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  1. Whole Joy

    Starting January 2!

    On a positive note: turned the slow cooker buffalo chicken into a creamy soup! 1 recipe with 1 can coconut milk, 8 cups chicken broth, 1 tsp. salt, and thickened with 4 T of arrowroot powder. Cut a whole avocado and put it in the bowl and topped with the soup. Yum!
  2. Whole Joy

    Starting January 2!

    Thanks so much, but isn't extending the same as starting over? :-) I almost feel like it's #4 situation of the "do I really have to start my whole30 over" as I didn't knowingly have sulphites. So frustrating as literally spent 30 minutes at a restaurant yesterday ensuring there was nothing in any of the food I was eating. And sulphites aren't a trigger food for me. :-) . Although no doubt don't want them in my diet. So tied here as we have a commitment on the 3rd of February and will be next to impossible to still be doing whole30 full force then. \ Here's a question, can you extend just one part of your whole30? For example can I extend the avoiding of sulphites for the extra 15 days while doing reintroduction for the other items slowly? Man, I just can't stop kicking myself for not rereading the label. I was sure I read it like 30 times! :-(
  3. Whole Joy

    Starting January 2!

    Ugh. Just found out my coconut milk has sulphites! Thought Inhad bought a bunch that was compliant. I’ve only used it twice. Both times for soups. Do I need to start over?!?!? Or can I just keep going. Serious panic moment here!! Other than that I’ve been perfect. Even when eating out!
  4. Whole Joy

    Alberta Whole30ers?

    I’m in Beaumont. Looking for resataurants that are Whole30.
  5. Whole Joy

    Starting January 2!

    How do you use banana in a latte? Please share!
  6. Whole Joy

    Starting January 2!

    @Melanie S your meanie looks so yummy! I’m gonna try some of those recipes tomorrow!
  7. Whole Joy

    Starting January 2!

    Totally loving on Franks red hot sauce. Hubby and I feel so weak, but it’s because we can’t figure out what to cook before we are famished. :-) Heres hoping day 3 is a little easier.
  8. Whole Joy

    Starting January 2!

    I'm quite daunted as this will be my first Whole30. We eat well in our home. But I've reached the over 40 point and no matter the exercise I'm doing I'm stuck in the 170's without budging for the past year. I've taken my diet to more than one nutritionist who is unable to find any fault or room for improvement in it. So here I am, desperate to feel more like myself and hoping that this might just be the secret to my lack of weight loss. Perhaps there is a food I don't know I can't have and I've been eating it all this time! So frustrating, but looking forward to new possibilities and starting with new hope!