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    I love all of your posts. Great job so far!  I prefer to use avocado oil (costco has it pretty cheap). The flavor of olive oil can be very strong. I have heard light olive oil is good, but since I love avocado oil so much and always have it on hand, I haven't tried the light olive oil.  Today is my Day2.  Day 1 went great for me. My husband tried convincing me to start this round today. I'm pretty sure he wanted a glass of bubbly. LOL!  I said no way, I'm starting today. You can do what you like.  He ended up getting on board.
    Today I'm making a crock pot chicken enchilada soup.  I did chop my veggies last night, but I do buy pre-chopped at times when I just don't have the capacity to do all of the things!  Here's the recipe if you are interested in giving it a try.
    I just started adding my recipes to my site a few months ago and most are Whole30.  Not a ton on there yet, but I'll be adding more this month since I'm doing Whole30 cooking classes every Thursday this month at my local Whole Foods.
    I hope your joint pain is going away. I would definitely suggest tumeric supplements. I take 1 a day.  
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    Day 4:
    Happy New Year! What a great year, 8 hours 39 minutes in to it. In honor of Mariah Carey, I just made a cup of hot tea and thanked the universe that we don’t  have to spend the next week hearing about an earpiece malfunction. Well done Mariah!
    ceerock! You’ve made me feel much better about all those pre cut veggies in my fridge. I thought I was nuts there for a minute, but after hearing you did the same thing with those zucchini noodles, I realize I’m not the only person here swapping dollars around to make life a bit easier. Peeling, cutting, and spirilizing would be enough to do me in at this point. I do believe that by day 10 we will feel much more energetic and maybe willing to do all that, but for the time being I love the fact that it’s one less step towards a successful day.
    I have two foods that I’m literally freaking out about right now. Tomatoes and Kale. I can’t bear to say this, but I’m concerned they’re creating some serious joint aches. I’m really hoping it’s the Kale. Could easily do with out Kale, but tomatoes are a whole other story. 
    Other than that, Day 3 was another win of a day, all compliant foods, and feeling no hunger or cravings. Yet.
    Wishing you (and myself) a very Healthy, Happy, And Prosperous New Year. I hope we all greet our challenges and successes with open arms, and heartfelt gratitude, for being fortunate enough to have “eating well for 30 days” a challenge, not an unattainable, unreachable dream.
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    Day 3 mid-day: Another stellar day. And another trip to the grocery store(s)...One thing I love about my Whole30 meals is that they're truly satisfying and seem to take me through the day without feeling my usual super-crabby-ready-to-bite-your-head-off kind of hunger...In fact, I actually feel somewhat cheery, which just like the energy to clean my house is a rather unfamiliar feeling. 
    I discovered a great way to cheat. I decided I'm going to spend more money to buy the pre chopped veggies. At least for this first week, anyway. I realized, for me right now, nothing says failure like staring at fridge full of veggies I need to chop, so I took the plunge. It wasn't pretty on my wallet, that's for sure. As I type this out, I can smell all those veggies roasting in the oven, and they sure do smell good, so all-in-all it's worth it. Plus, I'm not spending $8 a day at Starbucks so I think it'll come out even one day.
    I've come to the realization that Whole30 is about planning, prepping, preparing for the days ahead, while also keeping focused on the task at hand, which is basically getting through the day without a slip-up. Mindless eating doesn't really exist right now, which is good. It's all purposeful, and that feels better than throwing a wad of chips in my mouth.
    Happy New Year. Hear's to a very Happy, Healthy 2018
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    You have such a gift for encouragement!   Thanks for being so kind.  It’s rare to run into people that seem to truly care about others and I’m really glad you are on this forum! 
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    Ohh! Thank you Cavemom! What a happy surprise to see your post this morning!  Any plans for New Years Eve? I’m guessing after yesterday’s big move in day, you’ll be unpacking a few boxes today. One thing I do hope is that you’ll post another picture!
    Day 2 was basically AWESOME! I had so much energy late in the afternoon, it felt like I was on some sort of puppy-upper! Wow. Truly a bizarre feeling to clean my house, and not be exhausted afterward, so I’ll take that as a huge win for the day. The second win was having leftovers in the fridge for dinner, so I didn’t have to cook, just reheat and serve. Perfect. And the last win: I think I just might’ve enticed my daughter (17) to come along with us for the next 30 days! I’m super excited about this, so fingers crossed everyone. I made her a Monkey Salad last night, and after a weekend at her Grandmothers eating cinnamon rolls all day long (they are reeaaaally good), she stated “ I think I want to do this with you. I don’t feel so great and this ( Monkey Salad) tastes really healthy”.
    Only thing is, I now need to do you know what? Yep. That’s right. Go back to the store! Yea! 
    Happy Last Day of 2017! 
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    Day 2: WOW! After my early evening energy plunge, I got my b*tt out of bed, took some ‘before’ pictures (shocking, frankly), then made myself homemade ice tea, which I’ve never made before. Definitely better than Starbucks. That was the ticket because my energy bounced right back and I stayed awake until 11pm, watching a crazy obstacle course competition called Ultimate Beast master, and a movie about a guy who climbed Everest to show his girlfriend he’s a stand-up guy. Very uplifting and motivating, and definitely not as downerish as another round watching Broad Church, which I loved, but now I know who killed Danny so it’s not as riveting.
    Heres my first crazy NSVs to report:
    I slept so soundly I actually had a dream! And it was in color! And it was about my daughter and I finding baby eagles in a nest (WTH?!). Can’t even remember the last time I slept soundly enough to dream, let alone in color, and about something so uplifting as baby eagles. 
    I woke up to less joint pain, and abdominal pain...I’ve had this chronic fussy pain on my lower right side for nearly a year, it flares up off and on, but today it feels much better. Yea. 
    Breakfast today:
    Monkey Salad Breakfast (YUM!): Banana, blueberries, Almond Butter, 3 cashews (maybe 4)
    Homemade ice tea, 
    Reflecting a bit: it would be nice to not sit on the sidelines: to feel well, to have energy to do more than get thru the day, to feel younger than my age not older (54, btw). I’m tired  all day, don’t feel well most days, feel reactive, agitated, annoyed, and cynical 90% of my day. It’d be nice to feel the opposite of all those things. I have a hunch I’ll need more than 30 days to turn things around, but after my dream about finding baby eagles in a nest, I’m pretty sure I’m headed in the right direction. 
    I poked around Pinterest looking at Whole30 before/after pics. Talk about inspiring and motivating. Day 2 is a long way from Day 31, but I’m super excited about what happens in between. 
    Hoping you all have a fabulously healthy Whole30 day!
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    Thank you Foodfamilywine!
    Just made another run to Whole Foods...I’ve got a bunch of veges roasting in the oven, as well as my attempt at a chicken marabella recipe I saw in the recipe section...I’m a bit anxious today over all this, for some reason. I really want to achieve the full 30 days, without a mess up, so shopping definitely wasn’t a mindless activity. As every newbie realizes, Sugar is in nearly every thing. 
    I did make a fabulous sauce if anyone is interested. It’s my take on peanut sauce, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out:
    In my mini processor I put a big huge spoonful of almond butter, then mixed in lime zest, lime juice, coconut aminos, green onion, and jalepeno pepper. I added some coconut milk to thin it down a bit, and some more lime juice because frankly, it was pretty darn spicy thanks to my not paying attention to seeding the jalapeño. It has a ton of flavor, so if you’re looking for a dip/sauce to add to your life, give this one a try!
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    Day 1 end of day....well the energy and enthusiasm I possessed early this morning is in my rear view mirror. I have a headache and fatigue, so I’m calling it a day, putting on my jammies, and rewatching series 1 of Broad Church. 
    Good news: Stayed on track, had no hunger, cravings, and I made it thru the day with NO CAFFEINE. No coffee, no tea, just water. 
    Looking forward to day 2.
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    Good luck on Day 1!  You got this!