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  1. Day 21 Cont 6:00 S1: shared an Rx Chocolate cherry bar with the baby. Trying to do all the things and still sitting behind the eight ball. There is just not enough time in the day, but at least my energy is a bit more stable and sustainable. I have got a lot done today, there is just so much more to do, so a quick inventory to reset my feelings of being overwhelmed. Unloaded suitcases and did laundry from the trip, including folding and putting away. I also folded the three loads I left that I had done while packing. I kept a baby alive who is into everything and have had a succ
  2. Day 21 7:55 The baby alarm went off and the day begins. My brain is still lagging just a bit from the weekend of little sleep. But food helped. I got baby fed and made some work calls as I started breakfast. 9:30 2 bacon strips, 3 eggs scrambled with salt pepper and basil cooked in the bacon grease 1/2 naval orange. Oh my those were by far the best eggs ever. How can this even be good for me cooking in bacon grease! Ha ha. And a diet that allows me bacon and doesn’t require me to blot all the grease off is one that I’m quickly beginning to love. I really enjoyed breakfas
  3. Yes!!! That’s one of the greatest NSV and a huge step forward to the mindset of Freedom
  4. Day 20 how is this even possible! 2/3 of the way, the home stretch. 7:30 am phone call from my mom woke me up. She’s hurt her back, so I guess it’s up and at em so I can get the kids and take her to see her chiropractor. So much for sleeping until 10:00. I’m awake and waiting for her to tell me appointment time so I took the opportunity to rub essential oils on the hubby and try to work out some nots from the drive. 8:30 S1: RXBar, beef stick Ugh to go from 80 and sunshine to 20 and snowing is a bit harsh. So much for having time for breakfast. I did grab my last beef st
  5. Do not loose heart. Every layer we peel back gives us deeper insight into ourselves, our healing, and our journey. There are many physical reasons for the reset taking 30 days, but there are psychological and emotional reasons too. I think one of those is retraining our brain and deepen our decision making process when faced with all the things. Your one decision in one moment does not negate all the hard work you have done up to that moment. That one decision does not define you, you have a lifetime of decisions a head and as many day 1s as you may need to find that place of balance and fr
  6. Day 19 The drive and energy... lots of energy! 10:30 am check out time so I have to pull myself out from under the covers. Packed up, washed dishes, and heated up some breakfast and headed out the door. It’s not over yet, but I feel like my weekend has gone really well doing Whole 30. I’m so glad I took the time and effort to prepare meals. It really has made all the difference. I’m bored with my food at this point, but that is okay I just have to survive through today. 11:30 M1: 2 mini quiche, avocado mixed with ranch dressing and a clementine. love is holding your
  7. Day 18 cont 11:00 pm rise and shine time to hustle. I’m so grateful for the energy my body is providing me with the nutrients from the food I’ve been providing it. These work weekends I used to live on on sundrop sodas. I have not even had an Once of caffeine. Water and real food has been enough to keep me going. I am eating more snacks than usual, but given my circumstances I think that is okay. One last push before it all comes to a close tomorrow 12:30 S2 clementine. NSV: my pants are loose and keep sliding down.. And I forgot my belt so annoying but in a good way.
  8. Day 18 Holdfast 5:15 am M1: LO 2 mini quiche and sautéed cabbage with bacon. Ranch dressing Finally finished and back at the room. My food was hot and perfectly moist even though it had been sitting for 5 hours waiting on me to come eat it. I love my hot logic mini. The ranch was a nice way to change up the flavors as I was getting board with the quiche. Oh the hotel lobby smelled of pancakes and bacon and sausage and eggs. It’s a good thing I brought food with me, I may not have been able to resist that free breakfast. I’m so tired I’m ready to hit the shower and crash for a
  9. 12:30 we arrived at destination and thank goodness cuz I had to peeeeeeee plus I’m so thirsty but I dare not drink more water until we made our destination. 1:00 S1: Rx bar, beef stick, grapes We got unloaded and set up the booth, I plugged in the hot logic with my lunch and grabbed a snack because I’m hungry and lunch will be 30 min to 3 hours depending on business. 3:00 M2: LO sweet and sour chicken with cauliflower rice. Yum, still so good even the next day. Phew I’m full and ready for a nap, but I’m enjoying my time next to the hubby. 6:00 S2: clementine an
  10. Day 17 on the road i got some sleep in the truck and woke up to a gorgeous sunrise. We stopped for gas and food. I am soooo glad I packed up food, and most of it in quick grab n go containers. I ordered his food and was able to get out food for me before he was done with pumping gas and the bathroom. 8:00 M1: ranch chicken salad, apple, handful of pistachios Years ago my family owned a quaint little tea and coffee café. I loved my little café and one of the three chicken salads I made was ranch chicken salad. Such an easy recipe but also so robust with flavor it was a b
  11. Day 16 cont My brother is an amazing person, I’m the oldest but only by 21 months. We think a lot alike and we both have a pretty warped sense of humor. We get each other in ways no one else could. His wife is amazing and practically perfect in every way! She is quite literally the most beautiful person inside and out that you will ever meet. And she has the beauty queen crowns to prove it. They are watching our dog while we are out of town this weekend so I had to drive out to their little cabin in the woods. I needed the break and enjoyed the drive. My sister in love greeted me
  12. It’s Day 16 and I’m fired up, taking the bulls by the horn and controlling my outcome. 7:55 rise and shine. Trying not to stress and just take one task at a time 9:00 M1: 2 mini quiche with primal steak sauce, 1 Tbs coconut oil, and 1/2 a grapefruit. I felt the hunger coming on so I stopped what I was doing and grabbed some food. It hit the stop and I’m back at it 11:30 I got the boys out the door and now I can focus on getting me ready. Not to mention all the work interruptions I’ve had today. 1:00 S1: trying to do all things and I felt the hunger rise up so I grab
  13. 2:00 M1: 2 sweet potato mini quiche with spinach and sausage, sautéed cabbage with bacon, sweet potato with almond butter. Hello hunger my old friend. Finally started feeling hungry and it’s hunger because I’ve been drinking lots of water. I feel better too, the water definitely helped. Food taste so much better when you are hungry! I’m regretting not wearing a belt… I honestly didn’t think I would need it with these pants. I guess that’s a good problem to have 11:00 M2: 2 mini quiche and a clementine I’m not really hungry but thinking it would be wise to eat so I don
  14. Our brains are crazy. You won’t listen to my cravings while you are awake I’ll plague you with cravings in your sleep. Lol. So glad to hear it was only a dream.
  15. 6:15 baby wakes me up! I’m thinking it’s 3am I change him put him back down and check the clock and full blown panic sweeps over me. I feel rough still. It maybe I didn’t get enough water so I feel bloated and constipated. I didn’t track my water yesterday and I just don’t feel like I drank as much as usual. Focus on the water today. Today is a crazy busy day, but I can do this! I’ve got this. I’ve come this far, so I’m pressing in toward my mark! I’m thinking the stress levels are affecting my appetite still. I’m not going to force myself to eat, but I did grab a hot mug of
  16. Day 14 cont 4:45 M2: LO Asian sesame chicken breast, mashed potatoes and grilled pineapple. Oops pineapple two meals in a row. Oh well better than eating apple pie. Lol. So I have just not been hungry. The food has been delicious and but I feel full still and I forced myself to eat as I realized how late it was getting. It may be stress, I have a million things in my to do list running through my head that I just haven’t had the thought capacity to consider me. I do this and my body goes in survival mode knowing that it can make demands but they most likely won’t be met so why bot
  17. It’s Day 14, two weeks compliant and that is saying something! 7:55 rise and shine. Lots and lots to do today. Got everyone up and started food prep. 1st up sweet potato mini quiche. I scored some sausage at Sprouts that is compliant, and it’s got a kick. I hope I can handle the heat! The mini quiche turned out lovely! 9:30 M1: 1.5 eggs and about 6oz sausage and 1/3c pineapple. I had about 1.5 eggs left over and 1/3 of the sausage so I tossed the two in a hot pan and made me a sausage scramble. Oh I wis
  18. Day 13 cont Honestly I just was not hungry this evening. I did get my menu and shopping list for this week figured out. Dinner for the boys and then dishes. After all that it was back out to pick up milk for hubby and also for baby. Then I had to high tail it to the big city to pick up something’s from sprouts for the trip and then meet my hubby on the tail end of his business meeting to drop off hi truck to get new tires and a fe things fixed before our trip. While I was waiting in the parking lot adjacent to McDonald’s which I hate I did decide to have an Rx bar and compliant beef st
  19. 7:00 rise up, oh crap it’s Monday and we are going to be late. I got the boys up. Sat the baby on the potty, and Made my hot lemon chia water while I waited for him to do his business. I was tempted just to slap a diaper and go, but I’m so glad I gave him a potty-tunity. As with any new habit I find that potty training is 80% mommy mental/emotional aptitude and about 20% babies cooperation. Kind of reminds me of this whole 30 experiment. It’s 80% mental/emotional and 20% physical cooperation. 8:00 S1: banana I stopped at a gas station to grab a drink and snack to go with my 13
  20. Today’s been pretty great, but it got even better when the hubby told me not to head home. He was headed to the city to deliver a skate he sold and he thought while we were both in the city we should have a date night and go skate. He sure does know my love language! Luckily my mom is pretty flexible and almost never turns down a chance to have the grandkids. It felt great to be on my skates. NSV: I didn’t search for a big boxy shirt to wear tonight. I grabbed on of my ladies Ts which are typically too figure formed for my comfort. I wore it with confidence and it didn’t look bad.
  21. 7:30 I’m up and ready to conquer the day! I got the lunch going, the few dishes done, dishwasher started, and diapers started. Normally Sunday morning can be a little crazy but today was pretty smooth. We got out the door in time. I love Sundays. I love being with my sacred family. I enjoy my time of fasting, reflecting, and reconnecting. It’s been a good day full of friends and fellowship NSV: I put on a skirt I haven’t worn in a few months mainly because it was a little too tight and uncomfortable to care for baby in especially at church. Well, it’s not too tight any
  22. This is resonated with my soul this morning after my morning quiet time. They say the bravest thing is for an addict to take the first steps to recovery. Food is my drug of choice, and I am neck deep in the struggle of recovery. This journey is so much more than just what I choose to put in my mouth! 80% of the struggle is mental/emotional junk I must overcome, and no one but me can do it for me. It is Day 12 and I am resolute today and in this moment to change my mindset and my desires towards food and health. I am better than I was, but not as well as I could be. The
  23. No I am not far from it. Back when I used to work in the corporate world full time I would arrive to work an hour early just so I would have to deal with the smell of coffee in the break room. I’m a tea girl, but I’m even abstaining from that currently. My sugar dragon is a Siamese twin with caffeine