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  1. foodfamilywine

    Trying to Start off Strong

    Have you looked at the #whole30recipes hashtag on instagram? Or the @whole30recipes page on instagram? They have so many posts to look at. I've started adding recipes to my own site which most are Whole30 compliant. Some of my other favorites are I hope you find some inspiration on your Day 1.
  2. foodfamilywine

    Any alternatives to spaghetti squash?

    Carrots, sweet potatoes, beets, daikon radish all work for zoodles.
  3. foodfamilywine

    Recipe Blogs

    I just started posting recipes on my own site a few months ago. Most of the ingredients are Whole30. Some of my other favorites Good luck on your Whole30. I just started Round 4 yesterday. Chicken Enchilada Soup is in the slow cooker now.
  4. foodfamilywine

    Starting first Whole 30 January 1!

    I'll be starting another round January 1st as well. Last year, I had 2 friends join me and we meal prepped together. It was so fun and really helped to have other on-board. This year, I'm actually teaching 4 Whole30 cooking classes at my local Whole Foods. I'm excited to share recipes and tips about Whole 30 with anyone who is interested in listening. I do a lot of meal prepping because of my work schedule. I don't like to spend a lot of time cooking after a long day. I also try to have "emergency meals" ready in my freezer. That could be single servings of meatballs, burgers, sausages, or different casseroles that I have made extra portions of. I am excited to see so many people joining for the first time! I would suggest taking some time to write down "why" you want to do the Whole30. This gives you something to look back at when you are struggling. Good luck! Kimberly
  5. foodfamilywine

    Anxious Newbie Seeking Support for 1/1/2018

    My hubby and I are starting Round 4 January 1st. I have found that the Whole30 program and entire experience is so enlightening. I did lose weight on Whole30, but that wasn't my main goal. I had severe digestive issues that I wanted to figure out. In the process, I did figure out what foods do not work for me. I felt so much better during and after my Whole30. My acne cleared up, I had more energy and I slept better. I am definitely more in tune with how food affects me. I do a lot of meal prepping and have "emergency meals" in my freezer for those times I just don't feel like cooking. There are also so many great products available for easy meals. Something I'm excited about is I will be teaching cooking classes at my local Whole Foods in January. 4 weeks of Whole30 recipes that I'll get to share. I hope you have a great experience on your Whole30! Kimberly