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    Day 49
    Looking forward to having some grass fed flank steak I pulled out of the freezer. I dragged my air fryer up out of the basement and made some cod in it yesterday, and I vaguely recall steaks are extra delicious made that way, so I'm going to give it a whirl. I still don't have much of a sense of smell or an appetite, but steak does sound good. That has to be a good sign, right?
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    @LadyMtrying on clothes is exhausting even if it is a positive experience lol.  
    ah 2021, so hopeful, so very hopeful.
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    Day 48
    Still on course, though the deviated COVID course, of course.
    I have never, and I mean ever, in my life lost my appetite the way I have this week. I'm still eating, but only one meal a day. Making it count the best I can.
    In addition to throwing away my old jeans, I spent some time trying on all my smallest jeans. They vary widely in size, with some 6s feeling bigger than some 10s (go figure, dang useless sizing), but the point is I can get them all on and zipped and buttoned for the first time in a very long time. That feels good, even if I have to take a nap from the exertion of trying on clothes. . . . 
    I got my 2021 planner I ordered in the mail today and transferred all my dates and appointments into it. Feels really good to be forward looking amid the crud. I have some wonderful things to look forward to, including my continuing W30. Especially with my health being compromised, it just makes sense to stick to the healthiest, most nourishing and supportive way of eating around. Day 100 is December 8, and my aim is to keep going at least until then, maybe longer. I like the idea of keeping the structure of the program through the holidays. I'm not anticipating any major difficulties or temptations, so why not?
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    Also mountain rose herbs is a great source to get them from if you can’t find them local.  
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    @Jennifer Jensenyay I’m glad you got an official word on the oatstraw.  When I was using it to promote healing I’d make a big batch of it and keep it in the fridge.  I’d have a cup in the morning and one at night.  Typically my one at night I’d gently reheat on the stove so I could enjoy it warm.   I would have enjoyed it warm in the mornings too but I was always in a rush.  Sometimes I’d add it to a fruit/veggie smoothie. But it really is wonderful and very grounding.  I found for me it was one of those slow gradual changes.  You didn’t really notice the changes day to day but 5 months down the road I realized I was doing more with my arm and hand that was damaged with less and less pain. Journaling pain levels and abilities helped me to recognize the definite changes.  
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    You look so beautiful and vibrant in your pic! So happy for all your wonderful results!!!
    (and yes, tomatoes/nightshades are commonly a problem for folks with autoimmune issues. Might be smart to do a stretch of autoimmune protocol at the end of your W30 and see how that goes for you. This is a good resource when you're ready: though there's also plenty of free info online. Having done W30 without AIP could very well be a good thing if you decide to go further, as you're easing your body into more radical changes and will likely do better!)
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    Is It Tiger Blood?
    I woke up at 4:30 am and felt rested after only five hours of sleep. Yesterday we hiked what some consider a strenuous but short hiking trail up to the most beautiful waterfall and, while it was difficult, there is no way I would consider it strenuous. We're staying in Lexington, SC right outside of Columbia and we drove the two and a half hours to Marietta, SC to hike the Falls Creek Waterfall Trail. The day before we went to Columbia Canal and Riverfront Park and walked along the canal after I swam an hour in the pool at the airbnb. Today, we will either canoe Cedar Creek in the Congaree National Forest or Lake Murray. My husband is concerned about the water levels but it looks like the water level is in the safety range and by 10 am maybe it will be low enough that he believes we can paddle it. 

    I am so excited that my cravings are under control. I really only want to eat at meal times. I still am having difficulty finding food when we go out to eat but, if you are ever in Lexington, SC, check out Momma Rabbits Nibbles and Sips. Our server checked out all the food for me and I was able to eat a meat and three called McGregor's Dinner Plate with smoked turkey, roasted Brussel sprouts, roasted vegetable medley, and a naked baked sweet potato. The smoked turkey was so delicious I got some more to make a turkey salad to take on our hike. I couldn't finish it all and gave some to my husband. That is another thing - I have been more mindful of when I am full. Yay! 

    no cravings more aware when I am full nails are stronger and healthier my hair is so silky, shiny, and thick - never looked and felt this great maybe clothing fits better, my jeans are really hard to tell but I have a pair of black dress pants that seem to say, "yes" tiger blood, I really think so, I feel ready for the day While here I have been cooking scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast and usually some fruit since veggies are a little more difficult to cook. We had some oven roasted wings last night and celery with a combo of my homemade mayo, Primal Kitchen buffalo sauce, and Primal Kitchen ranch dressing. 

    I am a little concerned that tomatoes, my favorite veggie/fruit, is an inflammatory food for me. I am not sure but will wait until after the reintroduction and try eliminating later. I am just cautious right now. 


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    Thank you so much for your compassion--and the reminder to take it easy. I need that. Always.
    And yes, indeed! It sure does feel good to let those old things go. I'm really ready to move on from those old jeans!
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    This last half of the month is going to be busy and exciting!  I’m glad you are on the mend.  Don’t push yourself too hard give time for rest.  
    I do hope “Dude” and his momma come out from the visit unscathed.  Please don’t beat yourself up.  You’ve made him aware of the circumstances, you’ve done what you can do and his response to all this is his own.  
    tossing out the “fat jeans” what an accomplishment and a show of confidence that you won’t need them in January!  Seriously it feels good to let those old things go.  
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    Day 46
    No worse for the wear. Feeling like I'm recovering.
    In other good news, we have a closing date on the house: October 26! I scheduled movers for Oct. 30, so I have two weekends to finish packing. Even though I'm not 100% yet, I do think I can start packing some small bathroom and kitchen boxes. Just a couple a day will get me there. And I think I can make it the rest of the month without my full supply of spices.
    The Dude is super stressed about my COVID diagnosis and its implications for him and his mom in having been exposed. I feel so bad about having brought more stress to him in an already incredibly stressful time. I pray they both don't have it. My pilates instructor I saw on Friday tested negative. So that's a grace.
    I'm going to push for a longer fasting window tomorrow. I'm not hungry anyway, so why not keep tweaking and playing with it. I threw away my biggest, stretchiest quarantine jeans today. That feels really good. My new "fat jeans" in which I test my fluctuating belly size are now one size smaller. I'm calling that a W30 NSV!
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    Day 45
    COVID test came back positive. I'm still fatigued and kind of feverish, but feeling better every day. I haven't taken any OTC meds or anything. I hope my body is in a good place to fend off this nasty virus!
    I also think the IF is probably helping. Fasting is the best thing when the body is fighting off the crud. Any energy that would have been directed to digestion can be directed to healing. That's what I've read, anyway.
    Who knows. I'm just going to focus on getting better. And I have no plans to change my diet from W30. Why would I?
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    This!  Such a relief when I realized it’s not my job to make people feel comfortable by eating food I don’t want.  I have to circle around back to this often and remind myself, but wow the amount of pressure this takes off of me when making decisions about food!
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    BabyBear reacted to ShannonM816 in Is the Whole30 safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women?   
    "Defer" means postpone, but "defer to" means to allow someone else to choose.  Check out the definition from Merriam Webster: to 
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    Day 44
    Woke up VERY early this morning, feeling like I'm going to get better, and optimistic about life. Hooray for that!
    Feeling rather certain I'll be sticking to W30 through the end of 2020. I will have some social situations to navigate, but mostly folks coming into my new home, so I can much more easily control the food that's on offer. I just can't see myself really wanting anything off plan anytime soon. Why mess with a good thing when healing is obviously still underway? I don't want the added stress of reintroductions, nor do I want the added stress of feeling like garbage and gaining weight and the usual, predictable stuff that tends to come with the holidays. I'm really contemplating the possibility of just doing holidays in a different way. Like, forever. 
    Part of my journaling this morning was reiterating to myself that I am in command of my own life. I make the choices. I'm not always in control of everything, certainly; however, I get to decide, by and large. I'm not at anyone's mercy, certainly not when it comes to what I put in my mouth. It was liberating to realize on another level and write down.
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    Day 43
    I woke up feeling a lot better than I did yesterday, like whatever this crud is will pass. I'm still going to have my COVID test in an hour, but I'm not too worried about it.
    As I mentioned already, I see bone broth and greens in my immediate future. I also have my usual standbys on hand: baked fish with fennel and other veggies, shrimp and green beans with tomatoes . . . so there's plenty to eat. I'm craving grapefruit, though it's definitely best to continue to quarantine, so I'll just set that aside for the moment. However, I may go for a gentle walk in the woods later if I'm feeling up for it. I've just been a slug the past couple of days. Of course, I'm planning to wear my jammies to my drive-by COVID test and a walk in the woods would require putting on actual clothes, so I might put that off another day.  
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    @Jennifer Jenseni had tears reading your story.  I am so sorry for the way others treated you when you were younger.  People can be cruel, children can be cruel, but honestly this shouldn’t be the norm.  if we teach ourselves and then our children and they teach their children etc to be kind one to another and love our neighbors then imagine how many children could be spared that pain of being the odd one out.  Oh what a world that would be.   I am so glad you have a fighting spirit and you have been able to rise above it all and find a passion and calling in life, that you found your true love, and you are finding your true self. 
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    BabyBear got a reaction from Jennifer Jensen in Under a Rock, or a Log, or a Stone   
    Yes!! Those podcast are amazing.  They have helped me so much in learning to know where I am and where I am not and also not giving people the power over me with their positive or negative opinions.  I had to stop listening to her podcast around other people because they would have me ugly crying.  The podcast have been instrumental in unpacking all that junk in my trunk.
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    @BabyBearThanks so much! By the grace of God this no longer has a hold over me! It was just my struggle and my story. I hope others will see that what others say about you (and especially what you think they think about you) does not have to influence your whole life, pushing you out of becoming all you can be! I love my life! I still see that little girl the same way you do - with tears but I am no longer that person. Other people shaped her and made her. I have a completely new life now. Don't get me wrong I still struggle sometimes with what I may think others think about me but I can look at myself with different more caring eyes and know I can rise above that. 

    Melissa had some really great podcasts about the subject of forgiving others and then a follow-up about not projecting onto them your thoughts and insecurities, assuming what they think about you. 
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    BabyBear got a reaction from Jennifer Jensen in Under a Rock, or a Log, or a Stone   
    @Jennifer Jenseni had tears reading your story.  I am so sorry for the way others treated you when you were younger.  People can be cruel, children can be cruel, but honestly this shouldn’t be the norm.  if we teach ourselves and then our children and they teach their children etc to be kind one to another and love our neighbors then imagine how many children could be spared that pain of being the odd one out.  Oh what a world that would be.   I am so glad you have a fighting spirit and you have been able to rise above it all and find a passion and calling in life, that you found your true love, and you are finding your true self. 
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    The Very Real Story of Me
    Here I am a 56 year old with my early years behind me but as always I struggle with my weight. 
    I love when someone is able to get passed all the pain and be vulnerable in order to help others. I hope my attempt at being real will help someone else.
    I was always bigger than everyone else in my class. I was also growing in height faster than anyone else, head and shoulders taller than the next tallest kid in my class. "The Jolly Green Giant" read the tag stuck to my back as I entered the my cousin's birthday party. We were all different characters, labeled as we entered my aunt's home. Guess who you are? was the theme of the party game. When someone finally told me I was devastated. I wanted to hide. I wanted to leave. Why didn't I get to be a princess?... ever. 

    In the plays at school I was always an animal or a mother but never an angel or a princess. It hurt. The pain. The humiliation. It wears on you even as a child, or especially as a child. 
    The other day I told my husband that I had started my first diet when I was ten. Yes, ten years old and gaining in height quickly, I was already over five feet. By the end of the sixth grade I was 5'6". I would ride my bicycle to keep myself at 100 lbs so I could go swimming. I had a list of foods I could eat and I really tried hard to lose weight.
    I remember my aunt suggested I take dance with my cousin but my mother said she was afraid the other kids would make fun of me. That was my mother's general response. She didn't want me to be hurt so she kept me at home. I began to trust this response as well. I would just be as nice as I could to those around me but never try to get too close because I might get hurt.
    As I grew into my teens I worked for my dad after school and it was hard, physically demanding work but I kept my grades up. Grades meant everything to me. I had some friends but was so busy with work and school that I didn't have time for friends or extra curricular activities. Home life wasn't great at this time, either. There were many stressors for my family, financial and emotional.  I was often depressed and even tried to kill myself. 
    School was going to be my ticket out but as I studied in college and even lost a quite a bit of weight, I never felt I was going anywhere. I never had the confidence to really believe that any of my education was really going to benefit me. As my self-confidence failed so did my grades and my emotions. There were a few suicide attempts during those years as well.
    After graduating I moved to Atlanta and worked as a kitchen and bath designer. I enjoyed working but really wasn't living up to my potential and never really understood myself well enough to know what I wanted to do. That isn't exactly true. Once I had told my mother I thought I would like to be a nurse and she said she didn't think that would be a good fit for me. I never even asked why. I just assumed that I wouldn't be a good fit. Then I told my dad I thought I would like to be a social worker and he said I could never make enough to live on as a social worker. I tried engineering because I was smart but found out I was either not that smart or not that ambitious one. I settled for Marketing because I already knew a little about the business world.
    While in Atlanta a terrible relationship ended and I couldn't get over it. I again attempted to kill myself and I almost succeeded. After spending time in a mental hospital, I returned home for awhile and determined that I would try living again. 
    I headed back to college to become a teacher. There I did finally meet the man of my dreams and actually was into fitness enough that I wasn't very overweight. We hiked a lot and I had a gym membership. 
    At some point I decided to move back home and work for my dad again. Our long-distance relationship kept me hopeful and happy. My future husband finally got up the nerve to ask me to marry him (after his sister-in-law cornered him and demanded to know why he had not gotten me a ring yet). Knowing I was finally getting married, I was so excited I lost down to the lowest weight ever to fit into my wedding dress. Yes, there was a picture tacked on the wall above my stair-stepper to motivate me to work harder and harder at losing weight. I lived alone and my diet was very routine and I hardly ate anything but it didn't matter, I was getting married to my best friend.
    As the years flew by and my sons were born my weight went up and my energy level plummeted. Each day from the time my first son was born was tiring. I never had enough energy. I seemed drained most of the time. I pushed through nearly fourteen years of homeschooling, thinking I was just not quite good enough that I should be able to do more. During that time my involvement in their activities increased and I even had a period when they were 8 and 11 that I lost 75 lbs. Then my dad died and the weight crept back up.
    Our lives were frantic during our sons' teen years. Both over 6 ft by the end of their twelfth years, they decided to play basketball. We pushed ourselves to give them the athletic experience they desired. This meant many, many nights of travel to other schools and fast food. We basically ran the sports organization for a couple of very painful years. My emotions went haywire because I was always trying to do too much. 
    Our oldest son finally opted for track and cross-country over basketball. Now we had an additional activity to fill our lives, especially mine since they were both still too young to drive. I did begin to take this opportunity to do some exercise of my own while they ran or practiced basketball. Finally, when my oldest was 14 and we were headed to the first cross-country meeting of the year I began to get so tired I knew I wouldn't make it home without a nap. I had them tell Coach that I was not feeling well and had to stay in the car.
    It was the year of our twentieth anniversary and, having ridden my bicycle while waiting for my oldest to run with a few members of the cross-country team over the summer, I was excited that we would be able to ride during our anniversary trip. My mom had provided us with a vacation as a present that year. We had only ridden about fifty yards when I couldn't catch my breath. 
    An asthmatic himself, my husband's first thought was that I had had an asthma attack. We returned home from our trip and he immediately contacted his asthma and allergy doctor who worked me in. Thankfully, the doctor, having assessed my lungs and assured me I did not have asthma, suggested that it might be my thyroid and referred me to an endocrinologist. 
    In 2013 I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis. My thyroid had grown so much that it was blocking my trachea and would have to be removed. After the surgery they did a biopsy and I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. After being treated with a radioactive iodine pill, I was put on thyroid medication. All of my years of untreated hypothyroidism led to polyneuropathy which makes it difficult for me to stick to an exercise. I end up in so much pain that I have to take a break and then start all over again. It is a little frustrating but I am learning to deal with the setbacks. 
    This is my first Whole30 and I am hoping and praying that I will find a way to reduce the inflammation that is the cause of much of my pain and neuropathy. It may be a Whole30 then a Whole45 then a Whole60. I want to enjoy life. I love who I am more than ever before and I love what I do. 
    I finally found my passion is helping others. I work with families who have premature and/or sick babies in the NICU of a regional hospital near where I live. I am furloughed right now and can't wait to go back. While furloughed I have delivered Meals on Wheels about twice a week and taken water and snacks or meals to a nearby park where many of the homeless in the area stay during the day.

    My life is full and the plan is that I will find some answers, grow in my relationship with food (and self-control), be able to enjoy the outdoors and exercise, and have all the energy I need to be there for others.
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    Indeed, and thank you! I wondered myself about detoxing . . . I was so sick throughout my first W30 I thought I wouldn't actually receive any of its benefits! But I learned the body will sometimes only allow itself to release the toxins when it has proper immune support. I dunno. But this morning I do feel like things are moving in the right direction and that this more than likely is just a cold. Grateful for the bone broth and greens in my fridge--there is definitely soup in my immediate future!!
    Thank you so very much!! It's feeling possible and like a whole new chapter for me. A major step in the direction of positive change in the realm of what we were discussing on @BabyBear's log about scarcity and coming from a place of poverty. I grew up in apartments. After my parents divorced when I was 9 neither one of them could afford to own a home, and so home ownership just seemed like something that wasn't in the cards for me. I spend my 20s and 30s getting educated and traveling and, let's face it, living the single-girl life spending money on stuff I didn't really need; and it's only after 40 and reaching some career milestones that I realized I am in control of my money and that getting out of debt and building wealth is my responsibility if I want it.
    Part of me felt I needed or wanted a man to buy a house with, but with The Dude taking care of his parents full time, he's not available for that right now. And in the past year or so I was forced to move from an apartment I loved because the owners sold it--and my dad committed suicide the very week i moved into an apartment I don't love and frankly don't feel safe in. Then COVID and quarantine, and . . . anyway, I think you can see how the universe set things in motion for me to buy this house on my own. I hope The Dude joins me there. I chose a house that works for us both. But I also chose a house I can make work on my own if need be. It's been quite a transformative process. 
    That's all to say thank you @Jennifer Jensen for your prayers!!
    Oh, and a W105 or maybe longer also feels more and more possible for me. Part of it is that I've been playing with macros and further restrictions overseen by my doc for thyroid health since Day 23, so when the time comes, likely November now, to increase my food options in phases within W30, it'll feel like Christmas to me! Also, I have a dear friend who has successfully treated her Graves Disease without removal of her thyroid with an AIP W30 protocol and maintained it for over two years. She's simply decided it's now her way of life because it's how she finally feels good and manages her health. So she's an inspiration to me. And more than two years doing a super strict protocol makes 105 days seem like a walk in the park.
    Not sure when I'll begin reintroductions, but right now the only thing I'm even remotely interested in testing is a glass of wine. But I'm in no hurry. It's more for the social aspect of drinking during the holidays. The thing that's calling my name right now is potatoes. Back in the day when I did my first W30 potatoes weren't allowed. Now that they are, it's the first thing I'll be adding back in when the time comes to bring in more starches. Seriously. I'm dreaming about the potatoes I used to eat in Ireland--par boiled then smashed and roasted in plenty of ghee at high heat in the oven. Cue Homer Simpson drool face. 
    I'd say if this is me doing my worst I'm in pretty good shape at the moment!
    Thank you for all your loving support, friends!
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    @LadyM oh hurray on the house! That is exciting!
     Isn’t it odd how much we resist returning to a healthy habit that made us happy and made us feel better once we have had a momentary stepping away.  
    i hope you feel better soon, and that it is nothing more than a change in weather, or detoxing.  
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    The distance makes it hard on both.  The years prior to marrying my hubby he was the sole care giver for his mom as her health failed for three years.  Within that year his last member of his family his older brother started getting really sick and my man insisted on getting him in front of a doctor.  Stage 4 cancer in his lungs and 8 brain tumors.  He basically became the sole care provider for his brother as well.  We lost his brother exactly one year after his mom passing.  We lived 1.5 hours from each other (not the 4 hour drive you had) but even that distance made it so hard.  Communication on your part and understanding is key.  When I got my head out of my own feelings to realize some days he didn’t have the fortitude or energy to even text back “ok” or “hi”  I remember having a hard heart to heart with him while his mom was sick and afterwards seeing that my good morning messages and my sporadic I love you and thinking about you messages throughout the day we’re keeping him going (even though I felt like they were being ignored) help me put my role of support from a distance into perspective.  I had offered many times to help relieve him to sit with his mom or brother but he never wanted me there.  I felt like I was being stuffed armed until he explained for his own sanity sake he wanted to keep me separate from all the pain.  His association with me was his happy place his place of escape as little as it was at the time and he didn’t want to taint that or expose me to the deep deep painful moments he was walking through.  I never understood his thought process there but i learned to be okay with it if it was what he needed.  After all was said and done and he had a year to really grieve and process he asked me to marry him.  He is the most wonderful man and I’m so glad I weathered that very very long storm.  I also saw how well he cared for his family and I knew that he would provide the same care for me and my kids.  Be patient with each other, stay out of your head on things. Communicate every day your support and thoughts and on goings of life even if he can’t. I’m sorry for carrying on and crying all over your log.  I just want you to know you have at least one person who understands and you can feel free to message me anytime for support.  *hugs*
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    Day 42
    Feeling pretty run down with what feels like a cold but makes me worried it could be something else. I scheduled a COVID test in the morning to be sure, especially because I may have exposed the Dude and his Mom.
    Nothing much to report here on the food front, except I had a phone consult with my doc's office and will be continuing phase 2 of this Whole 30 for at least 10 days longer. I'm good with that. It seems drawing things out is what it's about in my life these days.
    Which brings me to the house and the good news that it appraised at exactly our agreed-to price. Which means, fingers and toes crossed, the house will be mine and I'll get to move in at the end of the month. Ahhhhhhhhh! So much packing to finish up. It'll get done, though. Everything will work out just fine. 
    Now to get some rest and stop stressing. I think it's time to make meditation a daily priority again. My trip to Wisconsin to eulogize my Grandmother threw me off that practice. Time to return to the mat. It's as simple as that. . . . 
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    My log is not much of a log. I just can't keep up with everything I do and do it as well. Not sure if that made sense.

    I didn't have to worry too much with food today. I am loving making fried eggs. I don't know why I always make scrambled. 

    M1 fried eggs, bacon, two sweet potato rounds with blueberries on top. (The blueberries was a new thing and I really like it.)
    M2 citrus rosemary chicken on kale with grapes, apple, dried cranberries, raisins, carrots, chopped spiralized butternut squash, toasted walnuts, and bacon (I just put a little bit of everything b/c I like variety) with my apple blueberry acv dressing
    M3 red chicken curry with potatoes and onions - so filling!

    Note to self: Never, ever eat 1 1/2 avocados in one day! 

    I am making a little project for the daughter of a friend of my sister's. Her name is Violet and she has Rett Syndrome so I am making a Teacup filled with African Violets for her. I tried to find some colors for the teacup that are a little brighter. Now I found out that I will need to mail it. Hmmm...