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    Unfavorable symptoms

    It’s now been about 2-3 hrs since eating, my hands & feet itch & I have a terrible headache. Thinking I definitely need to avoid soy! Will try again when my 30 is up to re-introduce.
  2. Wow! This makes so much sense to me! I’ve had sore throats from cantaloupe in the past, I learned 2 1/2 yrs ago with allergy testing that I’m allergic to ragweed! Thank you for this info!!
  3. Day 14...Besides the depression & desire to cry after eating at my in laws .... even though I asked all the right questions & getting all the correct answers that should’ve made the meal compliant I found out they used Pam cooking spray & not olive oil like I was told. Within 20 mins of eating I had horrible, sharp right side pain (a problem I had for years but has been gone for a week on the Whole30) & a horrible hot flash (I’m 36, not something I’m new to, but never happened post meals). I know it’s off plan & I should start over (tears) I just need to know if this is a reaction to the soy this quickly after consuming.
  4. I started my whole 30 on Monday, 12/11. I felt great day 1 & 2. Day 3 was the first appearance of my sore throat. It seems to come and go with meals, but I can't figure out why or what is causing it. Wondering if it is food related, I have gone through allergy testing and I am allergic to alot of plants! I take an allergy pill every other day, and the sore throat shows up on the day I don't take my pill. I'm wondering if it's possibly an allergy to something I'm eating? Tempted to just start eliminating fruit and veggies that were not part of my diet pre-whole 30. I have always eaten a lot of veggies and fruits...but never had this problem until i started the whole 30.