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    BabyBear got a reaction from Jennifer Jensen in Whole30 Round 5? 6?   
    Despite the rain it sounds like a fun adventure scoping out a new city to live.  So excited for you on the brink of finishing your masters. what a big accomplishment.  Welcome back to the boards and best of luck with your reset. May it serve you well. 
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    BabyBear got a reaction from Jennifer Jensen in A Very Hungry Mommy and Baby W30 Round 2.3   
    10/13 Day 9  I have the tireds. So, very tired.
    9:15 up with toddler… today is not going as planned. I am so so so very tired.  Everything is achy and I could sleep a thousand years… honestly it is most likely detoxing and I just need to be gentle with myself.  I canceled my AM stuff.  
    9:30 M1- three scrambled eggs cooked in ghee with chili powder and oregano.  LO sautéed veggies and home fries.  Ketchup. 
    Despite the fatigue I got a decent breakfast in my system and the dishes from breakfast done.  
    NSV: I’m keeping the dishes done after every meal.  This is huge for me, like really really huge.  
    I have to teach my class at 1:00 so getting everything ready to go.  If I can make it through that then maybe I can come home and sleep.  The dinner plans for tonight is something the boys can prep and they are excited to make dinner tonight.  
    12:45 M2 - Lo beef stroganoff with spaghetti squash and broccoli
    Eating on the run.  I took my food with me and ate it on the way to class. I survived class. The kids were awesome and I am TIRED
    Put the toddler down for a nap when I got home and sat and relaxed until hubby was ready to go to town to get gas.  
    Hubby and I had a quick impromptu date.  We got gas and then walked around the little mall and grabbed some dinner at a little local mom and pops that we love.
    6:30 M3 5oz sirloin steak, baked potatoes olive oil salt and pepper.  
    Olive oil on the potato was meh, if I had known we were going to catch dinner out I would have grabbed some ghee.  Other than that the food was good and the company was great. 
    When we got home Hubby sent me to my room to soak, he said the boys and him would see to the toddler… by the sounds of it the toddler may be winning.  I’m sure if they get over their heads they will get me.  Lol.  I’m not sure but they may have a WWE match happening just outside my door.  
    Water 102oz (yes!!! Goal met) 
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    BabyBear got a reaction from CGinDC in Fifth W30   
    @CGinDCwelcome aboard!  Keeping a log and journaling has helped me a lot process what is going on with my body.  It helps me to realize and name what’s happening that way I can move past it rather than muscle through it.  
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    BabyBear got a reaction from SchrodingersCat in Guess who's back? Back again, Schrodey's Back...   
    @SchrodingersCatim glad to hear your dad is on the mend and home again.  I’m sorry to hear the vertigo is back and other upsets are back.  It’s almost like the body has figured out immediate protest will yield the best results.  It’s never fun when the body mutinies against you.  
    that’s a lot of walking for a lot of miles... hats off to you.  Maybe it wouldn’t sound as daunting to me if my current walking state wasn’t the duck waddle.  Lol
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    BabyBear reacted to CGinDC in Fifth W30   
    Starting my 5th W30 today. My last one was when my almost 4 year old son was just about a year old, and now I have a 19 month old as well. I'm in major need of a reset, my fatigue and brain fog has been awful lately. Not to mention heartburn has been acting up a lot, and I know it will get better with the W30. I'm also looking forward to better quality sleep, but not looking forward to this first week because I have a feeling my sugar hangover is going to be pretty bad.
    Compliant sausage sauteed with mixed greens, topped with two eggs fried in avocado oil and homemade mayo. It was hard to get it all down - I've been really bad about eating a full breakfast lately and I can definitely tell that my body is not accustomed to that much food soon after I wake up. I had planned on also having a cup of pureed zucchini soup but I couldn't stomach it. 
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    BabyBear reacted to SchrodingersCat in Guess who's back? Back again, Schrodey's Back...   
    Thank you!! He's on the mend, but at his age it is slow going. I have to say, now that he's home and just recovering I think I feel more sorry for my mum!!
    Me, I've been indulging in my usual self abuse and REALLY paying the price. Terrible gastric distress, and vertigo the worst its been. I'm hauling myself back into vaguely healthy eating, if not strict W30 and I think logging again will help. 
    I've signed up to raise funds for a local charity as part of a work team - I have to walk 67km (42 miles) in 7 days. I started today, and knocked out 6km so far and will go for another walk after work. I figure being forced to do that should go hand in hand with healthier eating (and no wine).
    So today's food:
    Breakfast was coffee with regular milk, and toast and butter. (Not W30, obvs) It was there and my tummy has been super upset and it was what I wanted. We rarely even have bread in the house, to be honest.
    Lunch was 2 poached eggs on ginger and beetroot kraut (W30)
    Dinner is BBQ lamb loin chops with grilled asparagus and cabbage steaks.
    I'll get up early tomorrow and knock out the first 5km for the day - I'm splitting it into 2 walks a day mostly to fit around work and other obligations, but also because the doggo isn't up to a full 10km every day, so he comes on one walk (which is slower because of the sniffing and the wandering) and then the second is faster and more efficient.
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    BabyBear reacted to LadyM in The Seduction of LadyM Returns   
    Day 49
    Looking forward to having some grass fed flank steak I pulled out of the freezer. I dragged my air fryer up out of the basement and made some cod in it yesterday, and I vaguely recall steaks are extra delicious made that way, so I'm going to give it a whirl. I still don't have much of a sense of smell or an appetite, but steak does sound good. That has to be a good sign, right?
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    BabyBear got a reaction from SchrodingersCat in Guess who's back? Back again, Schrodey's Back...   
    @SchrodingersCati hope all is going well with you.  I also hope your dad is having a fast recovery from his fall.  I’ve been praying for him these past few days.  Blessings and may you find a sense or normalcy in the strange weird and frustrating times.
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    BabyBear got a reaction from LadyM in The Seduction of LadyM Returns   
    @LadyMtrying on clothes is exhausting even if it is a positive experience lol.  
    ah 2021, so hopeful, so very hopeful.
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    BabyBear reacted to LadyM in The Seduction of LadyM Returns   
    Day 48
    Still on course, though the deviated COVID course, of course.
    I have never, and I mean ever, in my life lost my appetite the way I have this week. I'm still eating, but only one meal a day. Making it count the best I can.
    In addition to throwing away my old jeans, I spent some time trying on all my smallest jeans. They vary widely in size, with some 6s feeling bigger than some 10s (go figure, dang useless sizing), but the point is I can get them all on and zipped and buttoned for the first time in a very long time. That feels good, even if I have to take a nap from the exertion of trying on clothes. . . . 
    I got my 2021 planner I ordered in the mail today and transferred all my dates and appointments into it. Feels really good to be forward looking amid the crud. I have some wonderful things to look forward to, including my continuing W30. Especially with my health being compromised, it just makes sense to stick to the healthiest, most nourishing and supportive way of eating around. Day 100 is December 8, and my aim is to keep going at least until then, maybe longer. I like the idea of keeping the structure of the program through the holidays. I'm not anticipating any major difficulties or temptations, so why not?
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    BabyBear got a reaction from LadyM in A Very Hungry Mommy and Baby W30 Round 2.3   
    Day 13 10/17  saturday play... and feeling oh so prego
    7:30 up with the toddler.  Get laundry going and food going.
    9:30 2 deviled eggs (4 halves), dill pickles, cucumbers and carrots
    So pregnancy cravings kicked in for breakfast. And let me just say it was wonderful.  It’s a good thing I packed up the extra eggs I made for later or I would have eaten them all.  
    Life hack: to avoid eating a dozen eggs in one sitting when having made deviled eggs, only make half a dozen, that way you only eat six eggs.  Ha ha ha.    
    My mom came out and we went to JC Penny as soon as it opened and did some shopping for her and my dad.  We got great deals.  She got about $800 worth of clothes for $80 We had a good time.  It’s been forever since we have had girl time.  We always have the munchkins a foot.  We also grabbed lunch at one of my favorite mom and pops that also does a good job catering to my weird diet needs when on a whole 30.  
    1:00 M2 - sirloin steak, salad with tomatoes and cucumbers olive oil and some fresh squeezed  lemon juice 
    After lunch we picked up the boys and headed to a pumpkin patch farm.  The line to get in was forever long, but once on the farm it wasn’t too crowded.  The toddler had an absolute blast.  He got to see the animals and play in a corn pit, then there was the tire mountain, and tire swings.  They even had an old yacht they turned into a playground.  The best was letting him walk through the pumpkin patch to pick out his pumpkin.  He walked the entire patch probably close to 2 acres tapping his finger on his cheek saying “hmmmm let’s see.”  When he finally found “his” pumpkin he carried over to the stroller proud as a peacock.  After that every person that passed us he would pat his pumpkin and tell the people “Jedi’s Pumpkin”. He was so very proud of his pumpkin.   Let’s hope he doesn’t want to sleep with it.  
    Phew when we got home my body was done.  I was tired and my feet were tired.  We did sooooo much walking.  The farm was huge!  The corn maze was one of the biggest I’ve been too.  So needless to say my hubby told me to go soak when. Epsom salt bath did my body good.  I’m almost too tired to be hungry.  But if I do get hungry I’ve got some Left overs I can eat.  
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    BabyBear reacted to Miss T the Tarot Reader in Starting a W30 on October 20th — join me in the Logs forum!   
    The Whole30 has helped me greatly in the past. I'm ready to do a hardcore W30 again.

    It seems like folks are sharing their day-to-day Whole30 stories over in the Logs forum. I think I'll do that, too. Pop on over there if you'd like to join me starting October 20, or cheer me on from the sidelines. Wish me luck!
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    BabyBear reacted to LadyM in A Very Hungry Mommy and Baby W30 Round 2.3   
    Thank you so much @BabyBear! I've just been letting myself rest this weekend, but I keep thinking one box at a time, start small. . . . the good thing is I already have a lot of my packing done from when I had planned to move Sept. 1. It's mostly the kitchen and bathroom at this point. I might get started on the bathroom today. It won't take long, and it would feel like a major accomplishment. Thanks for the nudge!
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    BabyBear got a reaction from LadyM in A Very Hungry Mommy and Baby W30 Round 2.3   
    @LadyMmy other main love language is physical touch, and yes yours are certainly hard with a long distant relationship.   You are a brave and wonderful person to stick it through as your “dude” takes care of his mom.  
    I hope you are feeling better and on the mend.  Hopefully you’ve been able to use some time to devise a packing plan.  I’m super excited for you to get into your very own house!  
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    BabyBear got a reaction from Miss T the Tarot Reader in Under a Rock, or a Log, or a Stone   
    Also mountain rose herbs is a great source to get them from if you can’t find them local.  
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    BabyBear got a reaction from Miss T the Tarot Reader in Under a Rock, or a Log, or a Stone   
    @Jennifer Jensenyay I’m glad you got an official word on the oatstraw.  When I was using it to promote healing I’d make a big batch of it and keep it in the fridge.  I’d have a cup in the morning and one at night.  Typically my one at night I’d gently reheat on the stove so I could enjoy it warm.   I would have enjoyed it warm in the mornings too but I was always in a rush.  Sometimes I’d add it to a fruit/veggie smoothie. But it really is wonderful and very grounding.  I found for me it was one of those slow gradual changes.  You didn’t really notice the changes day to day but 5 months down the road I realized I was doing more with my arm and hand that was damaged with less and less pain. Journaling pain levels and abilities helped me to recognize the definite changes.  
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    BabyBear reacted to LadyM in Under a Rock, or a Log, or a Stone   
    You look so beautiful and vibrant in your pic! So happy for all your wonderful results!!!
    (and yes, tomatoes/nightshades are commonly a problem for folks with autoimmune issues. Might be smart to do a stretch of autoimmune protocol at the end of your W30 and see how that goes for you. This is a good resource when you're ready: though there's also plenty of free info online. Having done W30 without AIP could very well be a good thing if you decide to go further, as you're easing your body into more radical changes and will likely do better!)
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    BabyBear reacted to KTH1010 in Mama in need of a reset - starting late October   
    Oh my gosh @BabyBear, I am so sorry that happened! I am so excited to start this whole30, I'm also hoping to get my husband on board too, he's had a lot of challenges with fatigue and GI stuff and migraines and I think this would help him a lot.
    I am so glad to be on the other side of the crippling exhaustion and nausea and food aversions!
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    BabyBear reacted to Jennifer Jensen in Under a Rock, or a Log, or a Stone   
    Is It Tiger Blood?
    I woke up at 4:30 am and felt rested after only five hours of sleep. Yesterday we hiked what some consider a strenuous but short hiking trail up to the most beautiful waterfall and, while it was difficult, there is no way I would consider it strenuous. We're staying in Lexington, SC right outside of Columbia and we drove the two and a half hours to Marietta, SC to hike the Falls Creek Waterfall Trail. The day before we went to Columbia Canal and Riverfront Park and walked along the canal after I swam an hour in the pool at the airbnb. Today, we will either canoe Cedar Creek in the Congaree National Forest or Lake Murray. My husband is concerned about the water levels but it looks like the water level is in the safety range and by 10 am maybe it will be low enough that he believes we can paddle it. 

    I am so excited that my cravings are under control. I really only want to eat at meal times. I still am having difficulty finding food when we go out to eat but, if you are ever in Lexington, SC, check out Momma Rabbits Nibbles and Sips. Our server checked out all the food for me and I was able to eat a meat and three called McGregor's Dinner Plate with smoked turkey, roasted Brussel sprouts, roasted vegetable medley, and a naked baked sweet potato. The smoked turkey was so delicious I got some more to make a turkey salad to take on our hike. I couldn't finish it all and gave some to my husband. That is another thing - I have been more mindful of when I am full. Yay! 

    no cravings more aware when I am full nails are stronger and healthier my hair is so silky, shiny, and thick - never looked and felt this great maybe clothing fits better, my jeans are really hard to tell but I have a pair of black dress pants that seem to say, "yes" tiger blood, I really think so, I feel ready for the day While here I have been cooking scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast and usually some fruit since veggies are a little more difficult to cook. We had some oven roasted wings last night and celery with a combo of my homemade mayo, Primal Kitchen buffalo sauce, and Primal Kitchen ranch dressing. 

    I am a little concerned that tomatoes, my favorite veggie/fruit, is an inflammatory food for me. I am not sure but will wait until after the reintroduction and try eliminating later. I am just cautious right now. 


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    BabyBear reacted to LadyM in A Very Hungry Mommy and Baby W30 Round 2.3   
    I have a friend who says "Asking for help is inviting people to love you," and I try to remind myself of that because asking for help is something I really struggle to do. But I think you're 100% correct in your assessment. And creating the space and expectation that your kids make a contribution makes them a part of something larger in a very meaningful way--which no doubt helps build self esteem and teaches them major life lessons that will always serve them well.
    So I say throw that mom guilt down, lady! You're doing the best thing for everyone in "leaning on" others to make everything work. I'd say it looks like success in building a strong and loving family.
    My primary love languages are quality time and physical touch, which is partly why long distance is extra hard for me, but the Dude's primary love language is words of affirmation--and that's an easy one for me to show. Glad I decided to say something to you! You are doing GREAT! Better, even, for actively working against the unhealthy cultural norms. . . . 
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    BabyBear got a reaction from lizziehall in Whole30 Round 5? 6?   
    Despite the rain it sounds like a fun adventure scoping out a new city to live.  So excited for you on the brink of finishing your masters. what a big accomplishment.  Welcome back to the boards and best of luck with your reset. May it serve you well. 
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    BabyBear got a reaction from LadyM in A Very Hungry Mommy and Baby W30 Round 2.3   
    Ah thank you for the encouragement.  One of my highest love languages is words of affirmation and though it may seem silly to some words of encouragement go a long way with me.  Honestly the past few days I felt like I was in survival mode and leaning heavily on my older boys to help out.  I have to beat off the feelings of guilt I place on myself for not being able to do it all.  Honestly though I think the having it all together expectation has taken a very unhealthy turn in our culture.  When I think back to stories of my grandparents and the reading of journals of others beyond those years when life was more family and community focused verses individual focused, moms who had it all together meant they had well trained children that assisted with family responsibilities cooking, cleaning, caring for the young, caring for the farm (family business) etc.  with that in mind if I don’t allow my older children to bear with me some of the responsibilities of the household how will they then learn to be responsible adults.  Responsible children are not robbed of a child hood, rather their child hood is more fulfilling and engaging, and will most likely produce a responsible adult.  Well sorry for the ramble, but that honestly help me unpack and toss out some of the mom guilt I was carrying.  
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    BabyBear got a reaction from Jennifer Jensen in Very hungry mommy 1st Time whole 30 Jan 2020   
    Thank you for the compliment.  I am healing, it’s a process for certain.  I am more whole today then I was yesterday.  Just being able to recognize the difficulties that I have endure and have risen above goes a long way.  It helps me to realize I am a lot more in many areas than I give myself credit for.  
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    BabyBear got a reaction from decker_bear in My 1st Whole30 of 2020 (and in several years)...   
    Congrats on your whole 30 and learning more about you and your reactions and relationship with certain foods during your reintro.  It’s weird how sugar seems to amplify the issues.  It does that to me with dairy and makes my digestive track really sick, and with gluten it causes unbelievable almost uncontrollable cravings and impulses to eat more and more.  That is definitely  a combo I have to be very careful about even when deemed worth it.  Maybe you don’t need to put a number of days on your reset, maybe just take the time to really evaluate your NSV and how you feel until you are back to feeling your best self and have those salamanders and dragons back in check.  Best of luck!
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    BabyBear reacted to TennisGeri in Cramping and exhaustion with tennis   
    Really good info. Thanks so much!