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    Cauliflower Rice

    Earlier this year, myself and a few friends went through whole30 and while it was difficult it was so very worth it. One of the main staples we consumed was "cauliflower rice". We're ramping up to go through another 'round' in January, and I began thinking - why is cauliflower 'rice' ok, yet cauliflower 'wraps' are not? I'm trying to understand the logic, but unfortunately no where does the website or other posts list any type of reasoning behind this. I suppose my question / thought process comes down to - I understand that we don't want to continue to enable the 'dependency' we have on certain items. That's why it's recommend to not make 'compliant SWYPO' items, and I 100% support that. But looking back, I'm not sure how having a replacement for rice isn't supporting that dependency, while somehow having a 'wrap' would be. Any thoughts on some of these gray areas? If I make my own wraps is it somehow now ok? {Similar to slicing my own 'chips' and baking them myself?} If I buy pre-riced-cauliflower is that off limits because of the convenience aspect?
  2. This is my second round thirty, and the first one was beyond life changing. That being said, I noticed towards the later half of the last round I would have literal nightmares that I would 'forget' and slip up. Not give in to temptation, not just give up and quit, but I would somehow just completely forget I was doing this and find myself soda and candy bar in hand. Interestingly enough, I'm on day two now and already last night I had the first nightmare about this. Woke up temporarily in a rush of "OH NO!", only to realize I was sleeping and my brain running haywire. Am I the only person that this happens to? Any thoughts on what might be going on in my subconscious to cause this?
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    Breakfast options

    I agree it's not the best choice at all, I think we're saying the same thing there -> "Even though this isn't the 'goal' breakfast long-term" It's just my personal experience of what helped me through that first week or so of adjustment. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to just jump in on day one of my first whole30 downing a bowl of meat and veggies, so I assumed that OP could also be the same way. If so, I just wanted to provide a very temporary alternative to get them through those first few days of misery, and help alleviate the concern that it was going to be day one of "here's a bowl of spinach and eggs good luck." Edit: I'm totally writing that recipe down to try later this week;I love sneaking cauliflower in on the boyfriend anyway I can.
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    To Peel or not to Peel?

    For some reason I've never even considered leaving the skin on a sweet potato {but I do for regular all the time}. Now I have something to try!
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    Breakfast options

    I'm the exact same way! It's hard for my to keep anything down in the morning, and I'm really just not hungry at all usually. During my first whole30 last year, I started with chia seed pudding {~1/4 cup chia seeds, 1 cup almond or coconut milk, refrigerate overnight; Add more chia seeds and compliant-"toppings" in the morning - cinnamon, berries, banana, etc}. Slowly work your way up to eating the whole servings, and then you can start branching out once you're feeling tired of chia seeds. You'd be surprised that suddenly you start to want to eat in the morning, and even weird things like veggies {WHAT?!} Even though this isn't the 'goal' breakfast long-term, it's good for the first week when your body is adjusting to the idea of actually wanting anything in the morning. I promise, it does get better, even for us finicky-early-morning-nauseas-folks.
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    Panic that I'll forget

    Glad to know I'm not completely alone at least. I cleaned out the pantry, fridge and freezer completely before {this time and last} so thankfully the odds of a late night or early morning, half asleep 'oops' are pretty mitigated. I so rarely remember my dreams that having these panic-dreams are just so odd to me. Waking me knows a "oops, I fell on a french fry" concepts are unrealistic, but sleeping me seems to consider them a very real possibility haha ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Cauliflower Rice

    I've tried lettuce and for whatever reason my mind can't stomach it. Perhaps that will be my goal this time around! Thank you for the clarification, I really do appreciate it!
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    Cauliflower Rice

    Thanks for the speedy reply! I did search for those, but unfortunately 99% of what I found was recipes. I must have overlooked something. That makes sense for wraps that are pre-made, such as ; But what about in scenarios where I would make them at home and it's just cauliflower & egg? I suppose it comes to really being honest with myself on what I have a dependency on though. I.e. what's just adding variation in our day to day meals vs. that cold-sweat panic of "what if I can't have this!?!" - is that accurate?