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    MimiHi got a reaction from LaughingSun in Whole30 and SIBO Specific Diet (Low FODMAP and SCD)   
    Hi LaughingSun,
    I'm starting my Whole30 SIBO version tomorrow (3/2)...so you won't be on your own, I'll be around. I keep a daily journal in the journaling section-- 
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    MimiHi got a reaction from snd9 in Tuna with vegetable broth - start over?   
    This is disgusting. Seriously, this is the extent to which foods are hidden?? It’s appalling that we can’t buy a can of tuna and actually expect to have just tuna in the can. I fell so badly for you, Runnermom. I really do. I hate to see you quit over such deception. I understand the rules and all, I just hate to see you quit when you’ve been working so hard. My vote is you stick around, keep going and finish the 30 days. It won’t be a perfect reset, but you’ve discovered something very valuable for your long term health, and in my book that’s very important too. 
    Sorry moderators, I acknowledge my statement goes against the rules of the Whole30. I simply find this type of thing very upsetting when we are all trying so hard to be compliant, and I hate to see Runnermom give up due to something like this. With much Aloha for your hard work, MimiHI.
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    MimiHi reacted to RunnerMom in Tuna with vegetable broth - start over?   
    Thanks for the response. I can understand the reasoning and science behind the need to start over due to soy ingestion. 
    I am just so mad and deflated as I was doing SO good and was SO proud of myself for following it 100% (so I thought). But I picked Jan 1st to start for a reason as I have too many events and travels coming up in February to start over now. 
    As the book states, the program isn’t hard. But ensuring you are compliant 100% of the time due to shady labeling just shows the difficulty of following this program in the real world. In theory, it’s great. 
    Thanka again for the support and feedback!