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  1. i ate three meals which I felt I really ate a lot at, much more than usual. Felt good and not hungry. Had one snack of almonds. I think you are right though I will try four meals even if I'm not "hungry" Thank you so much for your reply!
  2. Hello, I am on day 2 of the whole 30. I am so excited to clean up my diet and become a healthier version of me. I am breastfeeding a 6 month old and yesterday on day one I felt great however today day 2 I woke up jittery (like I had two pots of coffee) shaky hands and felt overall pretty crummy. I ate a breakfast of eggs, avocado, and potatoes which improved symptoms but still didn't completely resolve them. I don't think I should be hungry an hour after eating all this but maybe that is the reason. Has anyone else had this kind of reaction? I am totally willing to just ride it out but I don'