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    Hi @NZ Robin I hope your Whole30 is going well so far?  
    I am a Certified Whole30 Coach in NZ and I have a few NZ resources on my website like recipes and also a FB group called KiwisWhoWhole30. 
    Hope your first week is going well! I am running a Whole30 group in NZ  that starts 1st Feb! Looking forward to my 5th Whole30 :)
    Warm Regards,
    The Remedy Project
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    Hadley F reacted to Becky Henderson in Real Plans for Single People   
    I use Real Plans.  I'm loving it. You customize the settings to your serving size. I'm using for 1.  Recipes that appeal to me I make double to go in freezer. So, far I've not ended up wasting food.  The first week I spent $67. I started using Wal-Mart pick up service which is available to me. With Real Plans shopping list, I go through ordering only what I need from the list. I feel this saves even more that I'm not tempted to buy what I don't need as I would if physically shopping. The recipes are fairly simple.  Although I will say my first attempt at making Ghee was laughable. Can you say smoky kitchen and burned pan?  But with a little patience the second attempt was successful. Most vegetables I get frozen, large bags of broccoli, green beans, cauliflower, etc.  
    The first week, I started January 24, the amount of dishes to clean up was terrifying.  Last weekend I sat down to come up with a plan to help in that area. Baking pans I cover with aluminum foil, then add parchment paper. I use two different size iron skillets which I immediately clean up place back on stove, one sauce pot and my Cosori pressure cooker. I also spent some time chopping, slicing and dicing onions, peppers, cucumbers, and celery. I store the cucumbers in a mason jar, covering the cukes with white vinegar, this keeps them crisp.  Having those ready for use is a huge plus. 
    I live alone, work the hours of 12 noon to 7 p.m. I could easily use the excuse of my work hours aren't working well with this life style change. That would not be true the only thing not working well with this life style change is me and my attitude. Thankfully that is gradually changing.  Here's to a successful Whole 30 journey for the both of us. 
    Give Real Plans a try.  It's working great for me.