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  1. I'm currently at the end of Day 12 of Whole30 and have been constipated for days. Let it be known that I'm not a huge eater, but am eating 3 meals a day unlike in the past, so that should definitely count for something! I'm wondering if it's the foods I'm eating, or just my body's reaction to this new regime. In any case, would like some feedback on whether this will pass, or if I need to alter something. Admittedly, I'm not eating many leafy greens as my veggies of choice are: potatoes, root vegetables, raw carrots, tomatoes and celery and lots of avocados. Is how quickly you chew food a factor in this? My legs have also felt like I'm walking in cement for the past few days. Today they're getting better. Thank you!
  2. Hello Whole30 World, My name is Samantha and was inspired to join Whole30 by my sister, who starts today. I wanted to start eliminating sugar from my diet right away, so actually started Dec. 29, but ate a bunch of peas which I didn't know were on the list, so officially started December 31st. I'm a migraine sufferer, so am already experiencing headaches. Have had one for 2 days now. Sleeping with cold packs and trying not to take my migraine medication - yet. I'm definitely getting used to the new kind of food, and having to eat regularly, which I have never really done. And the prep that goes into it. Luckily today is a holiday so I can dedicate it to prepping food for the week. I'm definitely feeling some resistance to the "diet" including the regimen, types of food, side effects such as nausea. But I'm committed to get through the next few days. The migraines don't help! But everyone is different and will have different experiences! I'm just sharing mine. Migraines, anxiety and too much sugar are my achilles heel, so that's why I'm here. I wish all of you the best of luck and wish me luck too! Thank you!