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  1. Sjc123

    Whole 30 First Timer- January 5 Start Date

    Ahh thanks so much @Sarah_MT for your hash and vitamins advice, I didn't even think to check the labels on them!!! Eekkk.... I'll have a look this evening for sure Oooo I'll definitely check out the spiralizer too @kirbz - I just bought a slow cooker which I'm loving so will invest in this for sure as the sweet potatoes sounds great to do. I also need to get up much earlier so I'm not rushing first thing before work too so I can eat! Day Four guys...! Woo! x
  2. Sjc123

    Whole 30 First Timer- January 5 Start Date

    Hi everyone Day Three. Tick. First day on the programme whilst at work which I’ve found tough, even though I had almonds to get me through, my left over Pot roast with veg & sweet potato which was lovely for lunch then a chicken salad w/Avocado this evening, I’ve wanted to eat everything (& haven’t!) I also struggled with a headache for most of the day too! As I don’t eat fish, I’m still taking vitamins everyday along with a multi-minerals one & Vitamin D, does this work ok to do so on the Whole 30? I couldnt see anything in the book about them so be good to get your thoughts. I’d also love some more breakfast ideas (which don’t involve salmon) if anyone can share some recipes too please? Get to be connected on here too! Don’t feel so alone whilst doing it! Im on @SarahJaneCass on Instagram if anyone would like to follow & connect! We’re off! Let’s keep doing this!! SJ x
  3. Sjc123

    Whole 30 First Timer- January 5 Start Date

    Hi ladies, I'm happy to find this group thread about starting on Friday! I've got the book and will commit for the 30 days - longer if needed! I'm SJ, living in London, 31 years old, single and working in a tech startup. I recently was diagnosed with Adenomyosis, which is a chronic disease of the uterus, causing pain and cramping. Someone mentioned that the Whole30 programme helped them reduce the pain so I'm up for trying it! I'm not much of a cook so I'm excited to learn, make mistakes and complete it! Good luck for Friday ladies and be ace to keep each other updated for sure! Best wishes, SJ x