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    salsasis14 got a reaction from ladalton in Amino Almonds!   
    I just adapted my mom's tamari almonds for W30 and they're awesome!
    Roast 1lb raw, whole almonds at 300F for 15 mins on a cookie sheet, lined with foil or parchment.
    In a heat-proof bowl, toss almonds with 1/4c coconut aminos and 1/4 tsp salt.  Let sit for 5 minutes.  Toss again, then place in a single layer on the same sheet, and roast until dark mahogany outside, toasty brown inside.  Took me about 30 min, tossing every 10.
    Let cool completely, then enjoy!
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    salsasis14 reacted to jmcbn in What to Expect Calendar (Symptoms)   
    Can I just comment here that not everyone follows the timeline so if you're NOT experiencing the listed 'symptoms' you're not necessarily doing it wrong - also sometimes the expectation actually brings it on, which isn't always the best thing

    Comparison is the thief of joy - enjoy your OWN journey!!