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  1. Well, today marks my last day on my first round of Whole30 plus a week. I actually decided to stay on it an extra week because I wanted to time the 'completed' with my husbands birthday and a couple family events that are happening in the next couple weeks. It is my way of showing him that I greatly appreciated his coming on board with this after being a source of issue in the beginning. During the next week and half, I'm still going to be following Whole30 mostly, but this way when we go out for his birthday dinner, he can have whatever he wants without feeling like he is teasing me, and I can have a little more options. Once that week and half is done, it will be back to Whole30 full time to try and get my energy kicked up finally. My victories over the last 30+ days. Well, the one everyone always asks, I've dropped 12.8 pounds as of last week (was before I decided to continue another week), I haven't weighed myself this week yet, that will be tomorrow. I don't feel as bloated all the time like I was before, and I've had zero.....yup exactly zero issues related to my lack of gallbladder. It is the first time in years that I have gone longer than a week without having to make runs to the bathroom after having just ate something that my body no longer likes without knowing what it was that triggered it in the first place. That to me is a huge positive which only someone else with a similar issue could truly understand. While I haven't had the energy boost, and I could still sleep 12+ hours a day if I allowed myself, I also don't have that fog once I am awake that makes me want to roll over and go back asleep. Considering the long time I've had energy issues, I do think this will eventually work itself out which is another reason I will be doing a second round. Cumin, omg I love cumin which I had never had until doing this. I read the chicken run in the Whole30 book and have used it for everything at this point it is so good.
  2. Thanks! That was along the lines of what I was thinking in terms of it may need to take longer because of how bad it was. It is what I'm hoping for at least. I am realizing after your response and Sugarcubes, that I am definitely not getting the fat amounts daily that I should be. I'm going to start working on that next and see if that helps any.
  3. I can hold 3 comfortably in my hand, or 3 if I am really stretching and spreading my hand out. It is why I do the 2 hard boiled in the morning, and if I do an omelette I will do 3 eggs. I am not sure I would say Eggs are my sole source of protein. If I have chicken for lunch, I have it for dinner, or ground turkey or beef etc. sometimes with sweet potato from the awesome recipe in the Whole30 book (btw, love the cumin rub). I definitely don't have 5 eggs every day (2 @ bf, 3 @ din) I would say this is more of a ... twice a week thing at most. My apologizes too, when I put omelette, I had originally put that I add chopped vegetables (spinach/onion/mushroom/tomato/red potato) but I restarted that line and seems to have been left out. I will say that yes, I don't probably get a lot of fat. In my avoiding butters, I may be avoiding everything 'fat' associated. I do cook with Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, but other than that... I might have a 1/4 of walnuts once a week ... maybe?
  4. So I am coming up on the end of my 3rd week of my first round of Whole30. I know that there is a patch where you will have an energy drain in the beginning, but I'm wondering how long that lasts? I've had an issue with being overwhelmingly tired where I could sleep 12 - 14 hours at a time, longer if I let myself. After a battery of tests which all came back negative, the cause of the extreme sleep is unknown. This was one of the reasons I turned to Whole30, wondering if what I was eating at that time was the cause. I will say, that since the first week, even though I am so tired I could sleep for 12 hours, when I'm awake, I am awake. I don't have the fog, or disconnected feeling I would frequently get which I think is a huge improvement. I'm just curious if the lack of energy could continue for the whole 30 (no pun intended) days? Typically, my breakfast is 2 hard boiled eggs, a mix of carrots/mushrooms/onions and fruit (an apple, orange, pear, mango or banana). Lunch could be chicken breast/lean beef/lean turkey cooked with onions green peppers and mushrooms, and fruit. With dinner typically the other half of what I made for lunch, or could be an omelette with fruit. Protein portions are the size of my palm, with double the amount in vegetables. I'm not a snacker, but on the rare occasion I have that urge, I'll usually snack on a cup of vegetables or fruit. I'm planning on doing a second round after this one finishes, only because I'm actually enjoying it a lot and really want to make sure that I'm clean before I start to slowly reintroduce things. Just want to make sure that at some point, the need for 12hrs of sleep or more will go away lol
  5. Oooo, that sounds really delicious! I need to head to the store to restock my fruits, I'll have to give that a try when I get them. I admit I've been avoiding the butters all the butters that are on plan, only because I'm always afraid of the hidden stuff they don't list for ingredients
  6. You are not alone with this happening, my hubs was the same way the first week which caused my having to restart...twice! I ended up having to have a talk with him about his intentionally sabotaging this for me and my very specific, very real reasons for needing to do this. I have no gallbladder and I am one of those, where there are foods that are triggers for issues but I can't figure out what foods, or ingredients is the root cause so every meal was my playing roulette and marking where the closest facility was. I'm now just about to complete the three week mark, and even though I hear constantly that he is 'HUuunngrryy' and 'his' food he was never hungry with like this, he is way more supportive now than he was. He even made a comment a couple days ago that while I still don't seem to have any energy (I agree mostly) he can see the physical changes that this has done for me and he's willing to forego what he wants to help me stick to it, even for another round if I decide to do so. He admitted that at first, he thought this was just another diet I was trying, not a change to how I eat completely. Hang in there, and nothing else, try to explain the very real reasons you want/need to do this. Never know...it may help?
  7. Kattz

    Over a week done and... restart?

    Ya, that was pretty much what I thought as well, but I won't deny I was just a tiny bit hopeful. Well then, here's to my Day 1! What have I learned, a well intention husband, who doesn't fully get why you are doing what you are doing so isn't fully supportive, but is trying, is not going to be the best person to try food from.
  8. So I started on December 11th. I know, not what is suggested as an ideal time to do this, but I felt I needed to start now versus waiting. I had my gallbladder taken out around ten years ago, and something I was never warned about from the Dr was that foods may have an adverse reaction to my body after it was gone. I caulk it up to the fact that I went to the ER, and was in surgery three hours later, and my post-op checkup was just to see how the healing was going, possibly. What I found out within a few months, was that there are foods that I have some pretty ugly reactions to now, within 20 minutes of eating them... tops. It is never the same each time, and so it feels like I am always playing Russian roulette when I eat. It has gotten a little better over the years, but I think that is mostly because I have started avoiding foods that are known triggers like the plague, or if I have them, I enjoy the heck out of them knowing I'll pay shortly after. Another issue I've had that has steadily gotten worse over the last few years, I am plagued with zero energy. I could sleep for 14 hours and still be tired, get 7 hours of sleep and still be tired. After a battery of tests and finding nothing wrong, I felt now was the time to try Whole30 and see if certain foods are the issue for my lack of any energy, and what food or ingredient is my true enemy with my non-gallbladder. Now I'm faced with possibly having to restart and I'm not sure if I need to or not. My husband, bless his heart, is attempting to do this with me. He's got it down mostly, but he still enjoys his cereal daily as well as Nutrigrain bars and such. Last night, he decided he was going to make dinner for us which I give him props for doing. He cooked up the extra lean beef with some veggies, and some spices. His own little concoction, and it tasted fabulous. What I didn't realize till after, was that he used a spice combo that we picked up when we were on vacation in Jamaica, which has sugar as one of the ingredients. Now, they use the real raw cane sugar there, not the refined, or fake stuff we have here, but it is still sugar none-the-less. Does this mean that I have to count today as a re-Day1? Or can it be a lesson learned and continue on with this being Day 10?