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    This!  I journal all throughout my day.  And then post my “captains log” at the end of the day or the next.  I tried journaling at the end of the day but I forget the little things that are important and honestly by nightfall I’m too tired to journal.
     Post 100 times a day! I’ll read em all!
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    I was so excited to see all your likes in my notifications.  I was like oh my whole 30 pal made time to read up on my log!  I journal because it helps me process and keeps me on track and honest.  But I’m glad it has been a source of encouragement to others too.  
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    Yes! sometimes more than two.  I also get the war terms.  It IS a battle and a war that rages on inside of us and on the outside too.  I feel like the Roman Empire at times having made great conquest but then struggling to keep the ground I’ve gained against the marauders and barbarians within me.  The Barbarians broke the line in March but I called in the seasoned battle troops and they arrived April 1st and are cleaning up the mess, but it definitely proven to be a difficult job this go round.  
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    So starting Monday 3/23, I’ll be working from home due to COVID-19. Sooooo, it’s been a few years but I decided to take control of what I have control over and start a Whole30.  Here I go and I’m looking forward to what I can rediscover about myself in 30 days!
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    M2 - 2:30 pm after a walk with the family:  chicken breasts w/ Tessamae's buffalo ranch, potato/sweet potato/broc/caul mix w/ ghee & coconut oil
    Amazing how good W30 food always tastes after eating junk for awhile.
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    I fell asleep (passed out) after I posted M1 ... slept until my phone dinged at me around 9:30 am ... woke up and promptly ate a banana, and made another cup of coffee.  I drink too much coffee - no news flash there.
    This is an atypical day, with the puppy waking me up so early, for sure.  Not a reason to dissolve into a pile of junk food, though.
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    Day 1 - unpacking my backpack
    {rummaging around} ... Let's see ... what all do I have in here?
    Too much to list.  
    I'm dumping it all out on the floor now, for a careful re-pack.
    My MIL is 66 years old, and as far as I can tell at this point - will be soon be leaving the tiny town, where she was born and has lived her entire life - to travel 795 miles, to come and live at our house.
    She is currently being evaluated at a mental health facility for at least a week.  What we have been told so far is: mild to moderate dementia.  There is a conference call scheduled for this afternoon with her care team, where they will share their findings and recommendations.  We've been told she cannot live alone when she leaves - she either needs to be with family, or in assisted living.
    She does not know this yet.
    She is convinced that she is going to get out & go stay with her 86-year-old mother again, who has been trying to care for her these past few weeks, since the paranoid delusions and hallucinations began ... or came to light.  Her mother has already stated that she cannot do it, which breaks her heart.  But she cannot.
    Perhaps I spent two years of my life in nursing school and became an RN for this moment right here.  That is what I have been telling myself.  Perhaps I worked 1200+ hours last year in long-term care ... for this moment, right here.  Because I do feel prepared ... I do have a pretty good idea of exactly what I am getting into.  I'm not scared.
    But you know what is scary?  The thought of ending up in the same boat, due to my lifestyle choices.
    Each day lately I've been going through the same infuriating cycle of starting out with the best of intentions, and then - "tomorrow I'll do this" and "tomorrow I'll do that".  What a load of crap.  
    Today IS tomorrow.  Time to get with the program.
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    THANKS @BabyBear ... I just got caught up on your journal ~ as you can see, with all of the "likes".    I don't think I am an over-liker ... I try hard to not like just for the sake of liking.  Lol.  Really, there is so much to like there.  You are making great progress.
    It's really as if there are two of us inside, isn't it?  And I'm sorry to see you struggle, while at the same time being so glad to know that it's not just me.  
    There is The Strong Me ... who knows that, along with the self-discipline in my food choices, comes the self-discipline in almost all other areas of my life.  That is needed, and I begin to feel so much more confident and happy overall.
    There is The Rebellious Me ... the one who gets so tired of thinking about all of it ... and leads me down a path of destruction.  That's not drama.  Each time she wins a battle - I'm taking the chance that she wins the war.
    I sit here and think, "Good Lord ... why am I talking about food with terms like "war" and "destruction"?
    And the answer that comes back to me:  "These things you've been eating are not food."
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    BabyBear reacted to Revelate in April Whole 30 2020   
    Thanks @BabyBear!
    I think I split somewhere between mental and physical: I have gone down to one meal a day at times in my life (when sedentary) and can pretty much ignore hunger when needed... but after the Chipotle trip I upped my calories another 400ish a day and actually feel pretty darned good even at the end of Day 6 after an exhausting day at work and another not great sleep night (did get to deep sleep in a 4 hour stretch at least).   Didn’t remember whatever awkward dream either this time so closer to normal heh... though funny story one of the dreams from the other night would have mortified me 20 years ago, now got more important things to worry about than being in a some sort of dorm in my underwear haha.
    So far almost all the impact has been physiological, mentally doing OK other than I am slower after the sleep issues for sure.  Just not as quick as when I am tanned rested and ready but that’ll come.
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    BabyBear got a reaction from Brewer5 in Very Hungry Mommy W30 Round 2   
    Day 5 Slaying Dragons and Demons
    5:45 up with baby, change him and bottle him and he asked to go back to bed.  So I put him back to bed and did the same for me.
    8:30 up with baby.  Get everyone fed
    9:00 M1 - LO Hawaiian Chicken and cauliflower rice with CB
    Dishes done.  Taking boys to the little playground that no one uses anymore because of the big Park.  We spent about an hour at the park climbing and sliding and playing basket ball and frisbee.  I may need to put out door wheels on my skate and go skate the basketball court.  I NEED to skate! It’s really starting to take a toll on my sanity and my husband’s. It’s how we cope and how we process the dark yucky stuff out that gets trapped in side.  It’s getting harder to out run the demons without my skates.
    The sunshine did us all some good.  Went home for lunch.  I was hungry
    1:15 M2 - 3 eggs with Italian seasoning cooked in bacon grease topped with a little W30 ketchup, home made pork sausage patty, left over asparagus drizzled with CB, home fries with CB.  
    This meal was so good.  I haven’t had any luck finding sugar free sausage in my area so I picked up some ground pork and used my own using 40 Aprons recipe.  It was delicious!  I used 1lb to make 4 patties, and I crumbled 1 lb to use in egg cups.  I used up the rest of the asparagus and added a tomato and some red bell peppers to the egg cups.  The cups turned out great using the silicone cups.  
    I’m trying to stay positive.  This day has been hard.  Sunday’s have been the hardest lately.  I noticed my sugar dragon is roaring.  I think it’s because if I’m not skating then snacking is my coping mechanism.  I need to find another way to cope.  I watched a movie with my boys.  And even laid down for 30 minutes before baby got up.  
    8:00 M3 - W30 Beef stroganoff  with butternut squash noodles.
    Yum! This dish is so rich and amazing and really hit the comfort spot.  Plus the boys love it and scarf it down.  
    I got a call from a client and ended talking with them for well over an hour about ideas to help them with their 10th grade sons education for the rest of the year.  A lot of the public schools around us have not done anything to provide any further schooling or even direction for finishing out the year, while most of the private schools have managed to adapt and have provided resources and direction to parents to help in the crisis schooling situation.  It was refreshing to talk with parents who genuinely wanted to do things with and for the kids but just didn’t know where to start.  
    Hubby and I watched a movie before calling it a night.  I had a handful of grapes before the movie to avoid eating cookies with the hubby.
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    BabyBear got a reaction from lizziehall in Very Hungry Mommy W30 Round 2   
    @lizziehall I am so so so very sorry to hear about graduation being canceled.  That is awful.  So many big milestone events once in a life Time things have been wrongfully ripped from so many.  
    Doing a whole 30 seemed fitting during this time of unknown.  Food at home is something I can control and so I will.  This week we have made some favorites from last round and looking forward to trying new recipes.  One of those is definitely going to be 40 Aprons bang bang shrimp.
    i too am glad to see you and some of my other Whole 30 pals back along for this journey.  Y’all are like my wolf pack.  We ride together, We survive together!  
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    BabyBear got a reaction from Brewer5 in Very Hungry Mommy W30 Round 2   
    Day 4 - Alone with my thoughts
    4:00 am - rise and shine today is opening day of turkey season.   I’m sad the big fund raiser event was canceled but I’m glad to be getting out to the woods anyways. Now to get boys up and get everyone dressed and gear loaded to get to the woods
    5:00 M1 - 4 deviled eggs, blackberries
    Breakfast was quick and easy.  I had to battle through that “they offered and made it for you it’s rude not to eat it feeling”. My mom got up and made sausage fried ham and cheese biscuits.  I won’t lie they smelled wonderful.  I was tempted for a nano second.  I said no thank you.  She pressed as to why.  I told her I was doing a reset anti-inflammatory foods for immune support.  She threw out a “well you didn’t have problems eating them on our trip”. I explained that I chose to not worry about my food choices on the trip to make life easier on everyone else and prevent my food choices from making people stressed or upset like it was doing now, and my body deeply paid for it.  So now that I’m back in an environment that I have more control over what foods I have access too I’m eating to support my immune system to ensure I can remain as healthy as possible. He response “fine suite yourself” to which I answered in my head I shall and I will.   I would like to say this push back and snippy attitude is because of her grief, but unfortunately this was her attitude when I first did an anti-inflammatory diet 11 years ago to heal my baby boy.  Sadly since then she has joined me in doing inflammatory resets, but still gives me pushback if she is not currently eating this way.  It’s hard, so hard to be eating healthy when the rest of the family circle doesn’t.  Not so much the temptation but the tension it causes.  They reflect back what ever junk they are dealing with personally about their own health and food choices.  I know personally I’m not judging, and every person is in their own space with food.  I’m doing this for me, Im doing my best to ensure it doesn’t inconvenience anyone but me.  Im being thoughtful with my wording and not saying that the unknown food is unhealthy or bad, or even that I’m trying to eat healthy just that I’m avoiding inflammatory foods to help support my immune system as much as possible.  I love my mom dearly and I love to make her happy, and eating her food makes her happy, but this time.. I must oblige me, and not her.  Her response is her own and she is the only one who can change it.  The emotional road to a healthier me is so much harder than the actual physical doing.  Sigh.  Im glad I’m spending the day in my blind in the woods.  
    9:30 S1 - clementine and pistachios
    I love being in the woods listening in the stillness as the woods awaken.  It is anything but quiet yet it is serene.  The birds are calling and fluttering by the blind.  One even perched in the branches surrounding me.  The bugs and bees buzzing around busy about their spring time duties.  Squirrels and chipmunks scurrying tree to tree half playing half gathering.  I even had two deer walk through this morning grazing as they walked.  It is an eco system all it’s own untouched and unaware that the world is on lock down.  They continue on doing what they were created to do eating, toiling, building, creating, communicating, singing, mating, playing, living and then dying as is their cycle of life.   The past few years our turkeys have been in decline… the wildlife management has been working hard to determine why.  It’s believed to a combination of disease plus increased predators like opossums, raccoons, coyotes and bobcats.  The population in our county seems to be one of the more stable, but we also have more trappers and varmint hunters in our area too.  Disease, predators, injuries, even poisons seem to me to be apart of all living things cycle of life.  All loss of life is tragic no matter the cause, even so some loss of life is necessary for life to be sustained.  We should never take for granted that the plant and animal products we eat came from life.  It’s easy to disconnect from  where you food comes from, and that disconnection can make room for gluttony and wastefulness.  When I harvest an animal for food I always stop and say a prayer of thanksgiving for the life that was sacrificed that    my family might live.  I then do my best to honor that animal by using all that I can of the animal so that there is very little waste.  
    11:30 M2 - compliant roast beef rollup with spicy mustard tomatoes and lettuce, and grapes
    My lunch was good.  The boys went with my dad to Sonic for lunch.  When he asked what I wanted I told him no thank you I had already eaten my lunch I brought, but I did take him up on a water.  He asked why I didn’t want a soda or anything.  I reminded him I was eating only anti-inflammatory foods.  He respected that, and then said you trying to recover from last week.  Yes dad exactly!  I told him I had been eating this way except for a few occasions including my birthday before our trip, but I realized that when I’m eating like this and mom isn’t it causes a lot of tension between us and given the nature of the trip I had decided not to worry about it and just do the best with what I had without upsetting mom.  But that it really took its toll on me and after a few days in I was stuffing all things in my face and couldn’t really stop it.  So now that we are back home I’m back on the strict elimination for the month  to give my body the chance to reset and heal, along with the emotional garbage that goes along with that.  He looked me square in the eyes and said thank you! Thank you for doing that for your mom I know that probably wasn’t an easy decision and that it’s a lot work to get back the control.  That was helpful.  He gets it!  I think he’s also relieved to see me making changes and hopefully avoiding several of the health issues he has including Diabetes.  
    2:30 S2 - chomp stick and carrots 
    Ha I’ve been wordy today.  Time to think does that to me.  It feels good to have time to process thoughts and feelings.  I have so many whirling around inside of me at any given time.   Too many to put in my jar on the shelf, they cannot all be contained and it makes this craziness so much harder.
    8:30 M3 - LO Hawaiian Chicken with caulirice. Banana cut up 3 strawberries cut up sprinkles with cinnamon and coconut flakes and drizzled with almond butter.
    I was hungry when I got home. I got boys settled and food started and my 11DS offered to take over making food so I could shower. I enjoyed my food and my shower.  I spent the remainder of my night on the couch with Hubby watching his video game play and pointing out the bad guys for long shots.  Lol I shoot the real guns and he shoots the video game guns and together we make a formidable pair.  
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    Day 3 I can do this! (At least that’s what I keep telling myself)
    6:30 up with baby.  He’s in an odd mood, which I contribute to teething.   He decided he wanted to snuggle in bed with us and he actually laid still. So I got about 20 more minutes of down time.
    7:15 M1 - 3 eggs chili powder and oregano cooked in bacon grease with some W30 ketchup and a side of blackberries
    Now cue the theme music… its time to face Walmart and get some of our weekly basics. 
    Holy occupied state Batman, complete with propaganda commercials and guards.  This ain’t my ‘Merica!  Geesh!
    After I made it back home with a sliver of my sanity, we put away the groceries and ran outside to enjoy some sunshine.  I bought bubbles while I was out and that was a huge hit with the boys.  The baby was so cute chasing all the bubbles yelling “Mine, mine”. It felt good to be outside playing with the kids.  Sunshine does my soul good.
    I got the boys fed at 12:30 and wasn’t really hungry but felt tired so tired mentally and emotionally so I napped while baby napped.  My hubby joined me for the nap.  There is just something about being wrapped up in his arms that makes me feel secure and I drop my guard and sleep.  I had weird dreams… about eating donuts and Oreos (I don’t even like Oreos) it was so weird.  My last round I didn’t get those dreams until much later.  I feel way less bloated  today.  
    I got up before baby to start the beef ribs.  Once I got those in the oven I decided to make deviled eggs.  Eat some now and save some for a quick breakfast tomorrow before going into the woods.  
    3:30 M2 - 4 eggs deviled 1/2 a banana 
    I had tweak the eggs a little… adding more mustard helped. I used avocado oil to make the mayonnaise because I was seeing everyone talk about how good it was. Yuck! Wish I had tasted the oil first.  It tast very acidic to me like there was vinegar added to my mayo.  The oil may have been rancid off the store shelf who knows.  I miss my olive oil store where I could go in and taste the oils and vinegars before buying them.  After tasting and deciding which ones you want, they would fill up a bottle directly from the flask used to taste test.  They had some of the most amazing oils and vinegars.  I realized after shopping there that a lot of the store shelf stuff was old.  
    8:09 M3 - beef ribs with a rub of spices and finished with ? bbq sauce.  Baked potato with CB W30 Ranch and BBQ sauce.  Air fried garlic asparagus. Salad greens with the W30 ranch.
    This dinner turned out really good!  I rubbed the ribs down with a blend of smoke paprika, chili pepper, salt, cumin, garlic Powder, cayenne, onion powder, and black pepper after I had rubbed them with liquid smoke and olive oil.  I made an aluminum foil “camp bag” and sealed them up in that and placed in the oven at 250 and let them cook undisturbed for 4 hours.  When the sides were done I popped the ribs out painted on some BBQ sauce and put them back in under the broiler until the sauce got sticky.  Even my picky eater enjoyed it.
    I cleaned the kitchen up and did the dishes. Huge accomplishment for me after cooking and eating.  Then started packing up for the hunt tomorrow.  We are going out with my dad, and my mom is watching the baby so we decided to go spend the night with them so I don’t have to get baby up at 3am 
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    Day 2 Boots on the ground
    6:30 up! Sore! Numb! But ready to start my day.  I slept hard last night.  I fell asleep watching TV with the Hubby and 17DS.  Hubby woke me up and led me to bed and I’m pretty certain I didn’t move a muscle all night.  
    7:00 M1 - 3 eggs with chili pepper oregano cooked in bacon grease.  Topped with homemade W30 ketchup.  Accompanied with a side of cantaloupe.
    Baby and I had breakfast together.  I enjoyed my food.  And once I was done I did the dishes and put them away.  I feel hopeful. I feel confident. I feel renewed. 
    M2 12:45: Hawaiian pineapple chicken with pineapple red bell peppers onion over a bed of salad greens and cauliflower rice.  
    My pressure cooker died in the middle of making lunch.  I raised my fist to the heavens and cried “WHY?!?!?”  Then I dumped the food into a pan and fished it on the stove.  Today has been a bit of a train wreck.  Baby has been cranky ALL day.  Pretty certain another molar is coming in.  Getting frustrated over things I cannot control that are the responsibilities of others, but my job greatly depends on them.  So I felt like I was floundering around today because my director waited until 10 min till class to test out the technical platform we were suppose to use for our class.  I had asked her to do that on Tuesday and again on Wednesday.  I don’t mind winging it, but that wasn’t necessary.  My nerves were completely shot by the time class was over.  Now to find customer support for my dearly beloved dead pressure cooker.
    S1 3:30 -   granny smith Apple and almond butter 
    What I wanted was ice cream or zebra cakes or no bake cookies. I realized this was a stress response and some hunger.  I waited ten minutes and determined yes I had some hunger (I didn’t have a plated fat at lunch) so I had a snack.  It wasn’t protein based but it also wasn’t ice cream so that’s a win.  
    I tried to nap but my brain wouldn’t turn off.  Spent some time just sitting and talking with the hubby.  Then I decided to go make mayonnaise. Which I have to brag came out creamy the first time! Go me!  I went on to prepare clarified butter, sriracha sauce, and whole 30 ranch.
    M3 8:00 - Pulled pork, baked potato topped with clarified butter W30 ranch and New Primal Golden BBQ sauce. Salad greens with W30 ranch.
    I was proud of me!  My wonderful hubby brought home one of my favorite cookies just for me.  I love how he thinks of me when he is out and about running errands.  This cookie was a gift of love and I recognized it for just that. I thanked him for thinking of me.  After dinner when he was getting his cookies out That i had made him he asked if I wanted my cookie.  I told him not at the moment that I was just too full to be able to really enjoy it, which was true.  I will admit for half of a nano second that cookie did sound wonderful and I felt that guilty “you should eat it because he bought it for you” feeling.  However I decided that no I shouldn’t eat it if I don’t want it and right now in this  moment I really do not want it. 
    My evening ended snuggled on the couch with hubby watching a movie.  Our 17DS emerged from his cave to watch the movie with us.  My morning was rough, but my evening made up for it.
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    BabyBear got a reaction from Brewer5 in Like an Onion   
    It will come, one day it will click and you will be off and running again.  Focus on the positive things you are doing for you.  We can do this. We can be better. We can have control.
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    @Revelate congrats on starting your whole 30 and your two NSV!  Yes day 5 can be rough and I will say the dreams get funky but then die down at least they did for me. 
    I also started a round on April 1st.  This is second round for me, my first was January.  I learned a lot about me and relationship to food.  I find so much of my issues with food is more emotional and mental than it is physical.  
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    BabyBear reacted to MJ of Cayman in Whole 30 for Lent   
    Well, I seem to be talking to myself here.  That’s ok.  Happy to journal.
    Day 43.  I am sooooo ready for this to be over, but sticking to it.  I think of cake several times a day.  A problem with Whole 30 for Lent is that it ends on Easter with all those wonderful forbidden foods ready for feasting.
    At the end of each week I have completed I’ve been treating myself to a kitchen gadget.
    week 1 - julienne peeler
    week 2 - rack to hang some new serving bowls.
    week 3 - revere wear steamer and double boiler bowl.
    week 4 - ceramic baker
    week 5 - refrigerator and freezer thermometers
    week 6 - stainless steel 4 quart mesh strainer
    The stay at home order works with all the cooking, but I’m sure the grocery shoppers wonder about my ordered items - coconut aminos, rice vinegar, almond flour.  Not the usual quarantine items.
    Lots of leftovers in the fridge, and running the dishwasher everyday.  Just can’t get my kitchen u see control with everyone home all day and cooking such a large part of this program.
    I am starting to notice a change in my shape in the mirror.  That’s nice.  Lots of weight to take off, but this is a good start.
    I just can’t overdo it at Easter.
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    BabyBear reacted to SugarcubeOD in Whole 30 for Lent   
    Sorry you're feeling this way!  I do wonder if the binging could be because you're limiting during other meals?  Do you eat a meal template breakfast within an hour of waking and then another one 5-6 hours later? Are you going an exceptionally long time between your last meal and the one you binge on? 
    Other things I wonder... do you live alone or with people who are sharing the food resource?  if you are living with others, is there a chance that you're 'resource guarding' by eating 'your share'?  If this could be the case, then pack up the other servings into containers that the other people in your household know are off limits and then you know consciously and subconsciously that the resource is safe.  If you live alone, could you try asking 'present you' to be kind to 'future you' and not eat it all because future you will really thank you when they have lunch the next day.  Other mind tricks: 'I can make this EVERY DAY if I want to', 'if I need to get up at 3am and eat because I'm hungry, I'm an adult who will do just that'.  
    I realize that binging is very complex and can't be solved with words on a page but hopefully this will help and I would be interested in the answers to how you're eating the rest of the day to see if that is leading into you 'binging' because you're actually just starving and your body needs the nourishment.   
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    BabyBear reacted to Revelate in April Whole 30 2020   
    Might as well update as we go along ;).
    Day 5 now, things were going well the first several days then sometime yesterday stopped retaining water though I had stayed compliant and no obvious culprits other than the change in diet itself.  That drove the worst night’s sleep I think I might ever have had... I seriously remember 5 dreams from last night which is more than I can remember from the last decade.  I almost never remember them.
    We talk about small victories, had two of them today:
    1) Late afternoon after doubling my water intake from the last few days saw a shade of urine distinct from the toilet. Cheers, water went somewhere other than straight through me!  Baby steps.
    2) I wondered if I just wasn’t getting enough calories and I was hungry and in possible need of additional sodium (I don’t know what the right balance is Na to K I should google that) so I supplemented with the W30 lifestyle bowl at Chipotle and I noticed the salt in the meal.  I have eaten at Chipotle quite a few times in the last decade or more, arguably one of the healthier options I frequented... and I never noticed it in a bowl previously.  Chips sure, but not in the rest of the meal.
    Not sure if that’s an increased sensitively or if I was craving it but I’ll take a more refined palate even temporarily as a win for now. ;).
    The hydration bit scared me enough to convert slow runs into walks and I did manage to swing the sledgehammer a bit so haven’t thrown in any of the towels yet.  I don’t feel absolutely miserable right now but I know I don’t feel well; on the plus side for day 5 apparently that’s right on schedule so maybe I’m doing it right for once.
    Hope all is going well for the rest of you!
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    BabyBear reacted to halfpint_aggie in April Whole 30 2020   
    My husband and I started today. This will be Whole30 number 7 for me. 
    I have a horrible attitude about it right now. I know I need to do this because I just feel awful all the time & have no energy. And W30 will shell so much with those. But, 
    Doing it anyway. 
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    BabyBear reacted to Emily127 in April Whole 30 2020   
    I have been thinking about doing another round of Whole 30 and with all that is going on in the world right now I realized now is the perfect time to spend time working and rebuilding my relationship with food and myself. I hope others will join me on this journey!
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    BabyBear reacted to Sconnie715 in April Whole30 + Low FODMAP   
    Greetings! I am in the middle of treatment for SIBO. Once I finish with my antibiotics next week, I will be transitioning my diet to low FODMAP.  With the start of the Whole30 At Home next week, I also thought it would also be a great time to return to a Whole30 (or Whole60)....I primarily follow a paleo diet right now anyway since it helps keep my symptoms at bay. 
    I would welcome any advice, tips, or recommendations of coaches who are also familiar with low FODMAP. I have completed one full round of Whole30, but I have also had two missed attempts at Whole30 and most recently a missed attempt at AIP. It feels like I could use a little extra support and accountability to stick with it, especially on the tough days where my energy and willpower are lacking. 
    Thanks in advance! 
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    @lizziehall I am so so so very sorry to hear about graduation being canceled.  That is awful.  So many big milestone events once in a life Time things have been wrongfully ripped from so many.  
    Doing a whole 30 seemed fitting during this time of unknown.  Food at home is something I can control and so I will.  This week we have made some favorites from last round and looking forward to trying new recipes.  One of those is definitely going to be 40 Aprons bang bang shrimp.
    i too am glad to see you and some of my other Whole 30 pals back along for this journey.  Y’all are like my wolf pack.  We ride together, We survive together!  
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    Day 33
    B - coffee w/ nut milk; sautéed greens w/ beans in their broth
    L - celery and baby carrots; roast chicken w/ skin
    D - zucchini noodles w/ tuna, olive oil, cilantro, celery leaves & green olives; lentil soup
    headache all day... didn't eat much but not much of an appetite (first day of period, so feeling a bit 'off'). 
    I think I overdid it with the lentils and beans, oof - will continue eating more or less compliant and eat these a bit more sparingly from now on, haha 
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    Or tomorrow.