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  1. bad_monkey123

    Starting January 2!

    Your post made me look at the Yogi tea "Kava" and it has stevia as the last ingredient. I have had mostly Ginger (ok) and Detox (also ok) but a couple cups of Kava since the 2nd. Do I need to start all over? I've been kicking butt otherwise. I can't start over until mid-February for a totally committed Whole30.
  2. bad_monkey123

    Starting January 2!

    I'm sorry for your loss. I hope you have safe travels.
  3. bad_monkey123

    Starting January 2!

    I'm doing my 1st Whole30 starting on the 2nd, but I've done other types of elimination diets before. No one is doing this with me, so this will be a helpful group. I'm excited! (except for the coffee)