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    Reactions w/reintroduction

    I have been doing the fast track reintro plan and it seems like everything I eat non whole 30 except for oats has caused me great stomach pain, bloating and gas. Is this normal? Am I really sensitive to all legumes and other gluten free grains other than oats? I am supposed to do dairy tomorrow which I am only reintroducing plan greek yogurt but I am afraid of still feeling bad. Should I just go back to whole30 strict meals until my digestion is back to feeling good?
  2. lizzard22

    Whole30 Sample Reintroduction Schedule

    Thank you, what I means was only doing one of the foods out of the food group at a time like peanuts one day then beans another day but it might be after I reintroduce a gluten free grain.
  3. lizzard22

    Tired on day 27

    I am on day 27 and I feel the same way both in the gym and with general energy levels in the afternoon I felt really good about a week ago but have been going downhill since. My typical day is wake up 6am with a w/o at 8:30-9:15. I have a glass of lemon water, tea and my pre w/o meal by 7:30-7:45 egg and avocado or 1 tsp nut butter and egg then eat a post w/o or breakfast within 30 min. Post w/o is 2 oz of a lean protein and a handful serving of a starchy veggie. Breakfast is typically 3 eggs w/some veggies over some greens and a handful of berries & coconut shreds or 1/2 grapefruit if I don't have coconut 1/2 an avocado is my fat. Lunch is at 12:30 or 1 either leftovers from night before or a salad w/greens veggies and protein fat source here is usually a handful of nuts or 1/2 an avocado. Afternoon I usually want a snack or crave 1/2 an apple w/nut butter or something, not sure what to eat here if anything- I have been experimenting w/it over the last 27 days but don't feel like I have been able to dial it in. I am starving by dinner time and can barely push it off till 6:30 when my husband gets home but this is a well balanced between a protein and lots of veggies I try to add a fat in here either avocado or olives but don't always just depends on what the meal is and if it goes w/it. I sleep well w/full 8 hrs every night but I am tired and ready for bed by the time 9pm rolls around (if I am lucky to last that long). Is this normal?
  4. lizzard22

    Whole30 Sample Reintroduction Schedule

    If I do a slow roll reintroduction and focus on specific foods within a food group should I test all foods within that group before moving onto the next or can I choose the order that works best for me? example: day 31 peanuts day 34 gluten free oats day 37 beans and so on but not doing all legumes befor moving onto gluten free grains?
  5. I am almost to day 30 (on day 28) and I am feeling good and want to keep on going it is not daunting to me at all to meal prep or eat the way I have been eating. We have company coming into town though in 1.5 weeks from today and I want to enjoy deserts and going out to eat w/them. I wanted to do the slow roll reintro phase but feel like I need to test out gluten and dairy - yes I know the two most troublesome areas before they get here. Help, what should I do? Should I just stick w/whole30 + through their visit and rule out any extras? I know it is my choice but I feel a bit trapped.
  6. I experienced this on my last whole30 and realized it was from not eating enough carbs, don’t be scared of sweet potatos or the other starchy carb veggies.
  7. Hang in there! I had 10days this round of being sick (I think it was the flu) BUT I know eating well helped my body fight it. I had lots of bone broth, soup, citrus fruits and eggs with veggies it was all that sounded good but it also made me feel good.
  8. lizzard22

    Tired on day 27

    No I’m not. Is the apple and cashew butter ok in the afternoon or should i go towards more protein?