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  1. BKA

    Cauliflower Bechamel

    To be honest, I pretty much did it for the nutmeg
  2. BKA

    Cauliflower Bechamel

    Yesterday, I had a lot of leftover filling (ground beef, tomato, and a bunch of other vegetables) from my stuffed peppers a couple of meals prior. I put the leftovers in a cake pan, covered with sliced eggplant, and made this amazing Bechamel sauce that I thought others might be interested in. Here's the link https://www.forksoverknives.com/recipes/cauliflower-bechamel/#gs.MPsukYI The sauce itself was amazing, and my adult daughter, who's doing the Whole30 with me, said the meal was her favourite Whole30 one yet (and we've been cooking up a storm!). Barb
  3. BKA

    February 27 - Newbie Start Date!! Join!!!

    I am so happy to read this. It's been hard for me to find Whole30-compliant deli meats, but my husband was just showing me some back bacon (Canadian bacon, for my US friends) that he bought. I won't eat it a lot, but I hope to make eggs Benny on sweet potato this weekend
  4. BKA

    Sun dried tomatoes

    They all had sulphites (to preserve colour). I went with roasted red pepper in my omelet instead :-D
  5. BKA

    Sun dried tomatoes

    Darn. My sun-dried tomatoes have sulphur dioxide in them. Off to the store I go...
  6. I don't normally eat jerky and only occasionally eat bacon. But now I want them both! Badly!
  7. I have yet to find compliant bacon and jerky :-(
  8. Thanks. I was just going to go without dressing :-D
  9. BKA

    Substitution for canned sweet potatoes

    OMG I feel like a total moron. I was just about to take a photo of the recipe to say, see? It doesn't mention a cup anywhere. And then I see it!!! Am I going through the brain fog stage or something? Sorry to put you all through this. You must think I'm crazy! I am wondering myself...
  10. BKA

    Substitution for canned sweet potatoes

    So, I am guessing that when you double the recipe, you use roughly one cup? So a half a cup for a single recipe? Anyway, I will be doubling the recipe so will go with two smallish ones because I have those on hand. This thread is quite funny. If I didn't cook, I would be really stressed out about the fact that nobody has really committed to a cup size But I cook and and can wing it.
  11. BKA

    Substitution for canned sweet potatoes

    The amount quoted in the recipe is "one can." There is no mention of the size of a can and having never heard of canned sweet potatoes, I have no idea what size they come in. Anyway, I am going to make the recipe now and will just wing it and imagine what I think the texture should be.
  12. Thanks! Part of the reason I posted, though, is that the option to use the "edit" button to make the change on this thread after the fact might be helpful for other newbies like me
  13. Thanks I am aware of the "follow" button, but I don't like those options. I prefer just having the little bell icon notifier: I can get that to work properly if I click on this notification when I post: But if I forget to do that, I can't access it unless I post again
  14. BKA

    Substitution for canned sweet potatoes

    I have never seen the canned version. What size of can?
  15. Hi, I keep forgetting to check the box to request notification of replies. Is there a way to access the box after posting?