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    Personally, I write down anything that went well that day. No cravings? Cool. My kids didn't throw a tantrum? Great. The book is for YOU. For YOU to write about anything that went well that day. Got off work early? That sounds good to me- write it down! Didn't have to explain what the whole30 is, someone just accepted it? Win. Didn't have to think about when your next meal was coming...write it down. The book is for you to track your progress and how you're doing mentally. The tiniest thing can be positive. Write. It. Down.
  2. KristenT

    Nutpod problems (need substitute)

    You can use canned coconut cream, califia farms unsweetend almond milk (LOVE IT!), unsweetend coconut milk, there's a brand called wander life creamer that's compliant... There are tons of options. I'm not much of a coffee drinker (cold brew all the way!), but I'll use a non dairy milk as my "creamer".
  3. KristenT

    Help - Daaaaays of Constipation

    With the amount of information you've provided, I would say that you definitely need some other types of vegetables. You've got a lot of starches going in that can back you up. I would take an Epsom salt bath to get some magnesium in you. Plus, a warm bath will be relaxing!!
  4. KristenT

    Day 10 Tiger Blood!

    Congratulations! That's so amazing! It's still near to be able to see the results within ourselves so quickly, isn't it?!
  5. KristenT

    aw nuts!

    HI feel you on the nut issue. I didn't realize I had an issue until lately and I'm so sad! Haha Anyways, as a mom with a toddler and an almost toddler, I feel where you're coming from. I'd go with a big lunch of leftovers, then eat some of them at 2:30/3 when you can or bring some backup in the form of hard boiled eggs and guac and carrots. It's something you can eat quick or even in the car if you need to!