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  1. Hi LaughingSun, I'm starting my Whole30 SIBO version tomorrow (3/2)...so you won't be on your own, I'll be around. I keep a daily journal in the journaling section--
  2. Hi Karen, Sorry to hear about your thyroid issues. My daughter had a hemi-thyroidectomy 2 years ago, so I'm very empathetic anytime I hear about someone dealing with similar issues. Have you heard about SIBO?? You might want to check out the symptoms because your allergies/intolerances sound a lot like mine (eggs, yeast, whey protein) I was recently diagnosed with SIBO--the symptoms of which really flared up during after the second week of my whole30...I ultimately had to stop at Day18 because my doctor wanted me just to focus on SIBO approved foods, and not worry about following a Whole30 at that time. Like you, I didn't feel any better on my Whole30, only much much worse, this was due to the fact that about 90% of what I was eating was NOT SIBO Specific Diet approved. Even though it was Whole30 compliant, certain foods are not allowed on SIBO diet (for reasons I won't go into here right now)... this is not to say one can't do a SIBO version of Whole30, you definitely can, but I wasn't doing that because at the time I didn't even know I had SIBO! The SIBO Specific Diet combines low-fodmap and SIBO diet. You can definitely do a Whole30, but the food lists will be a bit different. Some might say they're more restrictive but I definitely think you could do it. An example of the difference is things like fruit. If you have SIBO, you can have grapes, tangerines, mandarin oranges, pineapple, bananas (there are more but I won't list them all here), but not apples, dates, pears, peaches, nectarines...you can have peanut butter but only a tiny bit of almond butter (wouldn't have PB on Whole30,but could have hazelnut butter). Then there are certain vegetables you can and can't have (FODMAP)...so it's very do-able but takes a bit of getting used to it all. Anyway, I might suggest checking out the Sibo Specific Diet and perhaps getting tested for SIBO...Like you, I've had a hysterectomy (and breast cancer), so lots of surgeries and antibiotics, and all that good stuff which can create SIBO....I suffered for 3 years, feeling like cr*p everyday, trying to lose the 30 pounds I instantly gained after my hysterectomy and nothing worked. I started my Whole30 and things got so bad I thought I was having an appendicitis every day! Thank goodness it wasn't that, just too many foods not allowed for those with SIBO. I feel very grateful for my Whole30 experience, even though the outcome wasn't what I initially hoped would happen. It forced my SIBO to the forefront of my health and now I'm on the herbal antibiotics and following the SIBO diet, I feel much much better. So much better, that I'm strongly considering giving myself another go at doing a Whole30 SIBO Style!
  3. MimiHi

    Tuna with vegetable broth - start over?

    Here's my view on RunnerMom continuing on, and I say this knowing full well it's against the rules of the Whole30. Yes, we all can agree she screwed up by consuming soy in her tuna, however by quitting now, RunnerMom misses out on the opportunity to discover other issues she may have with food. My point is not about the soy exposure, which I agree impacts her body's reset, my point is that there is also the emotional-connection-to-food component we are to address during these 30days, and that's what she will miss out on. Isn't part of the goal of a Whole30 to examine our relationship with food?
  4. MimiHi

    Tuna with vegetable broth - start over?

    This is disgusting. Seriously, this is the extent to which foods are hidden?? It’s appalling that we can’t buy a can of tuna and actually expect to have just tuna in the can. I fell so badly for you, Runnermom. I really do. I hate to see you quit over such deception. I understand the rules and all, I just hate to see you quit when you’ve been working so hard. My vote is you stick around, keep going and finish the 30 days. It won’t be a perfect reset, but you’ve discovered something very valuable for your long term health, and in my book that’s very important too. Sorry moderators, I acknowledge my statement goes against the rules of the Whole30. I simply find this type of thing very upsetting when we are all trying so hard to be compliant, and I hate to see Runnermom give up due to something like this. With much Aloha for your hard work, MimiHI.
  5. Hi everyone. Thanks for starting this thread,LeighT-- I think I need to try exactly what you're doing...I'm on day 15 and have discovered some real painful symptoms happening that I can't quite figure out. I'm wondering if there is a SIBO Specific Whole30 food list? I'm knew to all this, so I'm a bit overwhelmed as to determining which Whole30 shopping list would be the best. Right now, I'm leaning to one I found called the Histamine Intolerance Whole30 food list, but this is only because it seems the most restrictive of all of them! You are all so amazing to be doing this. I thought the first 15 days were a challenge, but adding in additional restrictions definitely takes things up a notch!