knowing my number and my reasonings behind that number made
  3. @Brewer5 so much truth and fuel for thought in your post! Thank you! I would add just because your story doesn’t turn out exactly the way you had planned or envisioned doesn’t mean it’s the wrong story or a bad story. I know my life story so many people “messed” it up. I had to learn I couldn’t control what others did to me but I could control how I responded to that. I’ve made it through some pitch black dark days. The kind of dark ness that sucks the very oxygen from your lungs. I struggled and clawed my way out of a pit I was left in for 10 years. Just this past year I feel like the
  4. RI Day9 (2/8) - Compliant 10:10 exercise:50 min - 30 min BB Prenatal Yoga; 20 min NHST 1 circuit 3 times 10 reps Shoulder press 5lbs 10 reps Lateral raises 2lbs 10 reps Bent over reverse fly 2 lbs 10 reps Frontal raises 2lbs 10 reps Thrusters 10lbs 10 reps Overhead triceps extensions 5lbs My shoulder is definitely healing and getting stronger. I could not have used weights for most of these movements a month ago. I also noticed during the yoga that the place where shoulder locks up has released some. So that is a huge NSV in my books. Oh and my toes were very pretty t
  5. @Brewer5 I am turning 40 next month and I agree with you, it has been the freaking hard things that have molded me into the person I am. The hard things have made me appreciate the nicer things. I can’t control the ups and downs that life throw my way but I can control my attitude and learning to live above it all. To no longer see myself as a victim but as more than a survivor. I am a Thriver! I am learning to as you put it “live each day to its fullest” such great thoughts and wisdom.
  6. RI Day 8 (2/7) - Dairy 9:00 snow! It snowed and stuck last night, it’s pretty. I hope this doesn’t wreak havoc on our plans. Get baby up going and feed him. start getting boys packed up and read to go to my moms. I’m feeling overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done. I need to focus on one thing at a time to make some traction. Ugh I’m out of eggs and didn’t get to my SIL to pick some up. My hubby is the best he braved Walmart in the midst of the snow panic and brought me home some organic eggs. He also asked what was wrong he said I seemed off. He is rarely wrong so
  7. @Brewer5 yes to the RXbar..., the chocolate cherry one is good! Like keep me from going crazy good during that TOM. I cut mine up into small squares and kept in a plastic bag to grab a bite if and when I needed it. This kept me from feeling like I had to eat the whole thing when I opened it when all I needed was a bite. You are making progress in practicing food freedom and that is awesome. The whole is just a reset the real power is learning to live in a healthy mindset mindful of our choices and the effects they have on our health and be able to make decisions on if a food is wort
  8. @Emma the sauce was amazing! I’m going to make a batch to keep on hand because it would be amazing on roasted veggies mashed potatoes chicken steak so on and so on. Plus my son with all the food allergies can have it and that makes it all the more better.
  9. RI Day 7 (2/6) - compliant and wedding Anniversary!!! 4:00 am up with baby. Diaper bottle back to bed. 6:15 am up with baby potty, diaper bottle back to bed 8:00am up with baby. Potty feed him put him in his play are with a show and get the big boys up to watch over him and start school and I went back to bed. I could have stayed up but it’s my anniversary and I just wanted to snuggle with my hubby a bit longer. 10:30 up for real for real this time. Checked on everyone and jumped into my workout. 10:45 exercise: 50 min - 30 min BB postnatal yoga. 20 min NHST week 1 day 4
  10. RI Day 6 (2/5) cont 12:30 M2: half a bowl of heart of palm noodles and meat sauce, plate of mixed leafy greens drizzled with the “chick-fil-a” sauce from Oh that sauce is so good. It does a beautiful job of dressing up greens. I loved me some honey mustard on my salads and well everything else. This sauce though it’s not sweet has a nice twang to it alleviating that small whole in my heart where honey mustard once stood. Seriously though it is good, like put it on all the things good. Okay enough about my condiment. I wasn’t hungry hungry but I felt the hunger cree
  11. I think the Tiger blood everyone always talks about is finally trickling into my veins
  12. You could totally make it without the amino acids, just add 1 cup of water or 1/2 c water and 1/2 c beef broth and then some salt. It would still taste good just probably not as rich. The browning of the meat will give you a nice brown color to the sauce.
  13. RID 6 (2/5) - Compliant 6:45: drag myself out of bed. Get baby up to potty change and bottle him and put him back to bed. My am appt canceled… well they decided to meet online over the phone. It was so tempting to crawl back in bed and snuggle up with my hubby, but I have a work out I want/must do. It was hard to get moving this morning but that may because I stayed up really late to greet my hubby when he arrived home. I was so happy to get to wrap my arms, legs and lips around him. I think he was happy to be home too. *blush and giggle* So ready or not day here I come. But first I’
  14. RI Day 5 cont - Legumes 1:30 I’ve got a crazy boost of energy and I’m being productive! Yeah! 4:30 S1: 1/2 bowl of heart of palm noodles and meat spaghetti sauce I was getting hangry so I put something in my belly. It was delicious and it helped. After which I finished a few house projects and got the kitchen cleaned up from yesterday when I didn’t feel well. 8:00 M2: pressure cooker Mongolian beef with broccoli over cauliflower rice and peas with clarified butter.
  15. 6:30 up to change baby and back to bed 9:30 baby and I get up. Get him pottied and fed and time to work out. 9:45 exercise: 1 hr 15 min - 30 min BB post natal yoga; 15 min Natalie Hodson Abs, Core and Pelvic floor week 1; 20 min Natalie Hodson Stronger Together Week 1 day 2 blue; 10 min stretching I decided to add in the Abs Core and Pelvic floor to continue healing my pelvic floor muscles. I saw a lot of improvement when I started these and I realize although my diastasis recti is nearly completely healed my pelvic floor still has some work I need to do. Pelvic Floor e
  16. @Emma I felt much better this morning as did baby. I’ve been so excited over him having a sold bowel movement. I feel well enough that I’m going ahead with my reintro day for legumes.
  17. Panic attacks suck! Nearly messing the pants sucks worse! I would have totally locked myself in my room and hid under the covers for several days. You went to the movies and stayed present in your peoples life. Since you started logging on here you’ve had at least 21 compliant days. Let that sink in... 21 days somewhere between 42 and 63 meals plus snacks that have nourished your body rather than attack your body. You keep coming back and that is what success looks like. It is only a failure if you don’t get back up, no matter how long that takes. Be proud of the fact you keep getting up.
  18. RI Day 4 cont 4:00 Ugh Down for the count. I feel ick, and my stomach is churning. I put Digestzen essential oils on it and it has helped settle it. I’m going to try to nap. I only had to run to the bathroom half a dozen times while trying to rest. Baby seems to be feeling better. He’s asking for food. So I fixed him some biscuits because I know he will eat that and it’s fairly bland. Plus he begged for grapes so I caved and gave him some. I grabbed some for me too, hopefully that doesn’t back fire on me. They were refreshing. I had half a handful of pistachios with it
  19. RI Day 4(2/3) - compliant day 4:30 am up with sick baby. Had to give him a bath x 2. He finally asleep around 8:30 so I went back to bed. 10:30 awake and really not feeling it today. I put on my big girl britches and got up anyways. Decided to work out while baby was still sleeping. 10:45 exercise: 45 min - 30 min Beachbody post natal yoga; 15 min Natalie Hodson stronger together 12 week week 1 blue 3 circuits 10 reps bicep curl 5lb 10 reps standing row 5lb 10 Counter height push up 10 triceps dips with foot support 60 sec plank on knees I’m glad I worked
  20. @lizziehall thank you for the kind words. I struggle with seeing the improvement over seeing how far I still have to go. But one thing I’m learning is to let it go, focus on my choices and my body will take care of the rest. It wasn’t stepping on the scale, taking measurements, or comparison photos that made the difference, it was my choices and my choices alone! @Emma ah I’m so glad we shared a smile! It was a great day. Today has been harder with the baby being sick, but I’m still smiling! Go figure!
  21. RI 3 (2/2) cont I’ve had a terrific day! I’ve had this smile that just won’t stop. Maybe it’s the gorgeous weather, maybe it’s because I feel good about me, maybe it’s because I feel in control? Whatever the reason it’s good to feel happy. I took all the kids at church to the park across the street during lunch. It was nice to play in the sunshine for a little while. The baby loves being outside. I need to be sure as the weather improves I make it a point to get him outside often, which will get me outside too. The weather also made a good training day with my martial arts stud
  22. I’m so glad my simple message helped! Finding a place you feel wanted and cared for really does make a huge difference in all walks of life!
  23. RI Day 3 (2/2) - Fasting 7:00 rise and shine and get baby up. I didn’t sleep well last night but that is normal with hubby away. Get lunch going for church get breakfast going for boys. Today is my fasting day for personal growth spiritual and physical. I’ve been looking forward to today for spending time with my sacred church family and also for the rest that the new sabbath brings. I love Sundays and being with all my people. I also get to spend time with my mom on Sundays which is nice. I may go skate tonight and that would be fantastic. 8:45 Exercise: 30 min Beachbody Po
  24. @Emma it’s probably more like crazy momma bear blood I do feel 99% better than I have in a few years. Welcome along to this crazy journey. I’m just trying to keep it raw and real. I have learned a lot about myself and have reopened doors to allow further emotional healing through all this food stuff.